What is The Shroud of Turin?

What is The Shroud of Turin?


In this article we will be taking a look at the length of linen that for centuries was purported to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ – What is The Shroud of Turin, and was it really used to wrap the body of Jesus?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Holy Shroud

The Holy Shroud (or Santa Sindone as it’s known in Italy) has been held since 1578 in Turin’s royal chapel of the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista. It is 4.3 metres long and 1.1 metres wide.

The strange, haunting cloth seems to show a pair of faint images of the back and front of a man. This man has a very gaunt look to his facial appearance and is thought to have been about 5 foot 7 inches tall.

The material and these images give the appearance that a body had been laid lengthwise along one half of it, then the other half had been folded over so that it covered the front of the man’s body.

What’s really fascinating about the images is that they seem to show the same injuries that Christ would have had, when you consider the crucifixion – thorn marks on the head, lacerations (as if from flogging) on the back, and blood stains all over the shroud.

The Holy Shroud


Geoffroi de Charnay

The Holy Shroud first popped up in historic records when the famous knight, Geoffroi de Charnay, was spotted with it in his possession. From here it is then recorded as going on exhibition in 1389…but the local bishop of Troyes branded it a joke and a fake.

However, popes from Julius II onward have all taken it’s authenticity for granted.

In 1453 Geoffroi de Charnay’s granddaughter, Marguerite, handed the Holy relic over to the house of Savoy at Chambéry. It stayed here until it was unfortunately damaged by fire, then water in 1532.

The shroud was then taken to the new Savoyard capital of Turin in 1578, where it has been exhibited on rare occasions since. A replica usually takes it place for public viewing.

Geoffroi de Charnay



So, is it authentic or not?

Was this the cloth that Jesus’s body was wrapped in?

Very hard question to answer…

In the 1970’s, tests began to find out whether or not the images were the result of paints or other pigments, even fire or scorch marks. All the results came back inconclusive.

In 1988 the Vatican provided three laboratories in different countries with tiny samples of the shroud, so that they could carry out carbon-14 dating. All three labs concluded that the shroud was dated from between 1260 and 1390. Certain experts now believe that these tests were false, and their methods used were wrong.

The Vatican still recommends that Christians continue to worship the shroud as a holy relic.

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The Arne Cheyenne Johnson Story

The Arne Cheyenne Johnson Story

In this article we will be covering the Arne Cheyenne Johnson story, or case, from the early days of 1981. Was this young man possessed and did his ‘demon’ force him to kill his landlord?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Beginning

So let’s start at the beginning…

On July 3rd of 1980, eleven-year-old David Glatzel woke up screaming about a strange man with big black eyes, a thin face with animal features and jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns and hoofs. This rather worrying character had told David to “Beware” in his dream.

The Beginning

David was a pretty good kid, but this dream seemed to change his life. His sister, Debbie, asked her fiance to stay in their home for a bit, to see if he could help break David out of this terrified trance he seemed to be stuck in.

Debbie’s Fiance was named Arne…

But things went from bad to worse for David, and before long he was waking up with strange scratches to his body after every nightmare he had. Worryingly – David began to see the ‘beast man’ when he was awake.

The ‘man’ was described by David as an old man with a white beard, dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans.


The Church

Before long the Glatzel family began to hear strange noises in their attic, and David’s behaviour went from bad to worse. They felt they had no other option than to contact their local church.

A priest eventually came out and blessed the home…but this only seemed to make the ‘beast man’ angrier. David’s terrifying visions became worse and he even started to quote passages from Paradise Lost.

The priest returned to the home and decided enough was enough – he reached out to a kindly couple who had helped out in the past – Ed and Lorraine Warren.


The Warrens

The Warrens took the short trip from Monroe to Brookfield and met up with David. Ed interviewed the young boy whilst his wife noticed a strange dark mist rise from him as he talked. She was then aware that they were dealing with an extremely negative force.

The Warrens

The kid was possessed – The Warrens, along with four priests, went through three exorcism sessions to free David from the hold of 43 demons.

Unfortunately, during one of these exorcisms, Arne Cheyenne Johnson started taunting the demons within David. He told them that they were weak and they should try entering him instead.

Pretty fucking stupid mistake really…

The Warrens took note of this and told the local police to keep an eye on Johnson – they knew he had gone a step too far!



By November 1980, Arne’s personality had near enough completely changed. Debbie constantly told relatives that he would start growling in trances and even complained about seeing the ‘beast man’ himself.

