The Pontefract Ghost House Report

The Pontefract Ghost House Report

What happens when a highly spiritual man of the cloth is unceremoniously stripped off his religious robes and disgracefully hanged to death for rape and murder?

Maybe the Pontefract Ghost House story can help us answer this question…

So what’s the deal with the Pontefract Black Monk haunting at the famous house on 30 East Drive?

And why is this ghost considered one of the most violent ghosts in the history of Europe?

It all started way back in 1633, when King Henry (VIII) was at the throne. It is said that a priest by the name of Carl Anthony succumbed to the desires of the flesh and raped a young village girl.

To cover his tracks, he killed her.

He was however found guilty and hanged to the death at the gallows that are believed to have been located somewhere near this haunted semi-detached terrace house in East Yorkshire.

So…why the extreme violence from this unfriendly ghost that writer Tom Cuniff calls the “Black Monk of Pontefract”…?

Nobody knows for sure but your guess is as good as any.

Maybe the monk still feels angry for not being strong enough to say no to his bodily urges…maybe it’s because he was framed or maybe it’s due to the fact that his sins imprisoned his soul on earth instead of transitioning to heavenly glory…but one thing is for sure though, he’s no Casper!

Evidence From Real-Life Accounts:

The first ever recorded incident with the angry ghost was in the sixties, just after the Pritchards moved into the house on 30 East Drive.

The story goes that it was the grandmother, Sarah, who had the first encounter with the Black Monk while babysitting Philip.

The old woman almost jumped out of her skin when pools of water started forming on the floor and stuff started flying out the cupboards and off the shelves and smashed into the walls.

It is reported that a later investigation by the water board did not find any leaks or faulty pipes at all!

Things got even weirder during an incident when white chalk started falling from the air! Mrs. Kelly (Philip’s aunt) and Philip himself confirmed seeing pools of water form on the floor in front of their naked eyes!

There were more incidents after that and the paranormal activities became so regular that the Pritchards finally had a nickname for our ghost.

They called him “Fred”.

The poltergeist continued to throw things around, slashing framed hanged photos with a knife and even slapped a few people after the Pritchards attempted an exorcism in 1968.

It’s also important to note at this point that this ghost later seemed to shift all its attention on Diane Pritchard…and maybe for reasons relating to why this troublesome spirit was still roaming the world of the living; the 16th-century execution of a promiscuous monk.

When Lights Went Out

Anyone who has watched When The Lights Went Out knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The British flick is based on Poltergeist, a 1981 book by Colin Wilson. The cast included Craig Parkinson, Kate Ashfield, Jo Hartley, Steven Waddington and others…

A news reporter working for a local newspaper, Andy Lea also wrote a piece on the increased paranormal activity in the Pontefract house immediately after the release of the movie.

The article reported that one of the neighbors had carried a successful séance and managed to have a chat with the Black Monk ghost.

This was after she (Carol Fieldhouse) had observed the TV blasting out from the empty house one evening.

More Video Evidence…

Recent investigations into the Black Monk of Pontefract haunting carried out by several ghost hunting groups revealed some pretty amazing facts and a glimpse into the world of scary spirits.

One such video evidence was captured by the Most Haunted TV series crew in a live Halloween special.

They fitted the entire house with cameras and other ghost hunting equipment and allowed viewers to watch everything as it happened in real time.

“Fred” did not disappoint his fans either…a voice was recorded ordering the crew to quickly GET OUT as things started moving slowly…right in the eyes of live viewers watching with their mouths wide open!

There were also some few clear knocks and more whispers that nobody could make out.

The house is now open to the public and anybody in search of some real terrifying experiences can make their way to East Yorkshire and on to the house on 30 East Drive, Pontefract.

Care to find out if the Pontefract Ghost House story is real?

8 thoughts on “The Pontefract Ghost House Report

  1. I’ve never heard of this house. This is very interesting. I wonder why there were no recorded incidents until the 60’s. Maybe it’s true that he was framed. That would certainly make me angry enough to stick around and make some people’s lives miserable. There’s definitely some scary stuff going on there. I don’t think I’ll go find out for myself though. I don’t understand how or why people can stay in a house that is haunted. I wouldn’t spend another night in my house if I thought it was haunted.

  2. The scariest thing about this house is that it just looks like your average 3 bed semi! Who would suspect such terror lies within? Also, is it just the one side of the house or both? I suppose even if it’s just the one side, the racket coming from next door would classify the other side as a decent level of haunted as well!

    1. Hi Andy,

      You know, I never thought about that before – are both sides of the house affected by the paranormal activity? The amount of times I’ve seen pictures of this property – never crossed my mind! 🙂

      I think there’s call for another article now – I wonder what the neighbors think about all this? (good shout Andy!)

  3. Hi Chris and Andy,
    I live 10 minutes away in Castleford from the town of Pontefract . The house which is attached to No°30 East Drive is supposedly haunted by the same spirit (It’s on a interview done by the Tv series Most Haunted). I have also had my share of living with ghosts (I was brought up in a pub which dates back to 1600’s) I have had stuff thrown at me, seen Joe ( a old landlord) walk from the best end, through the bar in to the games room, heard footsteps upstairs when no-one was up there…… But believe it or not it’s not that bad to live with ghosts (you get to play ‘let’s find my keys/purse, which I left at the side of my bed’ which turns up sooner rather than later).

  4. Yes, I don’t live in England but Australia. I have not just watched Most Haunted but also a show called Paranormal Lockdown, with Nick Groff and Katrina Weismann, they caught an actual apparition when they were there and probably much more just like Most haunted.
    I was brought up in a house that I came in contact with Spirits there all the time as a child. I still do every now and then as an adult. I have only had one bad home that had poltergeist activity in it where glasses clang, small footsteps heard and adult ones. Light bulbs blowing, a mirror pushed to the floor with out it smashing when it sounded like it. Actually seeing paper and art work getting thrown to the floor in the kitchen. Peoples demeanour change and the animals not willing to stay inside the house.
    To later find out that the house is called the house of divorces, as all who have owned the property have divorced except for the owner now. Her husband died tragically in a car accident. I am seperated from my husband. The house nearly burnt down. So there are places around this world on this planet that have never been spoken about because people are afraid to talk about what has happened to them because they can not explain their experiences or the fear of being ridiculed and labelled.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Really interesting stuff, and thanks for including the suggestion about Paranormal Lockdown (a show I have not encountered before!).
      Have you ever been back to that house? (poltergeist activity)

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