The San Antonio Ghost Train Tracks

The San Antonio Ghost Train Tracks

I first came across the ‘story’ of the San Antonio ghost train tracks about a decade ago – at the time it hadn’t been hit up by the debunkers and the skeptics (man I HATE those guys!).

Anyway, over the last decade or so…this paranormal report has take a little bit of a beating…

Fact or Fiction…

So what’s the story behind the San Antonio ghost train tracks?

Okay, to get this paranormal ‘episode’ to work – you have to set your car up first…


Yep – you have to first drive to the train tracks on the South Side of town near Villamain and Shane roads. After this you need to get out and spread baby powder (or Talcum Powder – depending on where you live!) all over the back window of the car.

You then drive up onto the tracks…and leave the car parked in neutral.

You then have to wait until a train approaches.

At this point, a team of ghostly children are thought to appear and push your car to safety!

ghost train tracks

Now, I’m not exactly condoning this sort of thing – if you are mad enough to try it out for yourself – go for it!

Just don’t blame me if things go…wrong!

But why do these ghostly children appear?

Well, it all comes from a local legend that says that in the early 1900’s, a bus got stuck on these very tracks, and a train collided with it…

Killing all of the children on board.


Recent research points to the fact that this tragic bus accident probably happened elsewhere – in Utah.

On top of this, a group of skeptical ghost hunters discovered that the road near the tracks provides an optical illusion where it looks completely flat, but in fact, there is a gradual decline.

This means that if you leave a car in neutral – it will gradually move along as if someone is pushing it along a flat road with no incline!

skeptical ghost hunters

Now it’s over to you – real paranormal happenings or nothing more than a urban legend?

Do you think these ghostly children exist?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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