Hi there!

My name is Chris and I currently own and run several ‘geek’ websites that center around the unexplained. I started off my career online as a marketer many years ago but I began to get real bored with things after a couple of years.


You see, I was running websites that covered products and topics that I had no real interest in…other than the money!

Money is great – don’t get me wrong! But writing about topics you have no interest in can bore the living s##t outta you!

So I took all my internet marketing skills and ran…straight into the geek sector!

It’s one of the few topics I can read and write about all day – UFO’s, the paranormal, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, horror, Science Fiction…you name it, I love it!

This is the first site I have set up that concentrates all it’s energies on the paranormal and as you can imagine – I have a huge backlog to share with you!

I can’t wait to get started…

The truth is out there! ( cue the X-Files theme tune! )