The Lake Erie UFO Sightings

The Lake Erie UFO Sightings

This article will be covering the reports linked to the Lake Erie UFO sightings that were experienced on March the 4th, 1988, in the USA.

What The Baker Family Saw

The Baker’s were on there way home from a nice meal out on the 4th of March at around half past eight in the evening. Sheila and Henry Baker had decided to take their three kids out for a meal, and were then driving home along the waterfront of Lake Erie when Shelia noticed something on the water’s surface.

Henry slowed down the car and the family were shocked to see some sort of football shaped object rocking back and forth on the lake.

It hung above the water without making any sort of sound and strange lights shone out of it’s ‘tipped’ ends. The Baker family got out of the car to investigate further, but as they did, the object started to move along the water towards them!

They turned and ran screaming back to the car, jumped in, and drove off as fast as they could.

What The Baker Family Saw

Contacting the Authorities

When the Baker family arrived home they locked all the doors, and peered out of the main living room window. They could still see the strange UFO hovering on the water, but for some reason – it’s lights had changed colour to red and blue.

They decided to phone the police, but the police line unfortunately put them straight through to the coastguard.

Shelia began to explain the incident to the coastguard and suddenly gasped as she noticed the UFO disperse a number of smaller triangular vessels from it’s body. These triangles then began to hover and dart around the main UFO’s area.

Without warning, the triangular objects then began moving towards the nearby Perry nuclear power plant.

Contacting the Authorities

The Coastguard

The coastguard finally arrived in the form of Seaman James Power and Petty Officer John Knaub, they contacted the Baker family who then pointed out where the UFO was spotted.

The decided to get as close as they could to the UFO, and moved in. As they approached the strange vessel they noticed that the icy water’s surface was starting to crack every time the UFO got too close to it.

The coastguards looked worried, and the Baker family heard them radio in a message to their HQ explaining that they were witnessing something extraordinary.

Suddenly, one of the smaller triangular UFOs broke away from it’s fleet and started to dart around the coastguard’s boat. It seemed to spin as it travelled around the boat, as it investigated the vessel. After a minute or so, it then returned to it’s mother ship fleet.

A sudden noise was then followed by all the triangular objects re-entering the main UFO as it’s lights yet again changed colour. Within a blink of the eye – it then disappeared into the night sky.

All that remained was the cracked ice on the lake’s surface.

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13 thoughts on “The Lake Erie UFO Sightings

  1. Hello and thank you for this informative article. It was quite the pleasant read. UFO are still a great mysteries up to this date. Some people say it is aliens, others say it is all staged by the “Hidden Governement” to keep people scared and just for experimenting.

    Hear about Lake Erie story. It is quite unique. So sad to that most of these cases are unsolved. Would be so interested to find more about this objects.

    Thank you for this story.

    1. No problem Strahinja – I’m glad you were able to visit us and enjoy one of our articles. Thanks for reading and for leaving your opinion on the article. 

  2. I love reading stories like this on the supernatural, as often I get the feeling that people in higher places are trying to hide these events from the public.

    The Baker’s were very brave I think. I would have been terrified. It is great that they called for help, otherwise I suppose nobody would have believed their tale afterwards.

    Keep the stories coming as I want to read more on UFO sightings.

  3. I must say that I found this article to be very interesting. I want to say that I honestly don’t believe in such things like UFO but I like to talk and read about that. I can’t say that something is there and that we humans are not alone but I really don’t see anything that humans proved to exist, only stories.

  4. Strange things happening,  looks like something that would happen in a science fiction movie. My though is that is that it might be some kind of security equipment testing or a technological device testing. How else could someone know what exactly this is without being told. All we can do do is postulate and guess hoping that our answers are close to the reality of what happened on that day.

    Thanks for taking us back memory lane

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this article and information.  To say the least it’s interesting.  Not sure if I would believe, but I am also sure we, meaning our planet, we can not be the only species on this vast universe.  But I have heard of individual in other states give accounts of UFO sightings.

    I am almost sure it can be explained, but our government does do experiments without our consent.

    But it’s good to know that the government is taking in these reports and trying to provide an explanation and investigate. It surely give the public a sense of being taken into consideration.

    So the government actually has an agency or departments that handle these report? How does it work?

    Who comes into the scene first?  Police, FBI ?

    Thank you for sharing and very best on your online business

    Lady Esther 

  6. Interesting story. I do believe in extraterrestrial life. However, I tend to reject this kind of stories and think that there must be a rational explanation behind what actually happened. I may be wrong, but I think that if aliens had discovered our civilization, they would have tried to contact us a long time ago, and in a different fashion that messages drawn in a field ahah. Anyway, it’s still interesting to read stories like this, especially if it’s well narrated like you did in this article. 

  7. Hi there, thank you for amazing story.

    I’m a believer myself, I know there is something out there, to many witnesses, to many appearances, and not from our world that’s for sure, does not matter how many times government wants us to believe its a weather balloon or some other stupid excuse. I hope they come in piece that’s only thing that worries me.

    There are countless incidents and sightings and some people are lucky to witness these events. As for me, never saw anything even close to extraterrestrial, does not matter how many times I look in the sky.

    Thanks for great article     

    1. Hi there David – great to meet yet another ‘believer’!

      I think we will see some progress with this topic, in our lifetime as well. It’s got to the point where the governments can’t even cover these events up any longer. 

      Just a matter of time…

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