The St. Pierre Golf Club Lady in Grey

The St. Pierre Golf Club Lady in Grey

The St. Pierre Golf club in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, is yet another Welsh property that houses a lady ghost.

St. Pierre used to belong to Sir David ap Philips – a very strong supporting character of Henry IV and Henry V. Henry V actually paid a visit to Sir David and used the opportunity to stash some of his more valuable jewels in the tower of the actual building.

The jewels remained hidden at the location for many years until eventually they were handed over to Henry IV.

For some unknown reason, the son of Sir David ap Philips decided to change the family name to Lewis. The Lewis family then went on to own St. Pierre for several generations.

The Lady in Grey

A Lady in Grey haunts St. Pierre with her occasional presence. The apparition is described as a strange grey-colored shape that appears only for a few moments.

Her favorite place seems to be the doorway to a room known as ‘The Sturges’.

The female ghost is thought to be a former member of the Lewis family – legend has it that she still haunts the building due to a pair of suitors who once fought a duel over her hand.

This duel actually took place inside a room known as ‘Maes Fawr’ which now suffers from extreme poltergeist activity.

The lady ghost is known to be of a benevolent disposition – her first recorded sighting was from a female guest who stayed in the building near the end of the nineteenth century.

It was early in the morning when this female guest spotted the Grey Lady in a corridor and immediately thought she was a housekeeper for the location.

Later in the day she approached a member of staff to ask about the strange housekeeper she had met with. She was told that no housekeepers were designated to that part of the house on this particular day.

Fred Hando

A local Gwent house researcher named Fred Hando once stayed at St. Pierre and had an encounter with what he claimed was the Grey Lady.

He spent several nights in a small room in the top part of the building and it was here that he experienced the paranormal activity.

Chepstow Golf Course (St.Pierre)

When the room temperature dropped suddenly in the night Hando awoke to find a strange presence within the room.

He has been interviewed on the subject many times since and he believes the paranormal presence was somehow trying to leave the room in which he was staying in.

The Laughing Gardner

The Grey Lady seems to have a partner in crime in St. Pierre – although this character seems to have a much jollier personality.

He is thought to be the ghost of a former gardener who appears from time to time in the gateway to the main garden.

Nobody knows why, but this happy entity always seems to be laughing uncontrollably…giving him the name of ‘The Laughing Gardner’.

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6 thoughts on “The St. Pierre Golf Club Lady in Grey

  1. I don’t really believe in paranormal activity. I’m of the opinion that this is more of a psychological disturbance that has a logical scientific explanation. However, after some discussion about the subject recently with friends where some shared their experiences which they believe and understand was related to the paramormal. One such experience bothered me as I could relate to it and have experienced a similar episode. This happens quite often with me where I wake up in the middle of the night in a subconscious state but cannot move a muscle. Although I’m at my senses and and know I’m in bed I try but cannot move. This is believed to be someone or something sitting on you and pegging you down. Only after a few minutes of lying in a vegetative state am I able to.move and open my eyes.
    Any ideas?

    1. Yeah this is quite common George, it’s often referred to as sleep paralysis. In some cultures they actually believe a evil spirit is sitting upon sufferers chests – pushing down on them making sure they cannot move. There are thousands of articles on this online – I suggest you check them out as there are many people like you out there…

  2. Forgive me, but I don’t really do the whole “ghost” thing. But, I have had experiences where doors slam, lights turn on, or off, you see something/someone and then you don’t, and there’s no one home but myself. Gives me an eerie feeling. But I will not say that it doesn’t exist. Now, had it been me who had encountered the Lady in Grey, ZOOM! Outta that castle I go!

    1. Hi Christian,

      Well your comment leaves one question unanswered really – if you don’t believe in the paranormal then why did you search out this website?

      Real answer – you’re not sure are you?

      Doors slamming etc…that’s really got under your skin and you want to find out more about it right?

      Never dismiss anything in life Christian, especially the things you can’t understand…

  3. The first witness claim cannot be true. The St.Pierre grounds were private residence until 1966 when it was first turned into a country club. Therefor a guest in the 19th century would have found no hotel staff to ask. However as the hotel is also located upon the same ground as one of the oldest surviving pre-norman church sites there have been multiple claims through-out the years.

    1. Are you referring to the ‘Maes Fawr’ incident? The research we were handed contained several separate reports all including this incident…so unfortunately we have to publish it!

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