The Haunted Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital

The Haunted Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital

This article will be taking a look at the paranormal activity linked to the Beelitz Heilstatten hospital in Brandenburg, Germany. Originally built to accommodate the growing number of tuberculosis patients then converted into a military hospital for the Imperial German Army, then the soviet army…

What spirits remain behind it’s dark walls?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Historic Town of Beelitz

The small town of Beelitz multiplied in numbers around the 1247 mark due to a historic ‘miracle’ taking place in the Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas Parish Church. At some time in this period locals reported a bleeding host miracle, which resulted in the then very small community become a site of pilgrimage.

Towards the end of the 1800’s, there was a lot of people in and around Beelitz, resulting in a sharp increase in viruses and disease. Unfortunately, tuberculosis was top of this list.

In 1898 architect Heino Schmieden was commissioned to create plans for a brand new sanatorium for the area – somewhere to safely quarantine the already sick members of the community.

The Historic Town of Beelitz

When the First World War broke out the sanatorium/hospital was quickly converted into a medical facility for the Imperial German Army. A young injured soldier by the name of Adolf Hitler was rumored to have ended up there!

Towards the end of World War Two the Red Army occupied the hospital and it was still used by the Russians up until 1995, when the building was converted once again, to accommodate sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease.

Some parts of the property are still used for medical purposes, others are privately owned…and the remaining buildings are left abandoned and in ruin.

The Dead

Understandably, there have been a lot of deaths in the Beelitz Heilstatten hospital over the centuries. Many historical reports suggest that most early patients there struggled to reach the five year mark…before passing away.

In the early 1900’s, locals point to a serial killer being present in the area. Apparently he/she used the hospital grounds as a ‘killing room’ of sorts.

beelitz heilstatten germany

Another murder took place on the site in 2008. A young professional photographer managed to hire the services of a beautiful model and drive her out to the Beelitz Heilstatten grounds.

He then proceeded to beat her death in the hospital’s former gatehouse…and perform twisted acts of necrophilia.

The Famous Beelitz Heilstatten Ghost Report

A couple of decades back, a German teenager and four of her friends decided to visit the abandoned parts of the hospital for a bit of a dare. The buildings were locked up but the teenagers managed to get inside.

While they were in one of the old surgeries, she heard someone asking her for a scalpel in German. She thought it was one of her friends so she turned around to see which one was winding her up…she was the only one in the room!

The Famous Beelitz Heilstatten Ghost Report

Suddenly she heard her mates yelling out her name, and when she found them they too had a curious story to tell…

Her friends insist that it had been a full half an hour since they had visited the original surgery – they had then gone off and visited other rooms before noticing that she had disappeared.

The curious thing is her friends swore she had been with them right up to the moment they started to call her name.

So, the young girl had actually been alone in that surgery for over thirty minutes…but to her it felt like a matter of seconds…

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10 thoughts on “The Haunted Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital

  1. What an exciting/scary history and beautiful old building. Has this house been visited by any “professional” paranormal investigators? It would be interesting to see what kind of activity they would find. 

    Although I can’t help to question the girls experience a bit. Or maybe not her experience but her friends story. 

  2. The paranormal is a topic I know very little about but was intrigued by your story title and the image of the hospital looks like a setting for a Hollywood movie. I believe there are many people who have experienced unusual, non-physical events that have left them wondering, myself included. Quantum Physics tells us energy is everything and energy is information in its purest sense. Keep up with the intriguing articles, I’ll have to stop back from time to time. Cheers.

  3. This is deep history, every line has a story embedded and memories awakened. This storyline would make for a horor thriller movie. Not taking away the seriousness of this story, but it is kind of scary. Relevant authorities should look into it and tell if these reports are true, also other necessary actions should be taken as well.

    1. Yeah it would make a pretty awesome horror movie wouldn’t it Zuchii? I’m actually going to do a search through IMDb to see if there’s one out there yet! 

  4. This is so interesting, I’m planning to visit a friend of mine in Germany so I thought I should visit this place because I’ve heard a lot of creepy things about it some said that when you enter weird things will happen such as hearing a female voice, your post made me more curious I will definitely visit it.

    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day 🙂

    1. Well I hope you enjoy your trip Anis! 

      Don’t forget to take a camera of some sort (phone will do!) and keep snapping images – you never know what will show up! 

  5. Hi! Thank you for this interesting read. I have been researching a bit about the Beelitz Heilstatten Hospital. And I have come up with the fact that the young soldier called Adolf Hitler was sent to that hospital to recover from his wounds after the battle in Somme. That happened at the end of the year 1916 and Adolf Hitler was just 27 years old. That hospital sure has quite a bit of history!

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