The Ghosts of Disneyland

The Ghosts of Disneyland

When I was twelve my father had to retire from his job as a dentist, due to football injury to his wrist he had been living with for a number of years.

He got a pretty decent medical insurance payout – so he decided to treat the family with a trip to America…and Disneyland.

I loved every minute of it – what a magical place…but I remember an elderly worker there holding a conversation with myself and my mother…regarding the ghost of Walt Disney himself!

That was it for me – the very next day my dad took me searching for a book on the ghosts of Disneyland – seems like I was a geek, even back then!

The Ghost of Walt Disney

The great man himself – apparently he never left the location!

When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street.

He used to stay there from time to time with his family and close friends – he also used it as an office to get away from it all.

After his death in 1966, the apartment remained empty but the workers at Disneyland treated it exactly the same – they made sure it was cleaned frequently and kept it secure.

The Ghost of Walt Disney

On one occasion, a female cleaner was working at the park late at night, and Walt’s apartment was on the cleaning list.

She carried out her cleaning duties there, turned the light off, and left the apartment.

When she got back out on the Main Street she noticed the light had been turned back on.

She returned to the apartment and turned the light off once again…and made sure the location was locked. She also unplugged the lamp to make sure there were no fuse problems.

When she got back out on Main Street she turned to see the lamp flicker on, then the curtains slam shut…as if someone had been staring down at her…but did not want to be seen…

Ever since this paranormal incident, workers at the park have opted to leave the light on every night – they want visitors to know that Walt Disney’s spirit is alive and kicking in the area…

The Ghost Space Mountain

The friendly ghost that haunts Space Mountain is named ‘Mr. One-Way’.

This strange entity spends his time queuing for the ride and talking to visitors to the park. Apparently it always becomes apparent that this man is not from our time…

Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair – other reports have him at the much younger age of a teenage boy.

He is known to get on the ride with a human passenger…but disappear at some point during the ride’s journey.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The popular ride was once said to have been made up of real skeletons – apparently in 1967 real skeletons were a lot cheaper than the movie prop versions!

Pirates of the Caribbean ghost

Anyway, one set of ‘real’ skull and crossbones is thought to still remain on the ride – the one over the dead captain’s bed!

These bones are thought to be behind the paranormal reports that have been made by visitors to the ride, over the decades since the 60’s.

The Lady in White

The reported ghost of a Victorian lady that wanders the Main Street from time to time.

There have been numerous reports from children regarding this strange lady in white. All of the children have lost their parents on Main Street and the Victorian lady appears to lead them to the baby care center.

Research points to the fact that this woman could be a lady that died at the site before the park was built (in the early 1900’s).

Employees believe that the old fashioned feel of Main Street somehow attracts her spirit.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

An annual tradition in Los Angeles – Graduation night at Disneyland.

Numerous grad parties are let loose on Disneyland and allowed to use it’s functions until 6am the following morning.

In 1966 one of these ‘Disney Grad Parties’ ended in tragedy when a boy named Thomas Cleveland got sucked up into the workings of a Monorail.

The Ghost of Thomas Cleveland

Ever since the tragic accident – a ghost has been spotted late at night, running towards approaching monorails.

It apparently disappears when it reaches the spot where Cleveland died.

The Ghosts of Disneyland

These are the most common reports of paranormal activity at Disneyland – we are led to believe there are many more ‘lesser entities’ residing there.

Do you have any experiences with the paranormal at Disneyland?

If so we would love to hear from you!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions on the subject, in the comment section below.

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