The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

This article will be covering the strange case of possession linked to the Ursula and Sabina Eriksson conspiracy – Why did they go uncontrollably insane at the exact same time?

Ursula and Sabina

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were normal twins from Sweden with no prior mental or general health problems. They were living normal, happy lives with their respective families.

Sabina was living in Ireland, and her sister, Ursula, decided to pay her a visit. She booked her flight, packed her bags, and got ready for a tearful family reunion…

Things did not turn out as she planned…

Their Strange Actions

Ursula arrived in Ireland safely enough, and her sister met her at the airport. For some reason – they both decided to board a bus and travel from Ireland to London.

This was a completely unplanned trip, they had not mentioned it to any of their family members.

Their Strange Actions

After about an hour of the bus journey, their fellow passengers began to get very worried about the two sister’s actions. They seemed to slip into an uncontrollable rage – as if they had suddenly turned drunk…but they had not been drinking.

The driver could not help but notice this strange event and was left with no choice other than to kick them off – he had to protect his ‘sane’ passengers.

The girls ended up on the hard shoulder of a motorway – then they started walking the remainder of the journey (to London) along the middle of the busy motorway!


It wasn’t long before the cameras caught Ursula and Sabina’s mad motorway journey – the police turned up within minutes.

When the girls were first arrested, they seemed fine – both seemed to be able to hold a conversation with the police.

Without warning – Ursula decided to run back into the middle of the motorway, slamming right into the huge wheels of a passing truck, and bouncing off.

Ursula and Sabina's mad motorway journey

Sabina then followed suit – she dashed into the middle of the busy motorway but unfortunately a passing car hit her!

She got straight up from the tarmac and attacked the arresting police by scratching and hitting at them. Ursula tried to join in with this attack, but her legs had been too badly damaged by the collision with the truck.

An Early Release

Both sisters were eventually taken back to the local police station, and arrested.

The following day Sabina seemed to ‘come around’ a lot quicker then her sister. The police decided that she was now in a decent enough state of mind to be released.

This proved to be the wrong decision…

Within hours of Sabina’s release she had killed a man who was simply trying to help her – he was apparently in the process of offering her somewhere to stay when she waited for her sister’s release.

She then proceeded to throw herself off a 40 foot bridge in an apparent suicide attempt.

Somehow she survived the 40 foot fall.

She eventually ended up getting only 5 years in prison due to the fact that her lawyers had no problems in convincing a jury that she was completely mad.

The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

What was behind the twin sister’s actions over that 24 hour period – what caused them to act like possessed maniacs?

They were both tested for drugs and alcohol – nothing showed up in their system.

Demonic possession, temporary insanity or a complex mid control experiment – what do you think?

Please leave any thoughts you have on the subject in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “The Ursula and Sabina Eriksson Conspiracy

  1. I understand a “Borderline Personality Disorder” to be one who loses control and often cannot remember the rage they exhibited. But that is a somewhat intimate disorder between one who is “charged” by the BPD to care and love them. This isn’t schizophrenia either.

    This is not BPD, and can only be seen as a psychotic break. However, two people, twins or not, do not share exact DNA. A mental illness is not communicable. It may affect the other, but I don’t see a psychotic break in both simultaneously…just my opinion, and not professional at that.

    The question is, “What have the Olsen twins been doing since?”

    If there have been no other mental-psychotic breaks…could they have been exposed to an LSD or other psychotropic that doesn’t appear in blood tests? Could they have become unwitting victims of electromagnetic manipulation by error or worse?

    Ouija boards have been known to play a part in bizarre behavior, but again, what have they been up to?

    1. Hi Rob,

      We did release an article on the sisters more recent history on this website’s parent website…but unfortunately we were told the online research we did was not 100% solid (we were fed misinformation!).

      So we are planning to do another article on them, but we are trying to locate solid research first!

      P.S. I like the angle of a Ouija board – that never crossed my mind before when it came to this subject!!!!

  2. Perhaps you should read the book A Madness Shared by Two; the documentary is full of lies. The person who wrote this article should have at least mentioned the book, as it does confirm the conspiracy between the police, BBC and the hospital, and proved in the book.

    1. First thing first – don’t include a link to the book in the comment section (yes we removed it), it makes the whole comment look like an advert for the product in question. Secondly, we’ve encountered several books on this subject – but we wouldn’t mention ANY of them!


      Well they are all opinions, nothing more than what is already available online. We research, deem what we think is acceptable on the subject then post. This is one of the most successful paranormal websites online (along with it’s sister sites) and we didn’t get here by peddling other people’s opinions! 🙂

  3. There is several possibility the first that they are well professionally trained and they were keep living normal life and have normal jobs and families and integrate normally in society , then they could be called any time to do a mission for some intelligence of some country, it could be…
    second probability that they just confused and got in panic or chocked from the accident or Brain concussion it could enfilent the behaviour to madness or aggressiveness or if scared could change to defensive actions , this could happen to any person… but normally it doesn’t lead to crime and normally that psycho-logic status will finish just after the accident and in hospital she become very normal and calme but she commit the crime so there is a gap of timing
    means not chocked get crazy and commit crime
    her case is chocked get crazy come back calme and normal then commit crime

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