Then came February 16th, 1981…

Arne called in sick to work as it was President’s Day and he wanted to spend it at a local kennel with Debbie and a few relatives. Arne’s landlord, Alan Bono, turned up and decided to take the group out for a lunch.

Alcohol was consumed, and an argument broke out between Arne and his landlord. Without warning, Arne pulled out a knife and stabbed Alan Bono in the stomach, pulling the knife up and creating an incision reaching Alan’s heart.

He then pulled the knife out and continued stabbing his landlord several times.



At court, Martin Minnella, Arne’s lawyer, liked the angle that Debbie had told him about the possession. He had read up on a handful of possession cases that had taken place in England, and he believed that it could work as a defence for his client.

It didn’t work, and the jury found Arne Johnson guilty of first-degree manslaughter, giving Johnson a 10-20 year sentence, though he only served five.

Oddly, Debbie waited the whole five years for Arne to be released, and they remain married to this day.

What are your opinions on this subject – was Arne a cold killer…or was he actually possessed when he killed Alan Bono?

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The Exorcist Movie Curse

The Exorcist Movie Curse

In this article we will be taking a look at The Exorcist movie curse that was thought to have followed the William Friedkin horror blockbuster from 1974. Is there any truth behind this Hollywood curse?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Classic Horror Movie

When this blockbuster was released in the 70’s – it was dubbed as  ‘the scariest movie of all time’. In my opinion, it still looks better and packs more of a punch than more recent, modern horror hits.

I can still remember one of my relatives telling me about the time she first went to see the movie when it hit the cinemas in Bristol in the 70’s. At the time she and her partner were curious of the ambulances parked outside the cinema, and the medical workers on standby next to them.

They were surprised to discover that these medical services were actually there to support the movie’s audience…as they left the cinema in horror and panic!

Seriously – that actually happened outside numerous cinemas in the UK at the time.

The Classic Horror Movie


A Cursed Movie?

Okay, onto the so-called curse…

Well this whole topic arrived on the scene when Ellen Burstyn (she plays the mother in the movie!) started telling media outlets that “there was an enormous amount of deaths connected with the film”. In later interviews she then went on to say she believed that there were a total of nine deaths linked directly to the whole project.

The most famous of these deaths was that of Jack MacGowren – the guy who played Burke Dennings in the movie. Unfortunately he died before the movie even managed to get released. Ironically, his character in the film also dies.

It is also thought that another two ‘background actors’ died shortly after the movie project was finished. On top of this – several crew members met an untimely end!

Burstyn also claims that she nearly died on set of the movie during filming, during a freak accident involving a stunt (when Regan throws her mother across the bed using a demonic/paranormal force).

This incident actually caused Burstyn to have a nasty injury to her back, and the scream you hear in the movie is actually the real scream she let out during the fall!

Actor Jason Miller (Father Karras) and the book’s author, William Peter Blatty, were both present on the film’s set to witness some paranormal activity. Apparently the telephone used to communicate between the set and the production house rose into the air and fell to the floor right in front of them.

Many other members of the crew also reported props floating across the room on several other occasions.

A Cursed Movie?


The Exorcist Movie Curse

Things got so bad on the set of the film that it actually got to the point where a religious technical adviser named Thomas Bermingham was hounded by crew members, desperately begging him to exorcise the set. He declined, saying that an exorcism would push these crew members cleanly over the edge.

A few days later large parts of the set actually burned to the ground…and Bermingham changed his mind and did indeed bless the set.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

Do you feel that the movie had some sort of demonic curse linked to it?

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

The Ingo Swann Predictions

The Ingo Swann Predictions

In this article we will be taking a look at the Ingo Swann predictions, that were put together for the US government in the early 1970’s. The late Swann was at one time considered to be one of the US government’s foremost remote viewers – a specialised paranormal psychic who used extra-sensory perception to aid the officials in spying missions on the Russians.


A Man Called Axelrod

Back in 1975, Swann claimed that he was contacted by a mysterious figure who informed him that he would be receiving a phone call off a man known only as ‘Axelrod’. The man who was passing on this information claimed to be a highly-placed figure in Washington, D.C.

Swann took the tip-off seriously, and waited for the call…but a month later nothing had happened!

He was just about to give up on the informant’s advice when the call finally came through. He was asked to make a rendezvous in a mere matter of hours at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian.

