The Screaming Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor

The Screaming Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor

​A man named Azariah Pinney traveled from England to the West Indies in 1685. Pinney wasn’t exactly known for being a nice guy and many people believe he was banished to the Caribbean at the time!

When he returned a few years later to resume his English business he brought with him a African-descent slave who he abused on a daily basis.

Pinney died and passed the estates on to his children and, after a time, the slave slave followed suit.

As he lay dying on his deathbed the slave pleaded with the new head of the Pinney household to return his body to the Caribbean for burial.

Pinney’s son regarded this as an expense too far for a slave and instead buried him at Bettiscombe churchyard.

The Screaming

Within days of the slave’s body being buried at the (wrong) graveyard, strange happenings started to occur within the Pinney household.

At night the house would be filled by terrifying moans and screams along with severe poltergeist activity.

Within weeks the slave’s body was disinterred and brought into the Pinney’s house.

As soon as the body was set comfortably inside the home the screaming and the paranormal activity stopped.

The Skull

As the years went by the slave’s body decomposed within the house storage, the body bones became lost until only the skull remained.

Decades later one of the house owners decided that he had heard enough of this stupid paranormal legend and threw the skull into the pond outside.

Screaming Skull

Within hours the house was full of demonic screams and furniture smashed against the bedroom walls.

The owner quickly realized his mistake and threw himself into the pond looking for the discarded skull. He managed to find it and quickly returned it to it’s rightful place inside the home.

Once again the paranormal activity stopped.

Another, later owner, decided to try his luck at ridding the home of this grotesque object.

He dug a deep, deep hole in the back garden of the property and buried the skull at the bottom. He spent the next few hours filling the hole back up.

He managed to get through the night without any sort of paranormal response – surely the curse of the skull had finally been lifted?

When he ventured into the garden the next morning he was horrified to discover the skull sitting on the ground on top of the now filled-in hole.

The skull was taken back inside the home…

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4 thoughts on “The Screaming Skull Of Bettiscombe Manor

  1. I think sending the skull back to the West Indies sounds like a small price to pay if it gets rid of paranormal screaming and other strange activities! I wonder if the skull is still there or has been returned to the Caribbean, or what happened if Bettiscombe Manor was knocked down – did the skull go silent since there was no home left to be inside? You open up a lot of questions with this and I’d love to read an update if there is anything more recent written or said about it. Perhaps the final resting place of the skull is known by someone in the Pinney family? Fascinating and a bit chilling….

    1. Hi Rachel,

      We will be updating the article soon as numerous people have asked us about the current whereabouts of the skull – and we don’t have a solid answer (yet!).

      The article certainly leaves a lot of questions unanswered so we’ll try our best to tackle every one with the update!

      Thanks so much for reading our work and taking the time to comment! 🙂

  2. This really is a bizarre case but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a true story as I understand that the West Indies are heavily steeped in voodoo…

    I think it is possible that the slave who came over to England with Pinney from the West Indies, his family may have been under some sort of a voodoo curse.

    The slave may have been aware of this and that’s probably why he wanted to be buried back in the Caribbean.

    The slave was probably aware of the consequences if he wasn’t buried in his homeland but Pinney’s son refused his request. This results in him as well as any future owners of the house being made to suffer miserably because of it.

    They all eventually realized as long as the skull was inside the house, things would be normal. A top article to read – love this sort of thing!

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Yeah I have to agree with you there – voodoo is a really good shout on this case! Whenever a case or incident involves someone from the Caribbean area I instantly get out the ‘voodoo brush’ LOL.

      Really glad you enjoyed this article – thanks for leaving your opinion with us!

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