The Goatman Urban Legend

The Goatman Urban Legend

In this article we will be taking a look at the strange entity behind the Goatman urban legend that has surfaced around Beltsville in Maryland, Louisville in Kentucky, and Fort Worth in Texas.

Does an axe-wielding half man/half goat creature really exist…or are the rumors nothing more than urban legends?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Goatman Legends

For just over half a century now, teenagers in the small town called Beltsville have passed down stories involving a sinister creature. This creature is thought to haunt the local woods and a stretch of road which ‘doubles’ as a lovers lane.

The first real ‘report’ involving this creature comes from 1957, when a randy couple decided to park on this secluded road for a bit of private time (the road is actually known as Fletchertown Road).

Without warning, something big hit the front bonnet of the car, making a terrible crashing sound.

When they looked up, they saw an extremely tall horned figure staring down at them…holding a double-edged axe!

For some reason the creature didn’t hang about, and ran off into the night just seconds after frightening them.

The Goatman Legends


This 1957 sighting was the first ever recorded incident involving the Goatman…but many more followed over the years.

It is said to be between 7-8 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds. It has a normal (yet tall) upper body with the head and legs/feet of a goat.

Some witnesses claim that the creature is completely covered with a strange fur, whilst others have reported it only being partially covered in hair.

Over the years the creature seems to have got more and more violent in it’s ways. The first few incidents involved the entity merely watching young lovers – scaring them.

Move on a couple of decades, and the legend now involves the creature chasing a young man through the forest and eventually decapitating him!

This report was followed by hundreds of locals claiming that the Goatman had captured and killed their pet in the middle of the night.

kentucky goatman legend

The Sexual Predator

Why does this strange creature have such a fascination with young lovers?

Well, modern-day incidents seem to indicate that the Goatman is now creeping into homes in the middle of the night…and raping unsuspecting men and women.

Is this what he/she has learned over the years – from watching numerous young lovers in their cars?


Many believe the stories began due to the presence of an old hermit that lived in the area in the 1960’s. This strange man was often seen walking down Fletchertown Road in the dead of night.

Another theory involves a scientist that used to work in the area – carrying tests out on goats. He apparently went mad (for no particular reason!) and started to stalk the area at night…dressed as a goat!

goatman legend texas

The most popular theory simply centers around a local farmer who lost his temper after local youths killed some of his goat herd. He then took to the woods and road to exact revenge…night after night.

The Goatman Urban Legend

Stories of a similar creature are also told in Fort Worth, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky. A real entity…or nothing more than a local urban legend?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “The Goatman Urban Legend

  1. It’s amazing how these urban legends are spread and even distorted over time. I am sure that it is likely either the angry farmer who started it off or the old hermit who used to live there.

    Of course as the story evolves, it gets even more scary and of course it is fun to scare others with a highly exaggerated story.

    I would love to know how you came across the images for this story. Are they actual photos that someone took or some good art work or trick photography?

    1. Yeah there are images online Michel – I’m just not sure how many of them are legit (bloody Photoshop!). Try a simple Google search through their image section, and see what pops up!

  2. I love your site, with all these exiting legends and stuff… Really intriguing to read about these creatures…

    Haven’t heard about The Goatman before. Seemed that in the beginning he was only frightening lovers, before he really became violent, right?

    All in all, I wouldn’t go wondering in the woods of Beltsville at night all by myself so…

  3. As the goatman is turning up in multiple places that are hundreds of miles away from each other, there are probably multiple goatmen. Maybe they’re the last few specimens of a species that is going extinct, like the Loch Ness monster or the abominable snowman. With Halloween coming up, this is a good reminder that you never know what you’ll encounter if you go out after dark.

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