Most people would have been slightly disturbed by this last minute arrangement, but it didn’t seem to bother Swann. He went to the arranged location and met with a man who looked very much like a marine.

After formalities were exchanged, Swann was taken by car to a second location where a helicopter was waiting to take him to an unknown destination.

He was then blindfolded then the helicopter took a thirty minute flight before landing. Swann was then bundled off the aircraft and into a elevator – the blindfold remained on.

The elevator seemed to take an age to eventually stop, but once it did, Swann’s blindfold was removed. He was then confronted by a man who claimed that he was the real ‘Axelrod’.

ingo swann remote viewing training


What Did Axelrod Want?

Axelrod wasted no time coming to the point of the meeting: to find out the nature of remote-viewing.

He was looking to use Swann’s psychic powers in exchange for a large amount of money. In particular – he was interested in Swann remote viewing the moon.

Swann readily agreed to this task, as he was fully aware that many governments were interested in structures on the moon…he was also interested in the subject himself.

The remote viewing sessions were a huge success, and Swann was amazed by what he saw on the moon’s surface – spectacular imagery of what appeared to be a huge tower similar in size and structure to the Secretariat Building at the United Nations.

Axelrod then informed Swann that the moon-building was not man-made – it had been built by extraterrestrials.

ingo swann remote viewing moon


The Ingo Swann Predictions

Over the next few weeks Swann discovered many more ‘moon buildings’ in his remote viewing sessions. He described huge dome structures and strange alien machinery which seemed to be linked to some sort of mining operation. There were also a great deal of statue-like structures which were shaped like a cross.

In one session Swann described seeing many human-like people burrowing into the side of a moon-mountain…but for some reason these beings were all naked!

Axelrod decided to call off the operation because he was worried these moon-based entities might be aware that they were being spied on via astral-travel. He even told Swann that these beings could make a ‘personal call’ to his own residence.

Before they finally parted ways, Axelrod asked Swann if he knew about a man named George Leonard. Swann informed him that he had never heard of the name.

It eventually turned out that Axelrod was considering Swann to seek out the mysteries of the moon while Leonard, an author, was hard at work on a manuscript titled Somebody Else is on the Moon, which was finally published in 1977, focusing on the very issues about which Axelrod was so deeply troubled.

What are your thoughts on this strange incident – do you feel Ingo Swann told the truth about what really happened?

Was he observing a secret human facility on the moon…or was he witnessing alien beings at work?

How did George Leonard know so much about the subject?

So many questions – and no real answers!

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Devil’s Footprints

The Devil’s Footprints


This article will be covering the strange and creepy case of the Devil’s Footprints in 1855. Did a demonic creature leave strange tracks in the snow around the Exe Estuary in Devon, England?

Let’s take a closer look…


Extreme Temperatures

On the 8th of February, 1855, in Devon, England, the weather was taking a bit of a turn for the worse. Heavy snow had fallen all around the area and the extreme temperatures were not giving it any chance to melt. Historical reports from the time show that temperatures remained around freezing from January until March.

On that cold February night, strange hoof marks appeared in the crisp snow all over the South and East Devon area. In all, it was reported that the strange footprints had appeared in 30 locations.

When measured, each of these eerie footprints measured in at four inches long, three inches across, and between eight and sixteen inches apart. Every track also seemed to be travelling in a single file formation.

In all, the footprints are thought to have covered over 100 miles of distance. Whatever had left them had no problems with whatever ‘it’ encountered in it’s path – the tracks seemed to travel over house roofs and across frozen lakes and bodies of water.


strange hoof marks appeared in the crisp snow


The Devil Pays a Visit

As soon as the local press picked up on the story, they started referring to the tracks as ‘devil’s footprints’, and in some cases ‘tracks of Satan’. They had picked up on the various reports from locals and taken note that the tracks looked like they were made by a cloven hoof animal.

Historic reports also indicate that the locals to the area took these tracks VERY seriously. In some areas it took months for them to gather the courage to go out after nightfall. They firmly believed that something demonic had left these footprints.


The Devil’s Footprints – Theories

A well known historian from Wales named Mike Dash has spent a number of years looking into this case, and he firmly believes that the prints came from a number of sources – not just one. He concludes that one hoax simply led to another…then the whole thing kind of snowballed.

He also stated that he thinks a large majority of the tracks were made by donkeys making their way through the snow. He also admits that some of the reported tracks still leave him stumped – he has no idea what made them.

