The Martha Washington Inn Ghosts

The Martha Washington Inn Ghosts

In this article we will be taking a look at a hotel located in Abingdon, VA, which was built in 1832 – the Martha Washington Inn Ghosts.

The Inn itself was constructed by a past war hero known as General Francis Preston ( in 1832 as stated above! ). He had the structure built to house his large family – he had nine kids in total!

The mansion remained in the Preston family possession until 1858, when it was sold to the founders of Martha Washington College. It still looks the same today as it did way back in 1832…

The John Stoves Love Story

During the Civil War the hotel was transformed into a hospital for injured soldiers, one of these soldiers was named John Stoves.

Stoves was actually a young Yankee captain that had been captured by the enemy – he was brought in due to his injuries sustained during the capture.

Wounded Soldiers
Wounded Civil War Soldiers at Savage Station

He was placed in room 403 but his injuries were far worse than first thought – a volunteer named Beth was sent to keep him company and the pair quickly fell in love.

Both Beth and the young captain knew that his wounds would eventually win through. She decided to stay by his side and softly play her violin as he died peacefully next to her.

Within minutes of his death a Confederate soldier arrived to say he was transferring the prisoner. Beth informed him that the young man had already died and therefore his body was to stay locally.

Beth died soon after from typhoid fever.

The ghost of Beth has been heard on numerous occasions throughout the hotel, softly playing her violin lines through the night.

The ghost of Beth

The room 403 is also thought to be a hot spot of paranormal activity with many guests claiming to have seen her ghostly apparition tread gently across the floor.

The Bloodstain

A young Confederate soldier in Abingdon fell deeply in love with a young lady that used to attend the hotel building when it was a college.

When it was time for him to face battle he decided to risk saying one last goodbye to his loved one. He traveled through the cave system underlying Abingdon and used a secret stairway to enter the college.

Abingdon Welcome Sign

He managed to find his love within the building but was spotted by a pair of Union officers. Before he had a chance to explain his situation he was shot in front of his partner.

The blood that poured out of the young soldiers bullet wound that night refuses to disappear from the hotel floor. Carpets over the area often develop mysterious holes over the stains and even refurbishing the floor doesn’t help.

The historic blood stains always find a way to reappear.

The Phantom Horse

In 1864 a union soldier was shot down in front of the building with his horse left watching nearby.

Several recent reports claim to have witnessed the horse standing alone near the hotel entrance – always on a moonless night.

The Ghost Soldier

The final spectre that frequents the halls of this historic hotel is one of a young soldier. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know who this apparition is.

He is always leaning on a crutch walking down various hallways, leaving a trail of dirt and mud in his wake.

Speculation leads many paranormal investigators to believe that this solider was yet another visitor to the hotel when it was a war hospital – although nobody knows for sure…

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