The Mystery of The Man From Taured

The Mystery of the Man From Taured

This article will be taking a look at the mystery of the man from Taured – is this strange report based on truth…or nothing more than a 1950’s urban legend?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Arrival

The report starts on a scorching hot July day back in 1954 (depending on what source you are reading!).

On this day, a strange man appears at Haneda Airport (Tokyo Airport) – he is described as Caucasian and he sports a beard.

He approached workers at the airport and started to talk to them in French, when they did not understand, he switched his language to Japanese.

The Arrival

He hands over his passport to the service desk and the security airport worker notices something strange – Whilst the passport looked authentic, the country where it was issued, ‘Taured’, was recognized as non-existent.

The man was immediately placed under arrest and taken away to be interrogated.

Where is Taured?

The ‘visitor’ spent many hours trying to convince the Japanese airport security that Taured was a real country – he claimed it was located between France and Spain, and had by then been in existence for 1000 years.

They got hold of a map, and sat the man down in front of it…he immediately pointed to the Principality of Andorra…but he was confused as to why it was not named Taured.

An argument broke out – the man claimed that he was telling the truth, and the authorities claimed that he was up to something shady!

The Disappearance

The airport authorities decided that it was way to dangerous to let this man go – there was something not quite right about him, and he could well be a criminal.

They placed him in a hotel room nearby for the night, and left two guards outside his door.

The Disappearance

The next morning, when the officers went to check in on the man, they were confronted by an empty room.

There were no signs of escape – the male visitor had simply vanished into thin air!

Unfortunately, all of his personal documents had vanished as well – making an investigation into his arrival, near enough impossible!

The Time Traveler

So who was the man from Taured?

Many people believe that he was some kind of time traveler, and a man that possessed the power to switch from dimension to dimension.

Did he know that he was actually traveling into another dimension?

Some argue that he probably didn’t – he ended up in Haneda Airport by complete accident!

Is Andorra known as Taured in his dimension?

Was he a clever time traveler?

How did he manage to vanish without a trace?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “The Mystery of The Man From Taured

  1. This is an excellent story. Really enjoy mysteries like that. Not sure if I believe in alternative dimensions or time travel, but you never know what could be invented in the future making time travelers from Taured possible.

    I just googled this story and I realized there is a book about this and a movie as well. I may check this out and see what they have made of it. Very cool, thanks for adding to my reading list.

  2. Hi. Thanks for sharing this awesome yet weird post. This story seems so weird and unbelievable too. And I’m pretty confused. Is this story actually real? It probably could be real anyways. How did he manage to disappear into thin air? Maybe he has and possesses some magical powers.

    Nice and interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s a real report mate, yes, but at the end of the day it’s a mystery…so it could be nothing more than a urban legend…

  3. I have heard of this story before on coast to coast am radio. I follow some of these and other stories, I love things that are unknown and a bit off or spooky even.   The man from Taured is interesting for sure, I couldn’t imagine being in a different time and people had no idea where I was from.  I think there is a real possibility of time travelers.  This is something I have been interested in for years.  Have you heard of the Montauk Project?  Also Project Paperclip? 

    1. Hi Nancy, 

      Yes, both of those subjects are covered on this site, and it’s parent site (check out the archives section!)  🙂

  4. If I am that person, I will be very worried that my country is not being recognized by them especially small country like mine.

    Singapore is a tiny little red dot on the world map and is a city state. I remembered my first time visited Ohio in USA, those people in the village do not know about my country and some of them don’t even go outside their city. 

    When we link this incident to those knowledge which we know but others do not aware and don’t believe us, it could be very frustrating and sadden. 

    Although the word is getting more connected through internet, information are getting more and topics/subjects are becoming more complex and broad. We may not know something which others could be very familiar with and they will find us strange of not knowing. 

    Is this a dilemma which we human are going to face in the next century?

    The technology is moving so fast and new product/knowledge are being generated in every second or faster. Can human cope with it and live happily with it?  

    1. Wow that’s quite a view on the subject mate – I have to take a second to digest all that and come back with a better reply!!! 🙂

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