The Westall High School UFO Incident

The Westall High School UFO Incident

This article will be covering the Westall high school UFO incident in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1966, when more than 200 students witnessed something strange in the skies above them…

The Westall UFO 1966

Mid-morning, on April the 6th, 1966, students of Westall Primary and Westall High School were busy at their work when the silence was broken by some sort of commotion outside the school buildings.

The students that were playing in the schoolyard were all looking up to the skies – tracking the progress of a strange flying object passing over the schools.

Westall UFO

The teachers noticed this disturbance, and one by one they joined the students out on the yard. Suddenly, the ‘craft’ descended behind a group of trees and seemed to land in an area known locally as ‘The Grange’.

The flying object was about the same size as a regular family car and it seemed to move silently – there was no sign of any engine noise. It was shaped like a saucer and it had a silver/blue/purple color to it’s body.

A young boy who’s parents owned some land in The Grange, was playing nearby and witnessed the saucer descend and touch down on the ground. He quickly went and got his father to the scene. The father examined the area where his son claimed the craft had landed, and found a circular pattern that had heat-damaged the grass somehow.

The Westall UFO 1966

Two girls from the nearby high school also managed to witness the saucer landing in The Grange. They apparently got within 6 meters of the strange object before feeling slightly ill. They returned to school and one of them starting vomiting violently – she was taken away by ambulance and was never seen again at the school.

The Westall UFO Incident

Many of the locals managed to witness the UFO taking off again. They claim that 5 military aircraft surrounded the saucer as it glided across the sky, circling it.

After the incident, the local military denied that these planes were present. The pilots never came forward and no official reports were penned by the army.

Within hours, the police and army officials had cordoned off the area in The Grange where the UFO had landed. They quickly got to work on the area and burned away the grass where the saucer had been seen landing.

The Westall UFO Incident

The two schools were obviously full of students that could not stop talking about the strange incident. The headmistress of the high school was taken aside by ‘men in suits’ and told she was not allowed to talk about what had happened to anybody. She was also told to address the students and make sure they kept their mouths shut!

The media did eventually manage to get hold of the story, and a TV news channel broadcast the story…but the footage has since gone missing. It simply vanished from the TV station’s archives and never returned…

Numerous explanations were put forward by the authorities – but nobody really bought them. First of all it was a weather balloon, then it was nylon target drogue…maybe it was a prototype aeroplane or a local military operation?

I doubt it…

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the Westall high school UFO incident, please leave them in the comment section below.

9 thoughts on “The Westall High School UFO Incident

  1. Five small aircraft – probably Cessnas – were reported by some witnesses flying near the UFO or UFOs, not a single witness reported ‘military’ aircraft. Moorabbin airport, a busy regional field less than six miles away from Westall, means that the air over Westall is fairly busy.

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Unfortunately three avenues of our research mentioned the military aircraft angle, so we have to mention it here. As with most subjects we cover – there are always several different views/conclusions/opinions! 🙂

  2. Well, since I have personally seen a UFO, I tend to agree with the experience of these students. I encountered a UFO, also in broad daylight, when I was 14 years old. A friend and I were walking on our farm road when this HUGE object cast a shadow on the ground causing us to look up. To our surprise there was this huge silver object over us just a bit over the height of the trees. It seemed to cover the entire sky! I don’t know what it was, but both my friend and I were knocked to the ground and within seconds, the huge thing was miles away over a neighboring farm, but still visible because of its size.

    I usually don’t tell people about it because I’m sure they would think me insane, but the fact remains. Why do you think there is such government coverup on these sightings? What ever happened to the girl who got sick from being near the UFO? Do any of the kids that saw it have anything new to say about it? This is all very interesting! I love your site!

    1. Wow that’s a pretty awesome encounter there Karin – thank you so much for sharing it with us! 

      I think the government(s) feel they need to cover things up because they don’t want to cause a mass worldwide panic…but I don’t believe there would be a panic…I think people would instead be quite excited about the prospect! 

      1. I agree! I think people would embrace the possibilities. We see all these sci-fi shows that depict aliens as these terrible beings out for our destruction, but I tend to believe they would be more like us—curious and friendly! (Well, not all of us!)

        Thanks for your site! I love it!

  3. I’m always very surprised to read about this stories. I really think that somewhere in space could exist other life’s forms but it’s really strange to me that we know just news about spaceships and never about living things. Maybe, in this era of smartphone and handy camera, we’ll know if there are real signs of other living being trying to approach Planet Earth and humans!

  4. If the reported sighting really occurred as mentioned, is it possible to silence the voice of over 200 students who witnessed the phenomenon?

    Plus what does the government stand to gain or lose by covering up such stories? For several decades now astronomers have been making several probes to find out if there are other forms of extraterrestrial life. Up until now, nothing has come up. Personally, I don’t believe in UFO or other civilizations apart from man.

    1. Well the government will cover it up because they can’t risk a mass panic mate…this mass panic would probably spread worldwide! 

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