The Conjuring True Story

James Wan’s paranormal spectacular was an instant box office hit when it was released back in 2013 even though the marketing campaign was a little thread bare (by today’s standards of course!)

The film managed to use five simple words in it’s advertising that captured the interest of the general public and eclipsed every other blockbuster released that summer…

“Based on a true story”

It’s a familiar promise to horror fans, and it seems to work more often than not. But surely this was just another marketing gimmick right? This couldn’t possibly be true….

Enjoy the documentary.

8 thoughts on “The Conjuring True Story

  1. The paranormal is something that I tend to leave where it is, mainly because I am a scary ass. Now, I have seen the trailers for The Conjuring, but I left it where it was, with the mindset that here goes Hollywood again! Never giving any thought to it that it could actually be real. So yeah, I’m not getting involved with this! Tell me what happens after the fact. I’m just not with this paranormal stuff.

  2. Well, congratulations on being able to put true fear into my heart during broad daylight. Ghosts and demons are hands down the only thing I’m scared of, mostly because it’s the only situation in which I think would feel truly powerless. The conjuring was one of the few truly great horror films that truly spoke to something I actually fear, rather than using cheap “jump” moments that any film maker can use.

    1. Yeah it was a pretty cool film wasn’t it James – sorry for making you soil yourself in broad daylight! 🙂

  3. it is so true, as soon as somebody see’s true story, based on true story, it automatically makes any horror film that much more terrifying. what are your thoughts on the trailer for the conjuring 2? are you going to watch it? i really liked the video a little bit chilling

    1. I actually tried watching it last night online but it was a really dodgy copy – waiting for a clearer version to come out at the moment (it looks good!)

  4. I think I’m just too logical in the way I look at things, I mean I guess they can say this is based on a true story seeing that the family probably did exists.
    But after that, well we all have our paranormal experiences, and I guess if you can make money telling a story, well go for it.
    To me, I find these to be more funny than scary and have no desire to watch the whole thing, of course, this is just how I fill about this kind of thing.

    1. LOL well fair enough Kim – what are you doing here then? 🙂

      Wouldn’t have thought that this site was ‘up your street’ if you get my meaning!

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