Where Are Vampires Found?

Where Are Vampires Found?

It’s a good question really – where are vampires found in this day and age?


The Kamien Pomorski Vampire Grave

Vampires haven’t exactly had a good time of things over the last decade or so – they were once pretty cool, full of Gothic romance…but Hollywood has really pissed all over that sentiment!

When you think about the great vampire films and legends over the years…you wonder why we ended up with complete gash like Twilight.

So enter Kamien Pomorski – from the northwestern area of Poland.

Kamien Pomorski
Kamien Pomorski

A couple of years ago a report surfaced covering a possible vampire grave in this area (a market located there) and the YouTube videos went up faster than a bush fire!

This marketplace has an ancient church placed on it’s outskirts, along with a cemetery that was in full use from the 13th to the 17th century.

The corpse that was uncovered there shows us how the polish used to handle the people they thought were vampires…

It has had certain teeth removed and then rammed into it’s skull – apparently this is a technique to stop them from rising from the dead, and feeding!

It has also had a stone fitted into the roof of it’s mouth.

They have also opted to use the traditional stake on this vampire…but not through the heart, like on most Hammer Horror films! No, this stake has been driven through the victims leg and into the ground – another way of making sure the body stays put.

Vampire Body


Why were so many Europeans scared of vampires back then?

Well, the bones of this corpse indicate that it’s probably from somewhere in the 16th century.

Experts think that the Black Death may have had something to do with the ‘vampire paranoia’ felt at the time.

Certain old reports claim that when bodies were exhumed during the Black Death period they were often found in really strange positions, with blood dripping out of their mouths.

Of course, these days we know a little more in regards to medical science, and something as horrible as the Black Death could well have caused this bloody mouth.

But back then…there was only one answer for this strange occurrence – vampires!

It’s safe to say that Vampirism became the whipping boy of the times – if a new disease came on the block, it had to come from our blood-sucking friends!

Now it’s over to you – what are your thoughts on this strange vampire grave discovered in Poland?

Do you think this poor soul was wrongly accused?

Or do you think that this is proof that vampires used to walk among us?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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