The Highland Towers Case

The Highland Towers Case

This article will be taking a closer look at the Highland Towers case of 1993, and the Malaysian spirits the tragedy left in it’s wake…

The Collapse

The Highland Towers were originally built as homes for the Malaysian middle class in the mid 1970’s. The towers blocks were built quite close to one another, at the base of a rather steep hill.

A creek ran straight through the same area as the tower blocks, but the authorities had developed a pipe system that diverted the water away from the towers.

In 1991, an new development started right next to the Highland Towers site. This new construction work involved removing all of the trees and plant life from the nearby hill.

Leaving it open to the elements…

Before long, the exposed hill land, and problems with the pipes diverting water, led to the hill soil becoming totally saturated.

At 1.35 pm, December the 11th, 1993, after 10 continuous days of rain and flooding, the hill’s soil finally gave way and crashed into Block 1 of the Highland Towers.

highland towers collapse

The twelve story building stood no chance – it crashed to the ground breaking into a series of large sections.

A total of 53 people died inside the doomed tower block.

The Taxi Driver’s Tale

In 1994, a local taxi driver notices a young woman signalling at the side of the road…in the pouring rain. He pulls over to let her in.

She get’s into the car and informs the driver that she would like to go to ‘Hillview’.

Something bugs the driver – when she speaks the words ‘Hillview’ a chill runs up his spine.

As they drive along the taxi driver attempts to strike up a conversation with the young woman…but she seems completely distracted…even a little distressed.

highland tower malaysia

On arrival at Hillview, the lady motions for the taxi to pull to the side of the road. The driver immediately recognizes the area – it’s the scene of the recent tragedy – The Highland Towers.

The taxi driver was fully aware that the buildings had been abandoned after the disaster, so he asks the woman what she is wanting to do at this location, in the middle of the night.

The young woman replies that she has left some very important possessions inside the building.

The driver feels the chill inside the car get stronger…and he asks the woman what these important possessions are?

She replies…

“My body and my life, I died here last year.”

The Highland Towers Tragedy

There are numerous paranormal reports linked to the Highland Towers tragedy – most of them coming from local taxi drivers in the area.

Locals to the Hillview area claim to frequently witness ghosts wandering through the trees of the building’s former site.

The Highland Towers Tragedy

It is an area that is popular with brave students – daring one another to walk deeper into the tower block areas…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Highland Towers case of 1993, please leave them in the comment section below.

9 thoughts on “The Highland Towers Case

  1. My heart was literally in my mouth all through as I read the piece. I’m still feeling the chills. I would give anything to pay a visit to a haunted house and experience it for myself. I remember when I was a little boy, I used to see a woman who walks into the wall but never talks to me. Each time I saw her, I just seemed to lose the ability to move or talk no matter how hard I tried. Sadly, till today no one believes me. I believe in paranormals and wish I could visit this site myself.  Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your article was very informative. I had never heard about this.  I appreciated you not sensationalizing the story with wild claims about life after death.

    Whenever we travel, there is always a “ghost tour”.  I can understand why a city like New Orleans would have lots of interesting stories.  What do you all think about a ghost tour in every city?  Just a place to get some tourist money, or for real?

    1. Hi Steve,

      Well in most cases, they are unfortunately there to take tourist’s money, and the people that organise them know very little about the paranormal topics they are covering. 

  3. Incredible, and chilling tale. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone read this just before going to bed! 

    I hadn’t heard about this tragedy before, or if I had, I had long since forgotten. Thanks for bringing these stories back to life, if you will. They deserve to be remembered. 

    Although it sounds like the local taxi drivers can’t help but be reminded!

  4. The “Highland Towers Case” was a classic mistake. I heard about it in school, but I didn’t hear about the paranormal activities. 

    I liked the story about the Taxi Driver’s Tale. This is interesting. I don’t really trust in ghosts, but who knows. I saw a video about how the area looks like now.

    1. That sounds pretty interesting Gno – where did you see the video, was it on YouTube? 

      It would be great to include it here with the article! 🙂

  5. This is some chilling story!  I wonder what happened to the taxi driver afterward…  I would have been in shock for sure!  This is actually the first time I read about this tragedy and your article has intrigued me to look it up a little further.

    Those students in the video are a lot braver than what I would have done too!  I really enjoyed your article. I have bookmarked your site for more interesting stories like this!

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