The Haunting of The Blue Lion Inn, Cwm

The Haunting of The Blue Lion Inn, Cwm

The paranormal actvity reported in the Blue Lion Inn in Cwm has it’s origin in the conflict between two brothers. This article takes a look at how this conflict AND haunting came about…

The Farmhouse

The story begins back in the day when the inn was still a working farmhouse. The farmer who owned the property had two sons – but these two brothers hated the sight of one another.

One day the farmer turned up in the local market and informed the villagers that one of his sons, John Henry, had left the Cwm area for good.

The locals had no real reason to question the farmer about this sudden disappearance…until a group of workmen stumbled upon a tampered grave in the church grounds near the farmhouse…

John Henry’s Body

They dug down into the grave and found the body of a man buried on top of an old coffin. The remains were later identified as John Henry.

The Ghost

Nobody was ever charged with the murder of John Henry, but locals were convinced that he was killed at the farmhouse. Most people believed that his brother murdered him then buried him in another person’s grave late at night.

But these accusations did not stick.

The Ghost 

The Ghost of John Henry is now a regular visitor to The Blue Lion Inn and the nearby churchyard. Hundreds of eye witness reports claim that he is dressed in the fashion of the period he died in – with a waistcoat and breeches.

For some reason, his apparition is always carrying a heavy sack on it’s shoulders. At times it has also appeared with two other ghosts, which locals believe are his father and hated brother.

Paranormal Activity

Locals believe that the ghost of John Henry could be linked to strange happenings at the inn that were reported back in 1969.

A former proprietor of the Inn, Mr. Evans, had a love of strange and exotic animals. He kept snakes, a monkey and an alligator in cages behind the hotel’s grounds.

One morning he woke to find that all the cages had been opened, and all the animals had escaped. Thankfully they had not gotten that far, and Mr. Evans had managed to get them back in their cages by lunchtime.

The following morning he was confronted with the same problem – someone had once again opened the cage and let the animals roam free.

Paranormal Activity

Enough was enough – Mr. Evans now believed that local animal rights activists were behind the night escape attempts, so he carefully placed sand around the animal’s cages in order to gather footprint evidence.

The following morning he was confronted with all of the animals missing once again…but the only footprints in the sand…were made by the animals.

Was the ghost of John Henry behind these midnight escape incidents?

The Blue Lady

John’s ghost is not the only well known paranormal visitor to the Blue Lion – an entity known as the Blue Lady also resides there.

This elderly lady likes to communicate with visitors to the inn and has been reported frequently, on numerous occasions.

The young son of a former owner of the inn encountered the Blue Lady in his bedroom. She simply walked into his room and lay down on the bed opposite him.

When she noticed the boy she sat up and informed him she did not feel well. She then lay back down, and disappeared.

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