Trerice Manor Cornwall – Paranormal Activity

Trerice Manor Cornwall - Paranormal Activity

Trerice Manor was built back in 1573 by Sir John Arundell and is located in a beautifully secluded valley in Cornwall.

The Arundell family took the side of the Royalists during the Civil War but their fortunes suffered a severe bashing due to the Cromwell regime.

The lack of money hit the powerful family hard and their estates began to suffer – thankfully they were all restored when the Monarchy returned in 1660.

Switched Occupancy

The time spent by the Arundells in Trerice Manor began to diminish throughout the 18th century and in the end occupancy switched to Acland family. This switch ended a 400 year occupancy by the Arundell family.

the Arundells in Trerice Manor

In 1915 the Acland family decided to leave the historic building after a mere 115 years of living there. Many historians believe that paranormal activity could have been the reasoning behind their sudden departure…

The Trerice Manor Hauntings

Lord Arundell was considered an incredibly ‘wicked man’ by many of the area’s locals at the time. He was thought to have secretly seduced a young mansion worker and got her pregnant by mistake.

When she confronted him about her ‘problem’ he merely laughed it off and told her he would have nothing to do with her or the child.

This cruel act resulted in her taking her own life but her sad spirit is thought to have remained within the historic building.

Her actual apparition has never been seen but witnesses claim they have felt a sudden and drastic drop in temperature along with the strong stench of lilac in the surrounding air.

She seems to have a passion for reading the ancient books in the building’s library and many paranormal investigators claim to have encountered her presence there. Over the years her spirit has become known as ‘The Grey Lady’.

The Trerice Manor Hauntings

The manor has also seen a great amount of paranormal activity revolving around a stable boy that was killed there many years ago.

He was apparently tragically killed when a group of horses bolted and trampled him to a gruesome death.

His ghost has been frequently reported in the courtyard and the stable areas of the Manor.

Perhaps it is the sheer terror of his final tragic moments that has left his spirit trapped within the outdoor grounds of the manor?

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the reported paranormal incidents at the Trerice Manor, please leave them in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “Trerice Manor Cornwall – Paranormal Activity

  1. Just getting goosebumps from reading this. I have never been much for reading paranormal stories, but for some reason, your writing just compelled me to read it.

    It’s interesting how spirits seem to just stay sometimes cause no harm, but people still seem afraid of them. I am one of those people myself.

  2. Wow that was interesting, i do believe in spirits being trapped at times or visiting in this realm we live in due to myself having epxerienced some weird things I cant explain. I don’t think i will be wanting to visit this cornwall manor haha but it would be a good visit for ghost hunters. Not going to lie i felt a bit scared even reading the article, it was a great read, thank you!

  3. I used to work there as a Tea Room Supervisor. I had many strange experiences there, some physical too. It’s a beautiful place but definitely haunted.

    1. Hi there Kim,

      Great to hear from a past employee there. Would you be able to maybe tell us more about some of these paranormal experiences here in the comment section? It would be great to hear more as it would help our article evolve (and our readers would enjoy hearing from an ex employee!). Anyway, only if you have the time! 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and say hello!

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