The Visions of Oakabella Homestead

The Visions of Oakabella Homestead

This article will be taking a look at the strange visions the current Oakabella Homestead owner had before she purchased her dream property…and the ghosts and spirits that still reside there…

Dreams Can Come True…

The current owner of the Oakabella Homestead had spent over forty years dreaming about a white house that sat in a hot and dusty area. These dreams were actually giving her a glimpse into the future – visions of a house she would own outside of Geraldton, Western Australia.

The decades of strange dreams took place when she was living in Canada, but in 1989, she decided to up roots and move on to Perth, Australia.

During the first few months of her new life in Perth, the dream became more vivid – much stronger and much more frequently.

Dreams Can Come True...

One day she decided to take a short road trip with one of her new Australian friends…and she was shocked to end up at the front door of the house she had been seeing in her dreams, for over four decades.

Oakabella Homestead History

The Homestead was first established by a James Drummond back in 1851…but it did not go down well with the local indigenous tribes.

The property ended up being built on one of their important religious sites –  and they were not going to sit back and let that happen, without a fight.

It wasn’t long before a full-on local war broke out between the natives and the pioneers. The indigenous population lost the fight, and also lost of large number of their tribesmen in the violence.

The Oakabella Homestead eventually went through several owners before William and Amy Jackson purchased the property in 1910. They opted to use the land for simple farming chores, and also bred horses for the British Army in India.

Oakabella Homestead History

History tells us that the Jackson family suffered from numerous child deaths over the decades, due to disease and freak accidents.

In 1973, George Jackson met an untimely end when he sat down to clean his gun…which went off accidentally, and killed him.

The property was eventually closed for refurbishment in 1995 and then opened again to the public in 1997, for tours. During the refurbishment, workers at the property found cat bones in the door and window frames.

These animal bones are apparently an old fashioned way of warding off demons and spirits.

The current owner of the Homestead has gone to great pains to keep the property as authentic as possible – numerous artifacts of 1800’s pioneering life are still on display there.

The Portal of Spirits

The Portal of Spirits

Many of the locals to the area believe that the Oakabella Homestead is a portal for the spirits – it is somewhere they can meet and appear to the living.

Numerous visitors have reported coming face to face with the ghostly figures of past owners, and children frequently claim to have met with the spirit of a little boy.

The current owners believe that the loudest, and most active spirit at the property, is that of George Jackson. They believe his ghost is behind the frequent banging sounds inside the Homestead’s walls.

The Yamaji people are the original owners of the Homestead’s land, and they point out that there were ancient spirits linked to the landscape, many centuries before the property was built. They also believe that these spirits have the power to influence your dreams…

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5 thoughts on “The Visions of Oakabella Homestead

  1. Hey there,
    Really a very interesting story. It’s true that some people get paranormal experiences, and so that experience is true for them.
    We might not believe them, but there are thousands of people around, who share such stories.
    I do believe that these stories and experiences are true.


  2. I just feel sorry for the current owner of the Oakabella Homestead for not actually living his dreams. But one question I may want to ask, “was he not told of the the spirits living on that homestead before he bought it?” It seems these spirits dated way back to the early 1900 when George Jackson bought the property, his family had a series of misfortune and that could have pointed out that this property is not a good one. These were dreams not come true. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed reading your article


    1. Hi Ngonidzashe,

      I would have thought he had heard rumours about the property, but probably thought they were stupid local legends etc, and went ahead with the purchase anyway! 

  3. Good afternoon Chris,

    I love unusual stories so I started reading your post about the Oakabella Homestead with interest.

    Children more often see ghosts and spirits as they are still “open” to these type of happenings, growing up they normally lose this faculty.

    The Aborigines of Australia are believed to have lived in the country for around 30.000 years and are considered the oldest civilization. They lived in harmony with nature and believed in a dreamworld. What happened so often in history when white men invaded new lands the indigenious people would suffer. 

    The current owner of Oakabella Homestead dreamt about this house many years before even moving to Australia. Something similar has happened to me too. I came to Spain in 1975 and moved to the Costa del Sol in 1976. Visiting family of my fiance in 1980 we went for a walk over their big property. We came upon a ruin and standing infront of the “mess” I said to Rabbe this is it. I had seen it in a dream long time ago. He sadly died but I stayed here and build it up over many years.

    I firmly believe in these “unusual” things.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi there Taetske,

      I would love to see this house – it seems as though it was put there for you and remained there until you found it! Lovely story. 

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