The Legend of The Green Man (Charlie No Face)

The Legend of The Green Man (Charlie No Face)

This article will be covering the legend of The Green Man that originates from the lonely roads of Pennsylvania. Also known as ‘Charlie No Face’ – is this legendary freak based on fact, or fiction?

Let’s take a closer look…

A Typical Urban Legend?

It’s a dark and rainy night as a couple drive up to darkened tunnel – a location that is often mentioned in a local legend that is linked to man/ghoul that has terrorized this part of town for decades.

The couple have only been dating for a couple of weeks, but he thinks his luck is in, this particular night.

He has heard of this location many times before – and his mates have suggested that he takes his date here, to scare her with the local legend and setting.

When the car enters the tunnel, his date turns to him and laughs – she is also local and she knows what he is up to…she has also heard the legend of The Green Man.

raymond robinson green man

They drive deep into the tunnel then stop – they sit in the darkness waiting for the legend to reveal itself but neither is too confident that it will…

Surely this is nothing more than a High School legend – designed to get young ladies ‘in the mood’?

Suddenly the guy realizes that the legend mentions a calling – so he beeps his horn twice…

The call is answered.

A strange green light begins to form in the middle of the tunnel…and slowly moves towards the car. As the light get’s closer, it takes on the form of a man.

The young couple are frozen in fear, as The Green Man’s disfigured face peers in at them.

He has a hole in his cheek, exposing his teeth, and there is a deep hole where his nose should be. His eyes twitch…but they are nothing more than sealed eyelids.

Charlie No Face

The young lovers have encountered Charlie No Face, or The Green Man.

Local legend suggests that he was once an employee of the power company and was electrocuted by a downed power line.

This accident managed to hideously deform the poor soul…leaving him to hide away in the dark tunnel.

As he reaches out to touch the car, they speed off back into the night.

They are both fully aware that the legend suggests that Charlie No Face gets his power, and his green glow, from the cars he manages to trap within the tunnel.

Raymond Robinson

Many paranormal experts believe that this urban legend is actually based on fact – an incident that happened to an eight-year-old boy named Raymond Robinson.

Raymond tragically fell into electrical lines on the Morado Bridge near Beaver Falls, and ended up with with hideous injuries to his face and body.

Due to such horrifying injuries he shied away from the public.

Charlie No Face

Raymond was constantly warned by locals not to venture out in the daytime, as he frightened the local children.

He resorted to taking long walks at nighttime, and soon became a bit of a celebrity.

Groups of teenagers would drive along the roads at night in search of him. More often than not, Raymond would stop to talk to them, and they would have their picture taken with him!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the legend of The Green Man, please leave them in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “The Legend of The Green Man (Charlie No Face)

  1. This is a frightening and , at the same time, tragic story. I feel more sympathy towards the green man than fear. It is a tragedy to have an accident like that and then hide from public sight for years. Has anyone ever found out where he lived or why he was always hiding in that specific tunnel?

    1. Hmmm I’m getting the feeling you skipped certain part of the article John (tut tut!). Why don’t you go back and read through it again…

  2. That certainly is a spooky encounter but one that seems to explained by the story of Raymond Robinson.

    I’m fairly certain after reading your article that the urban legend of the green man could quite possibly be based on the story of Raymond Robinson as the facts seem to coincidental? 

    Do you not think it’s sad that the little boy was told not to go out in the day incase he frightened other children! Times were certainly different back then! 

  3. Charlie no face is real scary if your article is anything to go by. A romantic escapade turns sour. I can imagine the predicament this love birds encountered, and the horror entailed. They must have been glad to just escape narrowly with a story to tell. That this is in fact based on a true story involving one Raymond  Robinson is quite something. This is truly an urban legend I reckon.

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