The Predictions of Edgar Cayce

The Predictions of Edgar Cayce

This article will be taking a look at the famous predictions of Edgar Cayce, also known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’. Was Cayce really one of the most gifted seers to walk the Earth?

Let’s take a closer look…

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce was born on a tobacco farming site near Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1877. He was part of a typically middle-class country family who were well versed in the Bible, and attended church whenever they could.

During his youth, he was often regarded as a strange boy, he wouldn’t go anywhere without his bible, and would frequently complain about having strange visions.

His grandfather tragically died in a pond accident, yet Edgar would constantly insist that he had met up with him on multiple occasions after his death, on the family farm.

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Many of the locals thought that Edgar was somehow linked to the devil – but Cayce’s family completely loved him and fiercely protected the young boy.

The Sleeping Prophet

When Edgar got into his early twenties, he managed to get set up with a job as an insurance salesman…but unfortunately he lost it due to a terrible bout of laryngitis (he couldn’t speak!).

He then moved on to become a photographer, but the laryngitis condition worsened.

His family eventually sent him to a homeopathic physician and hypnotist, who suggested that Cayce should try to correct the condition by inducing himself in a self-hypnotic state.

On the 30th of March 1901, many witnesses watched as Edgar managed to put himself into self-hypnotic state, and diagnose his ailment and prescribe treatment for it.

The Man With the X-Ray Eyes

Word gets around – and things snowballed VERY quickly.

Before long people flocked from far and wide to meet up with the guy dubbed as ‘The Man With the X-Ray Eyes’.

He was very successful, even using a variety of medical terminology to describe what was occurring inside people’s bodies. But, when he was awake, he was pretty much an illiterate man with no medical knowledge…whatsoever!

The media caught onto the story, and a number of newspapers followed his exploits regularly publishing front page articles on his experiences.

The Edgar Cayce Readings

In his sessions, he was known to simply loosen his tie, then lie down on a couch with his arms folded. He would then flutter his eyelids – as if he was slipping into a deep trance. The patient would then ask him questions about their medical problem.

Before long the sessions seemed to be effecting Edgar’s health, and he began suffering with crippling headaches. He and his family decided to pack up and move to a town in Alabama, where he could attempt to leave his past behind.

The Edgar Cayce Readings

Unfortunately, Cayce could not escape his destiny…celebrities were now seeking his advice…

Rumors suggest that Thomas Edison and the U.S. President at the time managed to get appointments with The Man With the X-Ray Eyes. Apparently, big oil companies also got in on the act – trying to use Cayce’s powers to locate new sources of oil!

Cayce eventually hired a stenographer named Gladys Davis in 1923. Her task was to record every word he spoke when he was in his trance states.

During the 20’s and 30’s, Davis recorded astonishing and accurate predictions from Cayce…

The Predictions of Edgar Cayce

Cayce accurately foretold of the Great Depression and even managed to nail the events that led up to the Second World War. He knew the countries involved with the Nazis, and even knew the date that the war would end.

He predicted climate change, the problems with world’s environment would face, President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963…and even went back in time to provide information on ancient civilizations.

The Predictions of Edgar Cayce

Cayce also had a strong link to the subject of Atlantis – in sessions during the 20’s, he described a large continent that existed in the Atlantic ocean that was inhabited by an intelligent and wise group of people.

This civilization were well ahead of their time – creating flying machines and harnessing power from great crystals. But they somehow managed to piss off mother nature…and disappeared into the sea around 10,000 years ago.

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4 thoughts on “The Predictions of Edgar Cayce

  1. Hi Chris. I was very enthralled with this story and read it through to the end. What a truly fascinating man! Thank you for sharing.

    I truly believe there are gifted people in this world who can predict certain things. It seems as though people did value his opinion and trusted that he knew what he was talking about. Too bad some of the things he predicted couldn’t have been avoided!

    1. Hi Mary, and thanks for reading!

      Great to hear that you enjoyed the report. I also believe that there are ‘gifted’ people out there, but I also believe there are more than a few con artists as well (unfortunately!). 

  2. There definately are talented people who can access more than the average person. We only use a tiny petcentage of our brains. Maybe these people are able to use parts of the brain others do not.

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