The Lucille Ball Ghost Sightings

The Lucille Ball Ghost Sightings

Lucille Ball could easily have been considered one of America’s sweethearts. She premiered in Hollywood, on Broadway, and on the big screen, where her talent and beauty won the hearts of viewers everywhere.

She starred in movies such as My Favorite Husband in 1948 and continued to act in her later life, Forever, Darling in 1956 and Yours, Mine, and Ours in 1968 being some of the more readily recognized films.

Ball was most memorably revered for her role the famous sitcom I Love Lucy, showing from 1951 to 1956. She is, arguably, still near and dear to the heart of the American public.

And, as it seems, we are still dear to her. Reports of Lucille Ball ghost sightings began only a few years after her death.


Lucille Ball purchased 1000 North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, California in 1954 with her first husband, Desi Arnaz. She resided there until her death at age 77.

After she passed from a dissecting aortic aneurysm in 1989, her second husband, Gary Morton, sold the house a few years later.

It was demolished, and a new house was built on the property.

The destruction of her home and its subsequent replacement doesn’t seem to bother Lucille, who has, according to the current homeowners, not left it.

There are multiple reports from the current homeowners and passerby alike that have earned the home a place on the lists of most famous haunts in America.

Paranormal Activity

The first reported sighting of Lucille Ball occurred while a friend drove past the home. His anonymous report is that Lucille was standing inside the property, looking at him through the fence.

She looked frustrated, likely because at the time, her home was in the process of demolition. While this was the first recorded of the occurrences, it certainly would not be the last.

Ball’s spectral activity is centered around the attic, according to the subsequent homeowners. Unidentified noises can be heard emanating from the attic.


There are reports of sounds loud enough to be a party coming from upstairs. Voices are heard shouting, even when the attic is empty.

Boxes and furniture are routinely moved, arranged differently than they were when the homeowners left them. There is even one instance of I Love Lucy’s theme song drifting down into the house from the attic.

There is some dissent among the reports of whether Lucille Ball has caused any damage to the home.

While some say there has never been any, others claim that windows have been broken on the property with no explanation.

The homeowners’ belongings will disappear, only to reappear in places they shouldn’t have been.


The Lucille Ball ghost sightings continue to draw our attention to the actress even after her death. The current owners of the house have declined any help offered to remove Lucille from the property, claiming that the star doesn’t deserve an exorcism.

It seems that Lucille Ball simply couldn’t leave her still adoring public, and her public has no wish to be rid of her, either.

Ball will live on in the hearts of those who still love Lucy, and, apparently, in the attic of her old home.

11 thoughts on “The Lucille Ball Ghost Sightings

  1. If you would like for someone to resesrch/investigate the areas you publish I am available. I am a Native American shaman/clairvoyant and see, talk to spirits….been researching since 1973. Just a thought. Sharon ♡

    1. Hi Sharon, we’re always interested in this sort of thing – is this your personal email that you’ve included here?

  2. Hi, Chris, I am always looking forward to your next post. And this one on Ball you killed it.

    I don’t know if to say is good of the new homeowners of Lucille’s property to let her ghost stay. Or is bad. I’ll read the whole thing again and make my mind up that way!

    But I think given same circumstance I will let her her stay, after all she was a public figure.☺

    I imagine that some spirits must still have some of that old verve in themselves – especially if they had that celebrity aura when they were alive!

    Well done Chris, another great article on a really interesting public figure!


    1. Hey Queen,

      Great to have you back here so soon – you have the most ‘royal’ name out of all our subscribers! 🙂

      Personally, I think I’d let her stay, as long as the paranormal activity was not too frequent (can’t have her scaring the kids and all that!).

      I agree with you on the verve of certain spirits – surely when they are talented in life they take some of that powerful force with them? It would certainly be comfortable to think so!

      Great to speak with you once again your highness!

      Pop back soon!

  3. I think she did not live true to herself. I think that she made the biggest mistake of her life to divorce Desi. It was out of pride. He had hurt her pride and her ego again and she felt that she was above that. To get married so quickly and devastate her two children, the American public and Desi himself was something that caused her to be a ghost. I saw how happy she was with Desi when they were married despite his cheating, who cares? what man doesn’t cheat? They all do whether women want to accept that or not. I think that she became a miserable, bitter woman a thorn in the side of anyone who had the misfortune to work with her due to her thinking she was bigger than she was. She loved Desi and her pride prevented her from going back to him and THAT my friend is why she is a ghost.

    1. Have u any idea how Desi treated her???? Do NOT blame Lucy for his affairs and shit he put her thru? Would u put up with that??? Would u put ur kids thru that???

  4. I now I heard that Desi treated her bad she was my aunt don’t blame it all on Lucy I heared that Desi cheated on her with there woman I know I would not put my kids though all of that and Desi drink all the time

  5. Julialynn, I disagree. Yes, she loved Desi despite everything he had put her through, but WHY would you want to stay with someone like that? Would you do it? I don’t think so.

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