Another researcher, author Geoffrey Household, believes that the tracks could well have been left by a experimental balloon released from the Devonport Dockyard. He thinks that two chains were dangling from the balloon as it travelled, leaving hoof-like prints in the snow.

Another popular theory is that local hungry badgers made the tracks – they were out desperately searching for food on the frozen ground.

So – the footprints of something demonic…or nothing more than local wildlife or an escaped weather balloon?

What’a your opinion on the subject of the Devil’s Footprints?

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Luther McCarty – A Light From Heaven

Luther McCarty - A Light From Heaven

I first wrote about this subject about a year ago and after publishing the article (on the parent site to this website) I received a ton of comments and personal messages from people claiming they had ‘additional’ or ‘differing’ information on the subject.

Most of these messages were from pure-blood sceptics or amateur paranormal investigators, one was even from a host of a relatively unsuccessful ‘ghostly’ podcast.

So it’s safe to say that the subject of Luther McCarty kicks up a storm whenever an article is published about it online.

Here we go again…


The Boxer

The 6 foot 4 inch Luther McCarty was a talented young boxer, and actually ended up making his full professional debut at the tender age of 18. This debut fight took place on the 7th of January, 1911, and his opponent was a guy named Watt Adams.

Luther managed to demolish him within two rounds.

Over the next twelve months he skyrocketed to stardom as he smashed through every fighter put in front of him. The public began to pin the nickname of ‘Lute’ on him.

The Boxer

Such was the dominance of Lute, that a championship bout was arranged for New Year’s Day 1913. This big time main event was to be against a fighter named Al Palzer – the White World Heavyweight Champion.

Palzer was absolutely smashed during the fight, but managed to get out of it with a TKO. He handed over his belt to Lute.

The boxing community went wild with this win, and promoters started to battle to set up a legendary fight between Lute and Jack Johnson. This fight never took place…

Arthur Pelkey

Before his big fight with Johnson, Lute took part in a sort of ‘warm up match’ against a fighter named Arthur Pelkey. This fight should have been fairly routine for a boxer of Lute’s quality.

In the very first round of the fight, Lute took a rather feeble punch to the heart area, and collapsed instantly. He lay motionless on the floor as the referee counted him out.

The referee, Ed Smith, started to panic – something was not quite right here!

Medical professionals jumped into the ring and tried their best to revive the famous fighter, but it was no use – after 8 minutes Lute was pronounced dead.

The Boxer


The Luther McCarty Light

As Lute lay on the boxing ring canvas, being counted out, the 6000-strong crowd all witnessed an amazing paranormal light beam down on the stricken boxer’s body. The light seemed to hit him as the referee started the count, then disappear as soon as the count was over. The shaft of light seemed to be the perfect size to cover only Lute’s body.

There is only one photo image of this strange light, and it has been debated ever since by thousands of sceptics (don’t I know it!!!!). Most of these ‘people’ believe the photo to have been somehow faked…but I’m under the impression that Photoshop didn’t exist back in the early 1900’s?

Remember – just over 6000 people at that fight also witnessed this heavenly light…

The Luther McCarty Light

A coroner’s report later determined that the cause of Lute’s death was probably linked to a horse riding accident he had suffered just days before the fight took place.

So what was this strange light?

Was it an ethereal sign from a higher power, calling Lute home?

Was it nothing more than a trick of the light?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


The Zigmund Adamski Extraterrestrial Incident

The Zigmund Adamski Extraterrestrial Incident

In this article we will be covering the bizarre UFO case of Zigmund Adamski – was he really the victim of murderous extraterrestrial visitors, and if so, why would they choose to kill a human and leave his body for all the world to see?

Let’s take a closer look…


The Body of Zigmund Adamski

On the 16th of June, 1980, on the Ilkley Moor near Todmorden, a grizzly scene emerged when a 56-year old coal miner named Zigmund Adamski was found dead. His body was discovered spread over the top of a mound of coal – about 20 miles away from where he lived in Tingley.

Adamski had been missing for five days – he had only popped out to grab some potatoes from the local supermarket, and had not been seen since.

Officials discovered a strange collection of burn marks to his head, neck and shoulders. These strange marks had also been covered in some kind of ointment, but experts had no luck in figuring out what this material/cream was.

He was wearing his trousers and jacket, but for some reason his shirt was missing. To police, it appeared that he had been undressed, then dressed again in haste, as his trousers and shoes were not fastened properly and his coat was buttoned the wrong way.

His face only showed about 24 hours worth of beard growth, but he had been missing for a full five days.

