The Worstead Church Ghost

The Worstead Church Ghost

This article will be covering the fascinating image of the Worstead church ghost (The White Lady), taken by the Berthelot family back in August, 1975…

The White Lady of Worstead Church

Our story starts way back in 1830, when a traveler who was staying in the Kings Head Tavern in Worstead, North Norfolk…heard about the local legend of the White Lady of Worstead Church.

He was told that the specter of the White Lady would materialize every Christmas Eve in front of it’s victims – apparently, anyone who saw her would die soon afterwards.

This traveler had enjoyed a few beers, and was in no mood for stupid paranormal stories…so he informed the locals that he would spend the night at the church and even kiss the White Lady…if she appeared (it just so happened to be Christmas Eve!).

The White Lady of Worstead Church

Anyway, he grabbed a few extra flagons of beer and entered the church – he said he would return within a few hours.

Several hours later – he had not returned…and the locals became uneasy about his welfare.

They entered the church and found him in terribly poor health, huddled in the corner, shaking. His last words were – “I’ve seen her, I’ve seen her”

The White Lady Photograph

Diane Berthelot, and her husband and son were in the middle of their short holiday around North Norfolk in 1975. It was the middle of summer and a particularly hot day.

Diane’s husband suggested visiting Worstead church for a while to get out of the sun – Diane had been ill the previous week and she was still not 100%.

As soon as they entered the church, Diane spotted the pews towards the front of the church. She sat down, offered a quick prayer and decided to rest for a while.

Her husband was in the process of snapping as many photographs of the church’s interior as possible, and decided to take a couple of Diane mid-prayer.

It was not until they got home after their holiday that they realized something mysterious had taken place…

The White Lady Photograph

As the family skipped through the holiday images they were shocked to find that a mysterious white figure was sitting behind Diane as she prayed in the church.

The female ghostly figure seemed to be wearing really old-fashioned clothing along with a bonnet…and a strange white light seemed to be illuminating her.

They didn’t go public with the photo – instead they held onto it for a whole year before returning to the church the following summer. Once there, they showed the image to the vicar.

He informed the family about the legend of the White Lady and told them she was a caring, healing soul – she was NOT the sinister entity that the 1830’s report portrayed.

Diane then told the vicar that the sickness she had been carrying for quite some time, had vanished after that first visit to the church.

The Worstead Church Ghost

The photo is now on display at The White Lady pub in Worstead – a location that is also said to be haunted by the White Lady.

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