The Ghost Who Haunted Al Capone

The Ghost Who Haunted Al Capone


UPDATE OCT. 2019: Sorry but this video’s lifespan on YouTube has come to an end. We are in the process of finding a replacement video on the same subject!


Absolutely LOVE this documentary even though it has a rather short run time of 14:20 mins. It’s yet another awesome example of the cool indie offerings you can find on YouTube – an absolute goldmine at times!

It was uploaded to ‘the tube’ by a rather interesting user/channel named BackToConstitution. Here is the blurb they have included in the video…

“Gangsters of the 1920’s are not much different than the gangsters of today.
Police showed up at 2122 N. Clark Street on Valentine’s Day, 1929 and a few minutes later, 7 men had been killed.
Nobody was arrested, but Al Capone, the one who allegedly ordered the hit, was haunted by ghosts for the rest of his life!
James Clark, brother-in-law to George ‘Bugs’ Moran, long time enemy of Al Capone, was murdered on that day, but he hung around to torment Al Capone for many years.
Others saw the ghost and this story tells about it.”

It’s pretty obvious by now that I’m a bit of a geek – science fiction, horror, paranormal, cryptozoology…the list goes on and on!

But I also have a soft spot for gangsters (not that I agree with their actions etc.) and this story/report really caught my attention.

So you’ve got Al Capone and the paranormal mixed into one – gotta be a recipe for a cool watch right?

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Enjoy the documentary 🙂