The Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience

The Pam Reynolds Near Death Experience

This article will be covering one of the most amazing and well documented NDE’s on record – the Pam Reynolds near death experience. What really happened to her during her surgical procedure known as hypothermic cardiac arrest?

The Brain Aneurysm

Pam, a American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. To have the aneurysm successfully removed, she underwent a surgical procedure known as hypothermic cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately, the only way that this procedure could work on Pam, was if she was first put to death. This involved body temperature was lowered to 60 degrees and heartbeat, breathing and brain activity stopped completely…

The Conscious Existence

Pam apparently experienced a conscious existence once all of her vital signs were flat. She remembers leaving her body and being able to look down at the doctor as he used a surgical saw to cut through her skull.

The Conscious Existence

From this vantage point, she was also able to hear the conversations that the medical staff were having during the procedure. These conversations were later confirmed correct by the doctors and nurses involved in the operation.

The Tunnel

After a while of witnessing her own operation, Pam’s consciousness decided to leave the hospital room and float down a tunnel towards a light at the end.

When she was traveling through this tunnel she began to hear her dead grandmother talking to her through her mind. As she looked closer into the light she realized that it was being created by numerous dead members of her family.

The Tunnel

She felt that her deceased loved ones were not allowing her to move further and if she did she would not be able to return to her body and die.

She felt completely drawn to the light but at the same time, she knew she would never see the loved ones she was leaving behind again.

Suddenly, her deceased relatives seemed to be able to fill Pam’s mind with raw energy – giving her the power to move slowly away from the light.

The Return

Pam’s uncle accompanied her back up through the tunnel and then departed from her when she arrived back above her body on the operation table. As he left, he assured Pam that re-entering her body was as simple as taking a jump into a swimming pool

Without warning, Pam felt a gentle push from behind…then a strong pull from in front of her. It was as if her body was drawing her back in, the same time as the tunnel was pushing her back out.

Pam would later describe the feeling of arriving back in her body much like the feeling you get when you plunge deep into a cool water pool.

As we mentioned earlier in the article – Pam remembered many of the conversations and events that were taking place in the operating room when she was under. She recalled one of the surgeons stating that her arteries were too small for the cardiac bypass tubing.

She even remembers what music they were listening to as they operated on her – Hotel California.

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