The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo

The Solway Firth Spaceman Photo

This article will be taking a look at the famous ufology incident involving the Solway Firth spaceman photo, and how a simple family day trip in 1964, turned into a nightmare that would shroud them in international mystery…

A Family Day Out

On the 23rd of May, 1964, devoted father, Jim Templeton, decided to gather up the family and head for a rural spot in England – time to get away from the rat race and grab some fresh air!

Former fireman, Jim, had recently taken on the hobby of photography and he had a destination in mind. He decided that the family would visit the Burgh Marsh near the Solway Firth estuary in Cumbria.

He had heard of the area before and was desperate to get a few new snaps of the area for his portfolio.

They finally arrived at the rural setting and found a spot to park the car. They then decided to walk through the fields a bit to find a nice location for a picnic.

As the family crossed the fields, Jim couldn’t help but notice that the cows were all gathered together right in the corners of each field – they seemed scared of something.

This was strange because cattle like this was usually scattered across each field in the area.

The family eventually found a picturesque spot to settle and Jim instructed his daughter to gather a bunch of flowers, so that he could take a nice photo of her.

She did so, and Jim snapped a photo.

The Photo

When they returned home from their rural trip, Jim took his film reel down to the local chemist as he was excited to see his work as soon as possible. A few days later he returned to pick up the developed shots.

The chemist on duty that day told Jim that he thought the pictures were very good – but it was disappointing that some guy had ruined the shot of his daughter by walking past in the background.

The Photo of The Spaceman

This was strange – Jim knew that they were the only ones in that rural location at that point of the day.

He quickly made his way through the photographs and located his daughter’s image – sure enough, someone was walking past her in the background.

Worryingly – this guy seemed to be wearing a spacesuit…

The Spaceman

The picture of the Solway Firth spaceman was released by Jim immediately – it gathered pace and publicity after it was reported to the police and then Kodak.

The photographic film company were so amazed by the image, that they offered a reward for any expert who could solve the riddle of the Solway Firth spaceman photo. If anyone managed to crack the mystery – they would get free Kodak film reels for life!

Nobody managed to claim this reward – the image was actually tested by the company as well…and it was found to be 100% legit.

The Visit

About a fortnight after the photo was taken, and it became public news, two men dressed in black turned up at Jim Templeton’s home.

At first they seemed like normal enough guys, but after a while Jim got an uneasy feeling off them – he claimed they did not act like ‘normal’ people.

Whenever they spoke to each other they did not use their names, or surnames. Instead they addressed each other as numbers.

They wanted Jim to take them to the rural spot where he had taken the picture, and he obliged.

The Visit off The Men in Black

When they got there they started asking Jim about the wildlife in the area – how was it acting during that period. Jim remembered the bunched up cattle, so he mentioned it.

At this point the two men began trying their best to convince Jim that he had made a simple mistake – surely he snapped a passerby without noticing him?

Jim wouldn’t have it – he informed them that he was a decent photographer who was fully aware of his surroundings. There was nobody else in the field – period!

This seemed to change the mood of the conversation, and the two men in black started to lose their temper…but Jim stuck to his story.

They eventually walked away from the discussion and got back in their car. They then left Jim standing in the middle of the rural setting…with a long walk home!

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