The Ghost Road – A75 Kinmount Straight

The Ghost Road - A75 Kinmount Straight

This article will be covering what is known as ‘The Most Haunted Road in Scotland’ – The ghost road A75 Kinmount Straight. Peculiar animals, ghostly figures darting out in front of passing cars…and an eyeless man on crutches…

What is behind these strange paranormal incidents?

Let’s take a closer look…

A Paranormal Report

This paranormal report began with an incident involving Derek and Norman Ferguson, who were driving down the A75 Kinmount Straight.

Without warning, a hen appeared from nowhere and flew straight into their car windscreen. The Ferguson’s braced for impact and covered their faces from the incoming windscreen glass…but nothing happened!

There was no crack of the glass, no horrible thud of the bird’s body and no jolt – the hen simply vanished into thin air.

Luckily, they managed to keep the car on the road, and carried on slowly with their journey…

Until an old lady jumped straight into their path, waving her hands frantically!

Just as the car was about to hit her – she disappeared.

The Ferguson’s barely had time to recover before a man, and a group of animals, appeared and seemed to be chasing after the old lady’s apparition. They also disappeared before the car managed to hit them!

A Paranormal Report

All this had happened in a thirty second period, and the Ferguson brothers were understandably shocked. They pulled over for a breather, to regain their composure.

Within seconds of the car being stationary, it began to rock back and forth, violently. Derek got out of the car but the movement stopped the instant his foot touched the ground.

He sat back down in the car, and was horrified to look up and see a large van hurtling towards them…but it also disappeared just before it hit them.

This incident happened in 1962…but there are many other paranormal reports linked to the A75 Kinmount Straight…

The A75 Kinmount Straight

The haunted section of this dangerous and winding road is thought to be a 15 mile stretch from Annan to Dumfries.

Over the years, motorists have reported encounters with a vanishing couple (two lovers that calmly walk in front of passing cars, holding hands!) and a man in red that flings himself in front of passing vehicles, only to disappear before impact.

A75 Ghost Road

Several motorists have also reported seeing a man standing at the side of the road with a dirty old sack over his head. His arms are always outstretched, with a length of rope in one hand.

There have also been incidents involving a mysterious man on crutches. As motorists pass by him they notice that he has no eyes – skin just seems to cover his eye sockets!

This road is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in Scotland, and it has seen it’s fair share of road accidents over the years. Could these paranormal encounters be linked to the lives the road has taken in the past?

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3 thoughts on “The Ghost Road – A75 Kinmount Straight

  1. Stories of ghost are always considered made up. Nobody actually believes until they actually experience it themselves. Every country has their own tales of ghost stories and although a lot of people consider that not to be true but I think there might actually be some element of truth on it because I don’t know how a bunch of people that are not related to each other can come up with such stories.

    We have heard stories of haunted mansions and things like that. All those things they show in movies might just seem fictional but the fact is some of them were actually inspired from true life stories. I would not be surprised if that haunted road stories about ghost in Scotland turns out to be actually true. Those ghost might just be what have been responsible for the accidents occurring on that road.

  2. Good afternoon Chris,

    You have come up with quite a story again. I believe that people who suffer a violent death  often do not realize they have died. They do not move on and stay in a kind of inbetween stage, between life and death. These poor souls stay stuck which I think is not beneficial to them. 

    I believe in ghosts and think I have one here on my 180 years old farm. This has happened on and off over the years. There is a certain section on my bookshelves where a portion of books, like 5, have moved outwards. It is always the same place. It might happen 3 or 4 times and each time I put them in a straight line again. A few days later it can happen to be repeated once or twice and then it stops for months. I have looked at each book in case it might mean a message but have not been able to solve this enigma.

    I hope you will continue writing about these things, I love to read your stories.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Your 180 year old farm sounds like a pretty cool hot-spot Taetske – where about are you located and how long have you been living there?

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