The Dark Side Of The Occult

The Dark Side Of The Occult – Documentary

Found this independent little documentary ‘beauty’ on the YouTube channel titled The Alex Jones Channel – never really heard of this channel before but it really does have some cool paranormal subjects covered, and over 2.2 million subscribers (which means it can’t be bad – right?).

Anyway, here’s the blurb description from underneath the video upload…

“Infowars reporter Millie Weaver takes us on a disturbing journey into occult circles exposing the well hidden secret behind ritual child sacrifice and gruesome bloodbaths. For centuries, elite members of society have performed black magic rituals in search of power, fame, and fortune as well as immortality to escape judgment.”

There’s also a link to website I think must be directly related to the video subjects they cover, so you may want to check it out –

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Occult Symbols

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The Dark Side Of The Occult

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