Abraham Lincoln Ghost Picture

We recently covered the subject of Abraham Lincoln’s ghost in a blog post located here ( you may fancy reading it before watching the video embedded above? ).

Anyway, back to the short video we have on offer today…

Abe Lincoln Ghost Picture

This is a pretty cool video mini-documentary I found on YouTube about a week back ( I was actually in the process of researching for the Lincoln blog post we published on this site! ).

It’s only 5:08 long and it’s not narrated…but it’s been put together quite well and the information it contains is spot on!

I was always fascinated by the Abraham Lincoln ghost picture as a youngster but of course…I had a lot to learn at that age. I knew nothing about an American spirit photographer named William H. Mumler who worked out of Boston and New York.

Mumler turned out to be the man behind the mysterious photograph and he seemed to be a dab hand at creating these ‘spirit pictures’.

The first picture he created was a self portrait of himself with his deceased cousin standing behind. Of course, the picture brought in a lot of publicity so it seems Mumler had a ‘light bulb moment’.

He packed up his work as a jeweler and took on the job of ‘spirit photographer’. He quickly went about making as much money as possible by taking advantage of the people who had lost loved ones in the Civil War…

The Abe Lincoln Ghost Photo

I chose the video above for this site as it sort of kills two birds with one stone ( so to speak! ). It covers the actual facts surrounding the Abraham Lincoln ghost picture and also touches on the more famous sightings of his ghost.

So if you have five minutes spare, sit back and enjoy! If you like what you see ( which I’m sure you will ) please consider showing the original uploader some love on YouTube ( a thumbs up or a quick comment goes a long way! ).