The Haunting of Sallie House

The Haunting of Sallie House

In this article we will be covering the infamous haunting of Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. The property has been covered by numerous paranormal reality shows, but what is behind the strange forces within it’s walls?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Doctor

Sallie House, one night in 1906, and it’s owner, Dr. Charles Finney is awoken by a loud banging at his front door. He tenderly creeps downstairs and peeps out of the window…to find a young mother holding her ill daughter.

The little girl looked like she was in a terrible state of health.

Finney agrees to check over the young girl and apparently finds a growth inside her stomach. He declares he needs to operate on the girl at once to save her life.

The operation turned out to be a tragic mistake, and the little girl died on the doctor’s operating table. Many people now believe that Finney was nothing more than a sadistic medical professional, that killed the girl on purpose.

Others are convinced that he was possessed by a demon residing in the house, and this demon took control of his hands…resulting in the death of the child.

A Young Girl Named Sallie

Many paranormal experts now believe that the little girl was named Sallie, and her twisted spirit now resides in the house. She only ever targets men – as a type of revenge for what the cruel doctor did to her on the operating table.

The strange paranormal events that had taken place at the Sallie House first became public by the accounts of Tony and Debra Pickman, who lived at the property with their newborn.

They firmly believe that the paranormal activity first centred itself in their baby’s bedroom. On numerous occasions they would enter the room to find soft toys lined up around the child’s bed. These soft toys had somehow been removed from a high shelf in the room.

A Young Girl Named Sallie

A Psychic Named Renae Leiker

Tony and Debra Pickman eventually had enough of the strange happenings inside their home, so they decided to contact a psychic named Renae Leiker.

When Leiker first visited the home she made sure that the Pickmans were out. As she stepped out of the car she noticed a man sitting in the window of the house, who slowly got up and walked away when she approached the front door.

Inside there was no sign of the man.

The psychic reported to the family that there was indeed a demonic entity in the home, and they were to burn off sage in an attempt to get rid of it. They followed her instructions, but the entity did it’s best to stop them. At one point Tony was apparently thrown across the room as he attempted to burn more sage.

Things Go From Bad To Worse…

The Sage incident seemed to make the entity pissed – REALLY pissed!

Tony now seemed to be the regular target of the demonic entity, constantly being scratched by invisible hands. Things got so bad that the family contacted the crew of a 90’s TV ghost show named Sightings.

The crew of the show actually managed to get some footage of the strange scratch marks on Tony’s body…but the entity started to drift out of control with their presence. They soon packed up and cut the footage short.

The Pickman Family were all spent out – they decided to move from the property.

demonic entity

The Haunting of Sallie House

Nobody knows for sure what or who the demonic spirit is within this house. Tony eventually reported seeing the ghosts of two females during his time there – one was pleasant to him…whilst the other screamed whenever she appeared to him.

Is one of these the spirit of young Sallie?

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