The Miracle of The Sun

The Miracle of The Sun

The case of the Miracle of the Sun amazed and terrified tens of thousands of spectators in Portugal, 1917. The eyewitness accounts are well-documented by photographers and journalists, and describe a completely mobile Sun swirling through the midday sky.

“Paranormal activity” was an unfamiliar phrase to the villagers in Fatima, but every soul present at the event left with a permanent impression of another world.

Three Children

Three shepherd children had reportedly seen a Marian Apparition – a visit from the Virgin Mary – who promised to return to Portugal and perform a miracle in October of 1917.

Decades before digital cameras and social media sharing, reporters, priests, professors, and citizens alike gathered to witness “O Milagro del Sol.”

On whose authority did such a throng congregate?

It is true that children are inherently closer to the paranormal, a fact that the Fatima population understood and respected.

The villagers treated the three little prophets like royalty on that Sunday in October. Incidentally, the crowd’s respect for the paranormal may have been why the Other World decided to grace the earthlings with a Miracle of the Sun.

The Day of The Sun

On the fated day, an estimated thirty thousand people gathered around the three children. The number seems big in 2016, and could rival any contemporary concert or rally.

In 1917, that number was unheard of. The crowd was somber and expectant as they followed the children’s orders that afternoon.

Lucia and her cousin wore flower crowns in their hair, and the men carried them to an open clearing, followed by the swarm of believers.

One photo of the event shows countless umbrellas covering people’s heads as far as the eye can see. Lucia reportedly commanded the crowd to shut their umbrellas.

The paranormal event that followed would come to be described as The Miracle of the Sun.

The Unexplained

Sunday, October 13th is now consecrated in history as a physically unexplainable event. Those who trust in the paranormal, of course, are more interested than shocked by the Miracle of the Sun.

So what actually happened at high noon on that fateful Sunday?

Some witnesses interpreted the event as a confirmation of their Catholic beliefs. Italian Catholic Priest John De Marchi recorded eyewitness accounts of the Miracle.

His document, still accessible to armchair researchers today, reports that most people found the Sun to be a manifestation of God’s terrible power.

YouTube’s archives shows photographs taken on that day in 1917 by the emerging field of photojournalists.

Dozens of people are captured on film staring up into the sky, paralyzed by the same vision. Keep in mind that it was not the norm in 1917 to tell people to say “Cheese!”

No, the reactions to the miracle in Fatima are organic. Each face in the crowd is focused so deeply upon the apparition because, as eyewitness accounts prove, the thing in the sky was no longer our stationary Sun, but something far more menacing.

One professor of natural science in attendance described the Sun as swirling in the sky, and deemed it a fiery force ready to “advance threateningly upon the earth.”

The professor was not the only one in the crowd to describe the event as a spinning Sun. The parallel eyewitness accounts of the outrageous solar activity explains the name of the event, “Miracle of the Sun.”

The Witnesses

The most outstanding aspect of the Miracle of the Sun is the sheer number of people who testify to its occurrence.

The Miracle was further validated by the Roman Catholic church, who declared the event an official miracle in 1930. It is not often that paranormal activities are consecrated by a Church.

Of course, because most viewers saw the event as a miracle meant for Catholic eyes, the paranormal piece of the puzzle is replaced with religious interpretation.

It was not the first time a bizarre event was interpreted with religious fervor.

Regardless of what caused the apparition, it is important to note that the throng of people shared a common belief that the event would happen.

Their treatment of the three children was one of reverence and awe, evidence that sometimes the paranormal and the physical can interact peacefully.

The population of Fatima trusted in the voice of three children to lead them to the Miracle of the Sun.

Perhaps the peoples’ honest belief in some sort of paranormal force is what ultimately allowed the Miracle of the Sun to occur.

The Universe is here to impress us with its terrifying abnormalities, if we trust ourselves to believe in its miracles.

8 thoughts on “The Miracle of The Sun

  1. Interesting. I have heard some of my friends talk about this event as a UFO sighting, like so many of the miracles confirmed by the Roman Catholic church. For me this is far more likely explanation than some sort of miracle from God. I would like to see the analyses from the event from this alternative point of view, the light could very well be searching or landing lights of aliens.

    1. A UFO incident is a really good shout Xena – many conspiracy theorists online believe this ‘miracle’ to be linked somehow to aliens. That subject would actually make another great article – you’ve got me thinking now…

  2. This is a good account of this event. You’re right, apparently there was 30,000 to 100,000 witnessing this, although not everyone in the crowd claimed to see this. I find this a bit odd don’t you? I mean, if the sun really did dance across the sky I think everyone would be able to see it.

    Another coincidence is the First World War 1914 – 1918 was going on at the time. Was this a warning or threat from a supreme being, for engaging in the horrors of the Great War?

    Obviously Portugal is a very religious country, it was even rumored that Mary Magdelene may have passed through before settling in France. All rumors of course, but Portugal has a municipality named after her. Madalena.

    I love this type of thing. I read recently that life on earth could be one big game being played by a higher intelligence. We are mere pawns. Here’s the thing, we will never know.

    1. I agree with you there Craig – I’ve always wondered why certain people were able to see and others…missed it somehow? Maybe it was only ‘meant’ for certain people – individuals that needed to see the miracle most?

      I also like the idea of this being a message about War – a warning of sorts from a supreme being!

      I was not aware of the Mary Magdelene link but I’m really glad you brought it up – will try to edit and include that point in the article.

      So glad you were able to enjoy the article – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your opinion on the subject

  3. Hey Chris,

    I like the comment that Craig put in about how this could have possibly been a threat from a higher being as a warning. Back then most wars were over religious beliefs and not over resources and money which they are clearly over today. At least this is what the history books say but are the history books just trying to cover up what really happened?

    With so many witnesses to the event of the sun, I have a strong feeling that what they saw actually did happen. Today if anything out of the normal happens we get so terrified and just look the other way as if it didn’t exist.

    I think this is exactly what happened during this event and people afraid just chose to ignore or disbelieve what they saw! Seeing all the umbrellas close simultaneously by the order of Lucia and then to watch the sun dancing in the sky must have been a breathtaking sight!

    A chilling story Chris excellent article


    1. That’s a good shout also Dave – certain individuals will always put the blinkers on when it comes to seeing things they can’t process or digest!

      At the end of the day a large majority of people saw the same thing – they didn’t have time to converse about it (there was way too many of them to do that anyway!). Why would such a huge amount of people get together to concoct some sort of lie? They wouldn’t really…would they?

  4. You missed the strongest part and questions to ask. There were many hostile who came to mock the religious. Do hostile witnesses do a 180 after seeing something that can be naturally explained away? Do optical illusions heat up the earth so that everything becomes very dry 10 minutes after a torrent of rain? If it wasn’t a miracle from a higher power, how did the children predict the time and place the anomoly would happen? If it wasn’t related to the religious messages, why did the Lady promise a miracle so people would believe?

    1. Okay…why would you think we’ve missed that part? Doesn’t the article lean towards this train of thought anyway? Maybe I’m missing the question you have within your comment?

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