The Moss Beach Distillery Ghost

The Moss Beach Distillery Ghost

In this article we will be taking a look at the Moss Beach Distillery ghost report. Located on a cliff in San Mateo – is this restaurant haunted by the Blue Lady?

Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery was built in 1927 with the money of a man named Frank Torres. During it’s early years it was used as a speakeasy – a venue where you could drink illegal alcohol.

it became a very popular hangout for gangsters linked to the illegal alcohol trade, and eventually served as a drop spot for Canadian rum runners.

These runners would arrive on the shores below the building then hoist up their products. This alcohol would then be loaded onto trucks by the restaurant and delivered to other illegal establishments up and down the coast.

The Blue Lady

The paranormal entity that is said to haunt the restaurant is known as The Blue Lady – many believe it to be the spirit of Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen was a lady that loved to wear blue dresses – she was actually married with a young son.

One day, Ellen was introduced to a piano man named John Contina. It was love at first sight and the pair started an illicit love affair.

The affair went on for many months…until Mary was tragically killed.

The Blue Lady

This is where the story get a little ‘muddy’, as there are conflicting versions of her death.

Many people believe that she was killed on the beach during a romantic walk with her lover, Contina.

Others are convinced that Mary’s jealous husband found out about the affair and attacked Contina with a knife. During the struggle, Mary was accidentally stabbed.

I’ll level with you here – nobody really knows which of the theories above is true…all we know is that she was somehow stabbed.

The Haunting

Some of the reported activity attributed to the Blue Lady ghost include, objects moving on their own, strange whispers into guest’s ears and gentle taps on the shoulder…when people are alone.

Past owners have also claimed that room doors would lock by themselves and furniture would move around (poltergeist activity).

Numerous female employees have complained about their earrings going missing…only to turn up days later with a ton of other earrings that had been reported lost.

The Blue Lady seems to have a link to visiting children, and only chooses to reveal herself to them. Numerous young visitors have reported seeing a ghostly lady in a blue dress.

The Haunting

The most famous paranormal activity linked to the building involved the computerized cash machines inside – for some reason they all reverted back to the date of 1927…

The year that Frank Torres started work on building the restaurant.

Computer technicians were called in to fix the problem, and they had never seen anything like it.

Apparently the cash registers should not be able to go back to that date!

There have also been a few claims from past employees involving strange and ghostly cell phone calls…

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