The Scole Experiment – Proof of Life After Death?


Video updated to THE AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS: The Scole Experiments – FEATURE on 15/10/19

Found this little beauty on YouTube last week but unfortunately the uploader EPIC Investigates Paranormal has admitted that he/she doesn’t hold the copyright on it. Regulars to this site will know this problem well – the documentary could be taken down at any point if there are any problems with it featuring on YouTube!

Anyway, it’s excellent, so fingers crossed it gets through the border and has a long life on YouTube AND more importantly – this site! 🙂

The Scole Experiment

Easily one of the most convincing and exciting long-term demonstrations of psychic phenomena to ever have taken place – The Scole Experiment.

Taking place in the late 1990’s, these fascinating experiments are frequently acknowledged to be one of the strongest proofs of existence of the afterlife which exists.

The ‘experimenters’ were made up of psychic researchers Sandra and Robin Foy and two mediums – Diana and Allen Bennett (a pair of husband and wife teams!).

In February 1995 the team joined up forces with members of the Society for Psychical Research so that their séances could be monitored by a neutral party.

The excellent documentary covers their attempts to create a direct line of communication between the living and the dead.

The Scole Experiment – Proof of Life After Death?

As I touched on above – this documentary could be taken down by the ‘YouTube Police’ at any time…so watch it as soon as you can!

It will actually have more chance of staying up online if the uploader (EPIC Investigates Paranormal) and his channel receives a decent amount of social exposure etc.

So, with that in mind – please take the time to visit the actual video on YouTube and Like, Comment or even Subscribe to their channel!

After all, without them taking the chance to upload the documentary – we would never have got the chance to showcase it here!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.