What Happens When You Enter The Bermuda Triangle?

What Happens When You Enter The Bermuda Triangle?

This article will be covering the infamous area off the coast of Florida, which has ‘devoured’ numerous aircraft, sea vessels and their crew…

What happens when you enter the Bermuda Triangle?

Let’s take a closer look at the paranormal location known as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’….

The Triangle

The first person to coin the phrase ‘Bermuda Triangle’, was an author by the name of Vincent Gaddis, in 1964.

He published an article in an issue of a Pulp magazine that covered a well known area of the Atlantic Ocean that was infamous for ‘erasing’ numerous aircraft and ships.

The title of this now famous article was The Deadly Bermuda Triangle.

This article pushed the Devil’s Triangle into the public’s eye, and it immediately became popular due to it’s reputed mysterious vanishings and stories of supernatural elements.

mysteries bermuda triangle

The legend of the Bermuda Triangle actually stretches back as far as 1492, when Christopher Columbus sailed through the area.

The famous discoverer actually included the triangle area/location in his notes, claiming that his crew kept on seeing strange lights in the sky, and his boat’s equipment started to malfunction.

The Torpedo Bombers

One of the most famous incidents linked to the area involved five torpedo bombers who were on a routine training mission on the 5th of December, 1945.

They were leaving Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to head towards Barbados and back – it was a training mission that would qualify the pilots to fly over water.

The planes never returned to base.

Later investigations showed that transmissions between the pilots and their base suggested that the plane’s compasses were going haywire.

inside the bermuda triangle

They insisted that they were not that far away from Florida…radio contact was lost soon after.

A rescue boat was dispatched to find their wrecked remains, but that boat also disappeared with 13 crew members, 27 minutes later.

A UFO Hotspot?

Over the years there have been numerous public reports of UFO’s in the Bermuda Triangle area – some of these UFO’s have even been spotted under the surface of the water!

Funnily enough, there is actually a restricted naval facility on an island near the triangle – it is apparently called the AUTEC base.

secrets of the bermuda triangle

Research tells us that AUTEC stands for Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center.

Many ufologists firmly believe that AUTEC is the maritime version of Area 51 – a oceanic version of the secret base that is said to house UFO technology.

The Atlantis Connection

A very famous psychic named Edgar Cayce believed that the legend of Atlantis was based on truth…and that the fabled city actually sits beneath the waves of the Bermuda Triangle.

This theory was recently modernized, and many paranormal experts now believe that the crystals that were said to power Atlantis, are the force that is behind the mysterious Triangle disappearances.

Over the last couple of decades, there have also been a few ‘images’ floating around the information superhighway. These images are supposed to show pyramid structures picked up on sonar, in the depths of the Triangle.

Another popular Triangle ‘theory’ is that a massive rouge wave appears from time to time – wiping out all in it’s path. These waves are thought to be accompanied by freak lightening streaks in the sky above – bringing down aircraft.

Certain psychics who have traveled through the area have brought up another interesting theory…

They believe that the spirits of dead African slaves are rising from the deep to exact revenge for their execution – being thrown overboard.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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12 thoughts on “What Happens When You Enter The Bermuda Triangle?

  1. Its stories like this that truly amaze me.  Thank you for taking the time to write the article that you have.  I believe there are things out there that are completely out of this world.  There are things that we are better off not knowing.  This is one of those things.  Thus the reason stuff like this is so intriguing.

  2. I love reading about this subject – there have been so many different theories and explanations over the years, it’s hard to keep up sometimes! This article is one of the best recent pieces I’ve read, and I love the work you have up here on your site!

    Thanks for yet another informative and interesting post!

    Israel Olatunji

  3. This is very interesting: to discuss the topic of the Bermuda Triangle. 

    As a realist, I am ready to admit natural explanations. 

    Several hypotheses have been suggested that explain the sudden death of ships and aircraft by gas emissions – for example, as a result of the breakdown of methane hydrate on the seabed. 

    It has been suggested that the cause of the death of some ships, including those in the Bermuda Triangle, may be the so-called. wandering waves, which are believed to be able to reach a height of 30 meters.     

    It is assumed that under certain conditions, infra sound may be generated at sea, which affects crew members, causing panic and hallucinations, as a result of which they leave the ship.

    My thanks to the author. He did a great deal of serious work, having undertaken to outline this problem. Mark

  4. Interesting read! I am fond of stories like this. 

    It is quite ashame that no one really can tell what exactly it is, like a real person who (somehow) survived Bermuda Triangle. And can share his or her own experience to us.

    Although, there’s a post/article that I read recently, saying that, there are British scientists who claimed to have solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. According to them, “rogue waves” are reason behind the disappearring of aircrafts and ships. Hmm…

    But you know what? Whether it’s true or not. I strongly believe that there are mysterious things happening around us, that we humans won’t be able to explain.

    I enjoy reading your article and I think I’m gonna come back for more!

    1. Hi Mina,

      Yeah I recently read another article involving the rogue waves theory – a very interesting angle, and a topic we may cover in an article here in the future! 

  5. Love your article! Very interesting! I was always curious about Bermuda triangle. It’s one of the biggest mysteries ever! I’ve seen several shows about Bermuda triangles that featured UFOs and possible time warps. The few things i didn’t know the theory about slaves thrown over board and coming back to get the revenge and AUTEC base.  I wish it was more to read:))

  6. Hey, I really enjoyed the article. The Bermuda Triangle has always fascinated me as any other remotely or seemingly supernatural occurrence, thing or event that happens here on Earth and beyond it.

    To be completely honest, I hadn’t heard these various theories you listed on why it actually happens. I’ve come across some related to magnetic fields and tectonic plates, but haven’t really examined the facts too much to see, if their actually any good and could be deemed as somewhat founded.

    Don’t planes take routes specifically around Bermuda Triangle? I think I had heard of this long ago, but I’m not completely sure. It would make sense though as I feel we really still don’t know why the ‘erasing’ of aircraft and ships happen.

    Nonetheless, thank you for the awesome article, I appreciate all the insights shared! 🙂

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    1. That’s a good question Matiss – one would have thought that most airlines would give this area a wide birth? I’ll have to look into that one! 

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