The Ghosts of Windsor Castle

The Ghosts of Windsor Castle

You are totally forgiven for assuming that the Queen of England has a completely happy and peaceful life…oh, yes!

From the most expensive fine pieces of jewelery the world has ever seen to some of the beautiful palaces and castles ever built by man…luxury cars to move in between them at will…you name it, she has it all!

And to top it all, she is the overall boss of 17 countries…I’m sure many political leaders in the world would kill for this kind of political power and control…the loyalty…

But wait…despite all that luxury, the Queen still remains a troubled soul.


The ghosts of Windsor Castle…!

Stories dating back to the middle ages continue to talk of the royal family ghosts that have never left the grand building that was built almost a thousand years ago during William the Conqueror’s reign.

“Did I give you a fright…? My apologies…” and then they curtsy or take a bow…that’s the picture I have in mind of these royal apparitions!

So, who are these permanent residents at the Windsor Castle?

“Mad” King George III

Sadly, King George III was bonkers…! His sporadic mental breakdowns during his reign caused a scare in the monarch that eventually saw his powers transferred to his son, the Prince of Wales, George.

The routine was normally to take him away during his mental illnesses and hide him at the Windsor Castle until the condition subsided, but the illness finally took it’s toll on the poor King and the royal family had to come to the quick decision that George his son should take over permanently.

“Mad” King George III

Now, it is believed that King George III died a lonely man. He spent countless lonely, cold, long nights away from his family tucked deep within the ancient castle walls.

So, what can you expect from such a troubled soul?

They will definitely haunt you for neglecting them…and that’s exactly what King George III has done since the Victorian era.

However, he has not been reported to be violent with anyone or in any way. In fact, those who’ve seen this ghost talk of a sad figure peering through doors and windows.

Anne Boleyn

The weeping and distressed ghost of Anne Boleyn has also been a regular sight at the Windsor Castle. She was the Queen and Wife to Henry III before her public execution by beheading in 1536 at the Tower of London after being found guilty of witchcraft, treason and adultery.

We can never be sure whether these allegations were true, but what we clearly know is that she has never rested in peace! And she’s not planning to do that anytime soon…

She has chosen the Dean’s Cloister as her main haunting location at the Windsor Castle.

Queen Victoria

It all started when Edward VIII decided it was time to make changes on Windsor Castle’s grounds, Queen Victoria didn’t like it one bit! She defended her “castle” then and she’s still doing it now.

Some workmen going around their business in 1936 allegedly had to stop dead in their tracks when a ghostly Victoria came at them waving and yelling…maybe asking them not to cut down the spruce trees she allegedly planted together with Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria

Edward VIII, who had earlier tried cutting down this particular family of trees after the demise of his father, had been coerced into this decision by Wallace Simpson, his lover.

The scheme didn’t work. Nobody knows exactly why he never succeeded, but a series of strange phenomena has always defended the Castle’s grounds against any modifications.

We can only assume this is Queen Victoria’s spirit protecting her turf.

Henry VIII

The tyrant king ruled Wales and England during the sixteenth century. He is famously remembered for breaking away from the Catholic Church and dissolving monasteries.

His ghost has been sighted within the ancient walls of the castle pacing around angrily and yelling from time to time.

He doesn’t have a favorite haunting spot…people have reported seeing this ghostly figure all over the castle’s corridors and halls.

Elizabeth I

For some funny reason, this is almost expected. Her triumph against Spanish tyranny and sparing England from a religious war are just some of the major achievements that made her an inspirational monarch.

It is said that she specifically visits her successors at the Windsor castle during times of unrest maybe to pass some wise counsel and help take England through these harsh times.

Many of her royal successors have reported being visited by a woman dressed in black. The first one, believe it or not, was crazy old “Mad” King George III.

Elizabeth I

He claims that the Queen came over for some chit-chat during his years of confinement at the Windsor Castle, where she allegedly claimed to be England’s forever bride!

The second one was Edward VII, who confided to one of his extra marital concubines that he’d encountered this ghost at the old castle.

This was almost a hundred years after Mad King George’s supernatural conference with Queen Elizabeth I. Fast forward to the 1940’s, just before the Second World War fully broke out; George VI claims to have had the old Queen visiting for eight successive nights!

Were they discussing strategy and allies? Nobody knows…but the protective monarch always seems to be interested in getting England out of trouble.

Final Word…

So there you have it, a short list of some of the ghosts of Windsor castle. Are there any more royal ghosts having a ball at the Windsor castle…?

Only time and research will tell.

Do you know of any other royal ghosts haunting the Windsor castle apart from the ones mentioned above?

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