The Teke Teke Urban Legend

The Teke Teke Urban Legend

This article will be taking a closer look at the Japanese Teke Teke urban legend that started doing the rounds in 1969 – is there any truth behind this macabre creature?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Teke Teke Story

A teenage boy leaves school late due to the fact he was being held back for extra tuition. It’s a winter month – so the dark is rising already.

He opts to avoid the smog of the main city roads, instead taking a route through the cramped maze of city blocks. All of a sudden…he feels like someone, or something, is watching him.

He starts to quicken his pace, but in his haste, he takes a wrong turning, and ends up in a courtyard with several city block exits.

Tall buildings stretch up to the sky on all sides of him – he notices a light on in one of the windows…and a girl of similar age staring down at him. He decides to walk over to the girl’s window to ask for directions, but as he begins to walk, he hears the sound of a train.

Now he knows he’s lost – his usual route home takes him nowhere near the train line.

As he approaches the girl in the window her face suddenly changes from a caring smile into a horrible curled snarl. She suddenly launches herself from the window…then he realizes she only has half a body!

The Teke Teke Story

She lands on the ground and stands up on her hands, dark hair covering her snarling face. She takes several steps towards him, hand over hand, each step making a curious sound as it slaps the ground – teke…teke…

The boy turns and runs screaming through one of the block exits…but he can hear the sound of her hands following him (teke…teke…teke).

He notices a wire fence in front of him – maybe he can clear it and maybe she won’t be able to follow?

As he reaches the fence he feels a sharp pain in his back…

The body of the young boy is discovered the following morning next to a fence that runs along the train lines. He has been ripped in half…and there is a trail of hand prints leading to and from the body.

The Japanese Teke Teke Legend

The Teke Teke entity is that of a Japanese schoolgirl who committed suicide in 1969. She was a victim of bullying and she took her own life by lying in front of a train…resulting in her being sliced in half.

Her spirit is extremely vengeful, and unable to rest due to the horrible life she led when she was being bullied. She seeks revenge on those who seem similar to the ones who bullied her.

She gets her name from the hideous noise her hands make as she drags her body across the floor…towards you!

Legend suggests that she only hangs around near the location of her death – so it’s best to avoid all train tracks if possible.

Once you have locked eyes with the Teke Teke – there is no escape. Even if you manage to outrun the grotesque creature…it will find you and kill you within three days.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Teke Teke urban legend, please leave them in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “The Teke Teke Urban Legend

  1. This was certainly a great short story! The Teke Teke Urban Legend is a new one for me, but it seems to have legs (although the girl in the story didn’t) as it started some time ago (1969). I found it entertaining and a little bit frightening as you describe the scenes up to the tearing end…

    In many places I have been, there one or another horror story that seems to circulate, and many are based on true events, while some perhaps not so much. Over time, these stories become part of the folklore of a place. I was raised in Northern Minnesota, and we have Ojibwa in our family who have many such tales.

    They are entertaining and scary at the same time, and are best told when the ambiance is fitting (i.e. stormy night, no electricity, candlelight only, and many shadows surrounding the scene)…I used to look forward to times when such stories were shared, and these never go out of style, even with the advent of the internet and smartphones…

    Great read, thanks for sharing, and I now know to be careful when I get lost in some Japan city. Holy Cow!  

    1. No problems Dave – thanks for taking the time to read our work and leave your opinion on it. I hope the ambience was fitting when you were reading the story – at night hopefully? 🙂

  2. I have been enjoying reading your stories on the paranormal recently. Although I’m quite skeptical when it comes to paranormal experiences, this teke teke legend really got me scared. I am not sure if I’ve heard of this story before, but thinking about how recent it happened leaves me with more doubt. There ought to be some camera footage of this event. Other than the boy in the story, how many sightings have been reported by others?

    1. There have been quite a few sightings mate, but the incident pretty quickly slipped into the realms of ‘urban legend’. This means it’s hard to separate the truth from fiction! 

  3. Wow! This story  is very interesting.It is very nice post. I know something about this. A young girls learns of the urban legend of Teke Teke after her friend is killed in a gruesome way. The legend tells of a female ghost that has no legs. The legend says she will die in 3 days and now has to dig deeper to find the secrets behind the legend that can save her. Thanks for sharing this post.        

  4. That is a really horrible story! I really hope that it does not have any truth!

    Having said that, I am a believer in paranormal experiences. 

    When my children were young, we lived in an old  Tudor farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside, in the UK. The house had a long, wide landing area upstairs, which the children used as a playroom, great for setting up train sets etc. But it was noticeable that the landing frequently had a distinct chill. My small son’s bedroom was at the far end of the landing, and he would often say that he saw an old man sitting on the end of his bed which really frightened him! He would often end up in our bed in the room next door to him.

    After we had lived there for about 18 months, the thatched roof caught fire and was destroyed, and much of the house had to be rebuilt. When at last we were able to move back in, we noticed that the chill on the landing had completely disappeared, and my son never saw that old man again!!

    In our next house which was of a similar age, my children said that they saw an old lady walking down the stairs, and I was often aware of a feeling that someone was following me down the stairs!

    I think that those have to be paranormal experiences, don’t you, although happily not as horrifying as the one you relate!

    Many thanks for your story.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie,

      Well they do say that children are more ‘tuned into’ the frequency of the paranormal…

      Looks like your kids have a strong link!!!!

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