The Stanley Hotel Haunting

The Stanley Hotel Haunting

Nothing beats a good ol’ haunting story. Whether it’s a good or bad ghost, the audience is always eager for the sweet scary tale. One question that has lingered for a while however is… “Are ghosts real?”

Now, many of you will be quick to answer yes but no one will give you concrete proof. Yes, no one! And that includes you. But wait minute… what about the Stanley hotel haunting?

Fact: Spirituality and religion has taught man to be superstitious and very, very nervous.

Of course science has thrown in a bit of weight in support of existing supernatural forces outside our realm but is it true that the dead are not really dead?

Can they still be here…with us? Is Elizabeth Wilson still folding laundry in room 217 at the Stanley right now?

The Stanley Hotel was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley, one of the Stanley twins who co-owned several businesses together (the other was Francis Edgar Stanley). He had moved to Estes Valley with his wife Flora.

The hotel opened its doors to the public in 1909 after 2 years of construction and only accepted the crème of society. The elegant 48 room hotel sitting in front of the Colorado Rockies has since grown to a world class historic establishment. It still had an elevator and piped water plus electricity back then thanks to Freelan’s genius.

Haunting Claims at the Stanley

Despite its grandeur, the Stanley regained its former glory in the 70’s after almost fizzling out of fame and marked for demolition.

This is the time when stories of paranormal activity in the Stanley took center stage and spread like wild fire.

Long serving employees and guests are guilty of propagating these claims to everyone who sets foot within the property’s compound and anyone else interested in a juicy tale! Is it all sales gimmicks?

Are they all looking for a minute of fame? Is it a case of visitors wanting to be associated with the paranormal craze? And who is Scary Mary?

Haunting Claims at the Stanley

Rumors have it that Elizabeth Wilson, one of the ghosts haunting the hotel, was once the head housekeeper at the Stanley and had a fatal gas explosion accident in room 217 where the king of horror novels Stephen King once set camp with his wife Tabitha.

The story goes that she only broke her legs and didn’t die here despite the entire floor caving into the room below where she was found.

Why then would she still be haunting the hotel? What’s even more puzzling is the fact that none of the newspapers that reported the incident wrote similar details about her…

The Stanley Hotel

Other people have told of hearing Flora play her piano and filling the corridors with nice tunes or laughing and playing children.

Other ghosts; Eddie, Lucy and Paul (a former doorman and hotel curfew enforcer) have been reported to roam around the premises carrying out their mischief.

Eddie kisses the ladies and strokes their hair. He was also once known as a stinky ghost but he has since reformed and even got a nicer scent go to with his new ghostly lifestyle which includes more cheeks to smooch.

The Stanley may owe its continued strong existence to Stephen King who not only stayed at the fine establishment, but also has a novel themed after the hotel to support the ghost stories.

He apparently ran into a young boy during his stay which inspired him to write the 1977 serious page turner The Shining.

Stephen King & The Stanley Hotel
Stephen King

Recent stories have been told by random people especially couples who swear that Elizabeth is also not a fun of sex outside the marriage institution and doesn’t let you have peace if you’re an unmarried couple spending a night in room 217.

More paranormal activity has been reported in the Stanley’s concert hall where the playful Lucy puts on a laser light show to answer questions!

The Truth is Out There!

So what do we make of the Stanley’s haunted mansion story?

Numerous big names in the paranormal activity investigations field such as the RMPRS (Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society) and the APS (Atlantic Paranormal Society) plus myriads of popular TV show producers in the ghost hunting niche have made the Stanley their home in search of answers and proof.

Nothing substantial has ever been reported so far. That can only mean one thing; the Stanley hotel haunting will stick until someone can prove it a lie.

What are your take ghosts and haunting stories?

Do you believe the Stanley is really haunted?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “The Stanley Hotel Haunting

  1. Thank you for sharing this story. It is a big challenge to visit this hotel and to clean it in the name of Jesus. It always depends on who is using it now and for what kind of activities.
    Yes, I have experience with different kind of spirits, and I can feel them. Sometimes it is better just to pass by silently, but, on the other hand, there is no reason to be afraid of them if you have a pure heart.

  2. I really like your site. Something I am interested in and has given me some different places to visit when I come to the US.

    It is easy to navigate around and is clear to understand. I did not find myself switching off and wanting to go elsewhere but in stead navigated to other pages

  3. Hey Chris,
    Interesting read, I absolutely love reading about ghost stories – anything that has the potential to scare me! However, I think that that’s all they are good stories!

    Perhaps, this is because I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting a ghost. I guess I’ll have to go stay in Room 217 to find out if the place is really haunted…….in the meantime I think I’ll watch The Shining this evening!

    Thanks for sharing,

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