The Haunted Farnam Mansion

The Haunted Farnam Mansion

In this article we will be taking a look at the so-called paranormal hotspot in Oneida, New York – Farnam Mansion.

Built by an extremely successful entrepreneur back in 1862, this property has seen it’s fair share of death and despair. It is now a popular location for paranormal investigations, seances and scientific projects…

The Shadow of Death

The extremely popular Mr. Farnam made his money through a successful axe factory and hardware store. He was well known, and well loved in the community, for taking on the positions of President of both the National State Bank and Glenwood Cemetery Association.

Old age eventually caught up with him in 1897 when he died suddenly of a stroke in one of the rooms in the house. It is thought that another three members of his family also died suddenly within the walls of Farnam Mansion.

The Shadow of Death

The Location has changed hands a number of times since the Farnam’s moved on – over this period four more people died within the property.

Numerous paranormal experts believe that the spirits of these seven people never left the house – for some reason they are still trapped within it’s walls.

The Investigations

Over the years, paranormal investigations and projects have revealed numerous ‘dark shadow figures’ along with bright ghostly apparitions.

Use of electrical ghost hunting equipment has brought about disembodied voices and communicative signals.

When the current owners first moved into the property they were warned that a lot of the paranormal activity took place in the attic area. They then decided to clear this area out and leave it settle for a couple of years.

When they were sure nothing paranormal was taking place, they re-entered the attic area and found a name written on a piece of slate – this name was not there when they first cleared out the attic.

The name turned out to be that of Mr. Farnam’s granddaughter.

Stephen Head Farnam - circa 1882
Stephen Head Farnam – Circa 1882

The owners also claim that the house is frequently visited by orbs and strange mist – both seem to attract to the human presence in the house at the time.

The orbs are said to emanate from the base of the main stairs and the ghostly mist appears around the ankles of people standing in the ground floor rooms.

The Haunted Farnam Mansion

Many locals believe that the paranormal activity inside the haunted mansion is heightened by the amount of weekly seances and frequent investigations that take place…maybe someday these spiritual investigators will take their activity too far…

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