The San Pedro Haunted House

The San Pedro Haunted House

In this article we will be covering a report that a paranormal investigation team published concerning a San Pedro haunted house, back in 1989. A malevolent spirit or a power created by the emotional turmoil of it’s tenant?

You decide…

The Jackie Hernandez Case

Dr. Barry Taff and a cameraman named Barry Conrad got asked to investigate what is now known as ‘The Jackie Hernandez Case’ back in 1989. It involved a now infamous house located in San Pedro, California.

They were informed that the problem house was owned by a young lady named Jackie Hernandez – who openly admitted to having disturbing emotional issues in the past.

When the team arrived at the location they were told that the house frequently developed strange smells, and nobody could figure out where they were coming from?

On top of this, poltergeist activity seemed to be behind moving objects and strange apparitions had started appearing. One such apparition was a glowing cloud that tried to suffocate Hernandez – this cloud incident had been witnessed by several other visitors to the house.

The Paranormal Investigation Team

There was also a report concerning a strange dripping, slime-like substance appearing in the kitchen cupboards.

During their first investigation, the team kept on hearing a disturbingly loud sound coming from attic of the home. One of the team members later described the noise as sounding like a “200 pound rat” bouncing around the ceiling area.

Jeff Wheatcraft, a photographer with the team, decided to bite the bullet and enter the attic to snap some images of the entity. He was in the process of focusing in his first shot when an invisible force grabbed his camera and drove it into the floorboards!

The Second Investigation

The team returned to the San Pedro haunted house in September of that year. Wheatcraft was keen to get back into the attic but decided to take another team member, Gary Beihm, with him this time.

As the pair searched through the attic area an invisible force managed to wrap a clothesline around Wheatcraft’s neck and suspend him from one of the beams. Beihm managed to wrestle the photographer back down to the floor before he was strangled to death.

The Second Investigation

Over the next few days, the team began to realize that the events in the house were following Jackie Hernandez around. Could her emotional problems be creating the phenomena unconsciously?

By this point, Jackie had apparently developed a strong relationship with cameraman Barry Conrad – the team thought this relationship could be behind the poltergeist activity. It was thought that anyone who might be perceived as threat to Jackie’s relationship with Barry would end up being attacked by the paranormal force.

The Haunting Continues…

There are a few problems with the Jackie and Barry theory.

If this romantic link to the poltergeist was to be believed, then this would mean that this was strictly a haunting brought on by living subject.

But, the house has remained haunted ever since Jackie moved out – the owners claim that no tenant has managed to stay in the property for longer than 6 months.

Does a malevolent spirit haunt this house or did Jackie Hernandez manage to leave a residual power within it’s walls?

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