The Phantom Lady of Bailey’s Arms Hotel

The Phantom Lady of Bailey's Arms Hotel

More often than not, paranormal entities pop up after stories of greed, romance or murder…the phantom lady of Bailey’s Arms Hotel, in Deri, seems to appear as a protector to those who witness her…

That Sunday Afternoon…

On a peaceful Sunday afternoon, back in 2002, Caroline and her family decided to visit their local pub, the Bailey’s Arms Hotel, in Deri, Gelli-Gaer, Glamorgan.

At the time Caroline was just over 5 months pregnant, so she abstained from any alcohol.

She was in a deep conversation with her partner’s brother, when, without warning, she started to feel a splitting pain across her forehead…

The Lady in Grey

She looked up to see a lady in a long grey dress and a tight bodice approaching her family’s table. This elegant lady had her hair tied up in a very old fashioned bun style.

This lady looked completely out of place with the surrounding visitors, but nobody else seemed to take any notice of her.

Caroline suddenly felt a strange sensation throughout her mind – as if this lady was conveying a message to her mentally.

The lady in grey wanted to know if Caroline and her baby were alright.

The Lady in Grey

Caroline thought that this sudden apparition was down to the splitting headache she felt and the pregnancy combined – she excused herself from the table and went to refresh herself in the Hotel’s toilets.

When she returned to her family’s table she decided to spill the beans and inform everyone about the strange encounter she had just experienced. Her partner’s father readily believed her and started to make a few inquiries with the Hotel’s staff.

The landlord of the Bailey’s Arms Hotel informed him that this strange grey lady had been encountered by visitors many times in the past…but this was the first time she had appeared in several years.

The Protector

A few months after this paranormal experience, Caroline gave birth to her son, Alun. Unfortunately, he had a very complicated birth, but thankfully, he pulled through it.

The Protector

But Caroline insists that she never once felt afraid for herself or her son during the day of his birth – she always knew that the phantom lady was watching over them both…making sure they would stay in good health.

Caroline also believes that the phantom lady of the Bailey’s Arms Hotel has been keeping Alun safe ever since…

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