The St. James Hotel Ghosts

The St. James Hotel Ghosts

In this article we will be covering one of the most interesting haunted hotels in the United States – the St. James Hotel at 617 S Collison Ave in Cimarron, New Mexico.

Let’s take a closer look at the famous St. James Hotel ghosts…

St. James Hotel Room 18

This is considered by the hotel’s staff to be the most haunted room in the entire property. It has such a strong paranormal reputation that very few people are allowed into the room (even for a quick look!).

These days it’s apparently a pretty sparse and unkempt room – nothing more than a bed frame without a mattress, old furniture and the remains of a poker game.

St. James Hotel Room 18

The room has been linked to the mysterious deaths of several hotel patrons who were in turn, linked to the ghost of Thomas Wright (see the section below).

All visitors that are staying on the second floor are advised not to stop outside the door of room 18 – not even for a second!

Just keep on walking until you get to your own room door…

Thomas J. Wright

Thomas J. Wright was an unfortunate soul who was (apparently) killed at the door of Room 18 shortly after winning the rights to the hotel in a poker game.

He was killed by a coward’s shot – straight into his back as he left the room victorious.

The shot did not kill him instantly, and he was able to crawl back into the room…where his killers left him to bleed out from the gunshot wound.

Thomas J. Wright and the Hotel

Wright’s angry spirit is thought to be the entity that now infests this troubling hotel room.

Former hotel owners have been physically abused inside the room and have also witnessed a strange ball of orange light floating around the upper corner of the room.

Other St. James Hotel Ghosts

Another well known ghost that resides at the hotel is that of the wife of former owner Henry Lambert. Her name was/is Mary Elizabeth and she resides in room 17.

Mary Elizabeth is not a violent ghost, unlike Wright, she prefers to act as the hotel’s protector.

A strong smell of perfume often follows her apparition as a female dressed in white.

The St. James Hotel also has a old-age ghost that is referred to as ‘The Little Imp’. This old timer likes to play tricks on the visitors.

Whenever visitors lose items within the hotel walls – The Little Imp takes the blame!

Over the years, Television series Ghost Adventures and Unsolved Mysteries have both covered the hotel in episodes.

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