The Mystery of Teresita Basa

The Mystery of Teresita Basa


In this article we will be covering the mystery of Teresita Basa – did she really manage to identify her murderer after she had been killed?

Let’s take a closer look…

Who Was Teresita Basa?

Teresita Basa was a respiratory therapist who lived and worked in Chicago, she was originally from the Philippines, where she was born in 1929.

She was a well known single woman, who was well liked and lived in a simple apartment by herself. Her body was found in her apartment block in February of 1979 by a group of firemen, who had been called into the building for an emergency.

Basa had been violently stabbed in the chest and left with a large knife sticking out of the wound. Her body was naked and had been covered on a mattress – this mattress was then set on fire by her murderer.

Who Killed Teresita Basa?

Well, nobody really had any sort of clue who had committed this crime…at first. Police didn’t even realise that some of her jewellery had been taken.

A group of suspects were brought in for questioning, but nobody was charged.

A few weeks later a hospital worker named Remy Chua, who knew Basa, decided to invite her dead friend’s spirit to visit her and tell her what had happened. Later that day, a series of frightening visions and nightmares reportedly began.

Who Killed Teresita Basa?


The Paranormal

Chua began seeing a man’s face in her dreams behind that of Basa, she even got her husband involved and let Basa speak to him through her, so he could take notes.

Dr. Chua reported that a guy named Alan Showery had gone to Basa’s apartment that night in February to fix her faulty TV set, he also worked at the same Chicago hospital.

Showery then stabbed Basa, stole her jewellery and then covered her with the mattress…then setting her body on fire. The ghost of Basa was even able to tell Dr. Chua that Showery had given the jewellery to his partner.

Alan Showery

The information was then handed over to the police…who really didn’t know what to think about it…at first!

When they eventually visited Showery’s address, they discovered his partner wearing the stolen jewellery, and they managed to get Teresita’s cousin to identify it. Alan Showery eventually broke down when being interviewed by the police, and admitted that he had killed Basa.

His was sentenced to 14 years in prison for her murder.

The Mystery of Teresita Basa

Nobody knows for sure what really happened in this case – did the medium Remy Chua manage to contact the spirit of Teresita Basa?

Or did she know that Showery was going to Basa’s apartment, and decided to make up the medium-related episodes later on?

Unfortunately the media at the time did a pretty good job of sensationalising the whole incident…making the paranormal angle seem a lot more believable.

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