The Hudson Valley UFO Incident

The Hudson Valley UFO Incident

In this article we will be covering the Hudson Valley UFO incident from December the 31st, 1981, which started with a retired policeman chilling out on his porch at night…

On The Porch

The policeman was sitting out on his porch just before midnight, getting some fresh air and enjoying the night sky…when suddenly he noticed a strange array of lights off to the south.

The lights travelled slowly towards his house and as they got nearer he noticed that they were selectively coloured as red, green and white. He realised that these lights probably indicated that he was looking at a plane…but it was flying awfully close to the ground.

As the lights got even closer, he realised that they were travelling too slow to be a plane, and whatever was in the sky was making no noise whatsoever – no rumble of thrust or engines.

As the lights passed over him he realised that a V-shaped fuselage was holding them together. The strange craft just passed silently over him, and carried on with it’s journey.

UFO On The Porch

The Reports

The ‘policeman’s report’ was the first of many – numerous others came forward to claim they had seen the same craft in the sky.

On March 261983, the Westchester-Rockland Daily Item released a front page story covering all of the UFO reports, and expert ufologists from all over the world started to pick up on the case, and offer their opinions.

One of these experts was named Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and he set up a specialised group and a hotline for people to come forward and give information on their experiences with the UFO.

The hotline eventually recorded over 300 witness statements that all confirmed that the craft was V-shaped.

On the night of March 24, 1983, the city of Yorktown also came alive with reports of this strange UFO activity. The local police stations had a terrible time trying to keep up with all the panicked reports they were receiving.

One of the main roads in the area was completely filled up with stalled cars, that refused to move as a UFO passed over the area.

There were over 5,000 Hudson Valley UFO sightings from the period of 1982 through 1986.

The UFO Reports

The Hudson Valley UFO Incident

The UFO from these sightings was always seen at night – none of the reports came from daylight hours. Also, many of the people that witnessed the craft pass over claimed that it was not one vessel, but more like a dozen smaller vessels making up one huge area in the sky.

There were also further reports that claimed that the ‘vessel’ slowed down when over bodies of water, then used some kind of red beam to scan the water’s surface – what were they looking for?

There were also a handful of reports insisting that the UFO took special notice of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant.

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  1. Good day,

    There so many ideas and concept on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) but it depends on individual believe. This is the first time I’m hearing or seeing a detailed information on the Hudson Valley UFO incident from December the 31st, 1981. You must have done a great work piling up the incident to a whole. Thanks for this great information.

  2. Thanks for this article. This is a mystery to everyone. I used to think that aliens can be only seen in the films etc. But truly aliens are real. I don’t know if what I usually see is aliens moving or some unexplainable stuff. At night I usually see a moving starr. Sometimes it moves at fast rate but as fast as a plane. And other people have also observed same thing. 

    This is what have observed here in Nigeria Africa. Thanks 

  3. Very informative I must say, so silent that no one heard but only saw lights coming, well I guess they we’re looking for something that was the reason they were always coming out at night and scan through the water. 

    Another awesome article Chris – love what you have here on your site.

    1. And I love having you here Sandra, commenting on, and reading all of our articles! 🙂

      Great to hear from you once again. 

  4. I find posts like this very fascinating. I have so much interest in things that have to do with outer space, black holes, aliens and so on. Lol perhaps I should join the Mufon team. I find it funny how alien sightings are mainly in the US. I haven’t heard or seen any sightings here in Nigeria where I reside. However I am positive that we are not the only intelligent living beings in our Universe. Thanks for sharing this I found it a very interesting post.

    1. I agree with you mate – we are certainly NOT the only intelligent living beings in our Universe. Thanks for visiting and reading! 

  5. What amazing and informative article. I did not know about this Incident. I grew up an enrollment when people used to say that UFO does not exist, but we follow the stories development anyway. Those days, personally, I do believe they do exist.

    I think the fact that they can not be seen on daylight hours is because during the day is too bright and we can not see them, but I believe they fly durant the day as well.

    Many studies have been showing the government takes over anything relating to UFO. They kill then and study like rats on labs, no not letting the population know more them the necessary about them.

    I am intrigued why they are curious about our waters and why the Indian Point Nuclear Plant has so important to them?

    Thank you for wonderful and instructional information on UFO.

    Cheers to your success,


    1. Hi there Telma – nice to meet you and nice to hear that you enjoyed the article. 

      You’re bang on the money with the government involvement – you’ll fit right in here! 🙂

  6. Great post and good info.

    Ive heard about this accident in a news show, I can’t remember the name but it sounded very confident, the evidence they had. 

    Also that is why I was reading your post with all the interest, to see if there were more elements. 

    The only thing I know is this: why is this not so rumored as the one that we’ve all been hearing from? 

    The governments hides something, I’m pretty sure. What do you think? 

    1. I’m struggling a bit with your question Emmanuel – what ‘one that we’ve all been hearing from’ are you talking about there? Sorry, a bit confused this end!!!

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