The Webdriver Torso YouTube Mystery

The Webdriver Torso YouTube Mystery


I first covered the Webdriver Torso YouTube videos in an article for the parent website to this site, about three years ago now.

It’s an extremely strange subject that I occasionally see popping up yet again on certain Mysteries or Conspiracies forums – I thought it was about time that I included the incident here on this site.

See what you think…

Webdriver Torso Explained

The confusing mystery of the Webdriver Torso videos started on the 23rd of September, 2013, shortly before 3pm, when a video (11 seconds long) was uploaded to YouTube.

The video displayed one red rectangle and one blue rectangle that moved around the screen in a random fashion, with no real purpose. Some sort of basic slideshow software was used to create the video, and there were 9 slides in total used.

There was a strange sine wave soundtrack running behind the video that was rather unpleasant to listen to.

A Few Hours Later…

Moving on a few hours, and another strange video turned up on YouTube.

This video was near enough identical to the first video…then another video appeared…and another…and another!

This strange frantic uploading continued for just under two whole years – leaving over 33,000 strange rectangle videos on the social platform.

There was no real pattern or rest cycle to this uploading – the videos appeared at all hours, night and day.

Webdriver Torso Explained


One of the videos uploaded to the tube contained three characters from a cartoon called Aqua Teen Hunger Force ( Frylock, Meatwad and Master Shake ). The characters were in a scene where they seemed to be failing at some sort of social quiz.

This unique video was not shown to the whole world – for some reason you could only get it in France and you needed a French credit card to pay for the access.

Another one of the videos included a light show near some sort of tower. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this light show was the New Years Eve celebrations around the Eiffel Tower. Yet another link to France.

This video also came with a message left in it’s comment section by the apparent channel owner. It read: “Matei is highly intelligent”.

The Webdriver Torso YouTube Mystery

The final video which seemed to stand out from the crowd was made up of rectangles with 80’s singer Rick Astley placed inside each one. Fans of the singer insist that all the images were taken from the video for the song Never Gonna Give You Up.

Rick Astley Webdriver

An Italian blogger known as Soggetto Ventuno decided to turn conspiracy theorist and started to look into the subject. After a few months he insisted that there were many other channels like this popping up on YouTube…but as soon as he discovered them they disappeared!

His investigation finally brought him to a man named Johannes Leitner who used to be an employee of Google. Apparently this Leitner dude used to work with a man named Matei Gruber – coincidence?

The truth of the matter is nobody really knows the reasoning behind these videos…and I doubt they ever will.

Many conspiracy theorists come forward with unique theories…but none of them stick in the end.

What are your thought on the Webdriver Torso YouTube mystery?

Please leave them in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “The Webdriver Torso YouTube Mystery

  1. Hi,

    Things like the webdriver torso youtube mystery are usually marketing gimmicks. They go viral because nobody understands it. I do not understand it either but I kept reading your post because I found it interesting. Remember you said one of them worked with google, they probably know what they are doing.

    Thanks for the information anyway.


    1. Well we don’t really know the guy from Google had anything to do with it – could well be a red herring mate. Read the article again and I’m sure you’ll pick up on it. The whole point is that nobody could really link anyone to the videos. 

  2. I am actually seeing this for the first time, and it does seem interesting yet strange. I feel the person or people behind the videos, could be testing people response to new things, it could a sort of social experiment. It could also be that the person behind it was testing new discoveries, technologies, or simply looking for societal attention.This whole thing is new to me, these are just my thoughts. Hope to really know the reasoning behind these videos.

    1. I’m leaning towards the social experiment myself Festus – what is clear is that the ‘randomness’ has some sort of point – some sort of reason. 

      Maybe linked to some high ticket product launch – I don’t know!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks again for another mystery.

    I do came across this a while ago and did some research. I came to know that its something like a test conducted by Youtube for video quality.

    A few references…

    Now it seems that the reality behind the Webdriver Torso mystery is more mundane – it is one of many tests channels used by YouTube to ensure video quality – BBC

    Webdriver Torso is a YouTube automated account, created by Google on 7 March 2013 that frequently posted videos showing simple slides accompanied by beeps in order to test the website’s performance – Wikipedia

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Much Success!


  4. I had not heard of this phenomenon before but having just checked out YouTube I see what you mean. The strange sound is indeed disconcerting but, aside from that, are they really so mysterious? Have you heard of numbers stations? Could this be some modern equivalent of that? That would be interesting… 

    1. It could be Rob yes, that’s a pretty good shout really! 

      Thanks for sharing it with us and taking the time to read the article, hope you enjoy the rest of the site! 🙂

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