The Joplin Tornado Butterfly People

The Joplin Tornado Butterfly People

A devastating F3 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, in May 2011, killing 161 people in it’s rampage. After mother nature’s fury had ended and the tornado subsided, many survivors, mainly children, started to tell some pretty amazing stories…

Saved By Butterfly People

The first case we will be covering involves a mother and her daughter who were caught up in the middle of the vicious weather event.

Both mother and daughter had to leave their car and make a desperate dash for safety – the tornado was travelling straight down the road towards them!

The mother dragged her young daughter along looking for shelter but it was no use – the tornado was already bearing down on them. All they could do was hit the floor and pray.

Yet somehow the tornado passed straight over them.

The mother remembers objects being picked up and thrown around them but for some reason the suction did not effect the two of them.

When the tornado had passed the mother desperately checked her daughter for any injuries…but her daughter was just sitting there smiling back at her.

She asked her daughter why she was smiling and the daughter replied “weren’t they pretty?”.

The mother immediately asked who she was on about and the daughter then replied “the butterfly people who had saved them”.

Tiny People With Wings

A father and his two sons were also trapped in the winds of the tornado a few miles down the road from the mother and daughter’s incident.

The father was also desperately looking for cover but was unable to find any – the tornado engulfed him and his two boys.

The winds inside the tornado were so intense that the soles of the father’s shoes actually ripped off…but he and his sons somehow remained grounded as the tornado passed over them. None of them were injured by the incident.

The shaken father sat around for days trying to work out what had happened…until he finally talked to his two boys about the frightening incident.

They both claimed that during the tornado they witnessed tiny people with wings that looked like butterflies hovering over them.

They somehow knew that these tiny creatures were protecting them from the ferocity of the tornado.

Butterflies in The Car

The same tornado trapped a petrified father and his two-year-old daughter in a car that day. It seemed to come out of nowhere so the father had no option other than to face the tornado’s force with only his old car as protection.

Butterflies in The Car

The father breathed a sigh of relief when the tornado seemed to pass straight over them – maybe they were on the outskirts of the weather condition? Maybe the eye of the tornado was further away than the father first thought?

But no, they had actually survived through the middle of the turbulent event.

His daughter was convinced that there were tiny little fairies inside the car when the tornado was passing over them. The father argued with her that he did not see anything like that but she stood by her guns – she was convinced these butterfly-shaped fairies had kept them safe inside the car.

Similar Tornado Saviours

There are a couple of similar tornado cases that happened a few years before the reports of the Joplin tornado butterfly people. First off we have the case of a father and son that were trapped inside a car when a tornado hit.

This time the occupants were not that lucky…at first!

The car was actually swept off the ground and up into the tornado rings. It spun around in a direct path towards another swept up car.

Without warning this approaching car just stopped dead in the middle of the tornado, allowing them to circle past without hitting it.

The young boy later told his father that he had seen a large angelic figure grabbing onto the approaching car wreck and stopping it from hitting their spinning car. The father did not see this angel…but he did witness the miracle of the car stopping dead in the eye of the tornado so they could spin past safely.

Another rather scatty report (i.e. I can’t find much info on the location of this incident but whispers again point to Joplin) points to ‘saviours’ rescuing people from a church that was caught up in a tornado.

Apparently this church folded in the extreme weather and the inhabitants were buried in the cellar below. Suddenly six huge men appeared from nowhere and lifted the church walls from the cellar entrance with inhuman strength.

They then just disappeared.

When the rescue unit arrived it was shocked to hear the church-goers version of events. There was no way six men could have lifted these huge walls up by themselves – how had they managed it and who were they?

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