His body also managed to have no coal specks on it, even though he was lying on top of a big pile of the substance. Some officials believe that he was somehow lowered down onto the peak of the coal pile.

The initial examination came to the conclusion that Adamski had probably died from a heart attack, but a policeman (PC Alan Goddard) who first saw the body pointed out that his lifeless face was frozen in complete fear. The coroner actually agreed with this statement and admitted that the dead man must have “known great fear or pain”.

The Body of Zigmund Adamski


UFO Activity

One of the policemen who discovered Adamski’s body (the same PC Alan Goddard) came forward six months later and claimed that he had experienced some sort of UFO activity on the 28th of November, 1980.

He stated that he was driving around a Todmorden council housing estate at just after 5 am, and suddenly he spotted a large bright bus in the distance coming towards him. As the bus approached he realised that what he thought was a bus, was floating a few feet off the ground, and it had some sort of ‘spinning mechanism’ underneath it.

The policeman stopped his car and tried his best to radio the incident in, but neither his car radio nor his walkie-talkie would work. He kept quiet on the subject until he had a conversation with a group of policemen in nearby Halifax, who had also had an encounter with this strange ‘bus’.

A group of UFO researchers looked into Goddard’s case and discovered he was actually missing about 15 minutes of time. They urged him to go under hypnosis to try and recover the lost moments…and he agreed.



The hypnosis was able to recall that the policeman actually passed out when the ‘bus’ got near him, and he woke up on a table with a six-foot figure dressed in black and white in the room with him.

Journalist John Sheard, who witnessed the video of the hypnosis session, relayed PC Goddard’s words to the reader in an edition of the Sunday Mirror (27th September 1981):


They’re horrible…..small…three to four feet, like five year old lads! There are eight of them. He’s touching me…..He’s feeling at my clothes. They have hands and heads like a lamp. They keep touching me…….they are making noises……Joseph, I know him as Joseph. He has told me not to be frightened.

They are robots! They’re not human! They’re robots! They’re his! They are Joseph’s robots! There’s a bloody dog…..it’s horrible! The size of an Alsatian!”


Could it be that Zigmund Adamski and PC Alan Goddard went through the same experience…but Adamski’s age and poor heart could not stand the terror of the incident?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

The Heibai Wuchang

The Heibai Wuchang


In this article we will be taking a look at the Heibai Wuchang – the Chinese Grim Reapers that seem to predate most of the oldest Chinese dynasties. The ‘Black Guard’ and the ‘White Guard’ are said to reside in the underworld, and appear to the recently deceased to guide them on to the next realm…


The Legend Behind The Heibai Wuchang

Many centuries ago in ancient China, two constables named Xie Bi An and Fan Wu Jiu were given the job of escorting a tricky prisoner between cities. Unfortunately, halfway through their journey their lack of concentration led to the prisoner escaping into the vast Chinese wilderness.

In ancient China, the wilderness was known to house all kinds of strange animals, and even a few supernatural beings, and the prisoner had managed to escape at night!

But Xie Bi An and Fan Wu Jiu knew they had screwed up their task, and decided to split up and search for the prisoner in the dangerous forest area.

The two constables spent hours looking, but neither of them could find any footprints left by the missing prisoner. Xie Bi An decided it was best to head back to the bridge where the two men had agreed to meet after their search was over.

As he waited under the bridge, the weather got worse and worse, and without warning mudslides and flooding followed.

Fan Wu Jiu was nearby, and managed to fight his way through the bad weather and on to the top of the bridge. As he peered over the edge he was horrified to see Xie Bi An’s lifeless body floating downriver – the poor man had been pinned against the underside of the bridge by the high water, and drowned.

Devastated and knowing he had failed the task and his friend, Fan Wu Jiu hung himself right at the edge of the bridge where he was standing.

One of China’s supreme gods, The Jade Emperor, saw the whole incident from the underworld, and was taken aback by the act of loyalty the men had shown toward each other. He then decided to reward them by reincarnating them as generals of the underworld.

These generals were known as Diyu.

Xie Bi An and Fan Wu Jiu became what is now known as The Heibai Wuchang.


What Are The Diyu?

The Diyu, or the Heibai Wuchang, loosely translates as ‘black and white impermanence’. They are regarded as Chinese Grim Reapers.

Depending on which way you look at them – they can be both good and (extremely) evil.

The good versions can grant riches and winning lottery numbers to lucky people, whilst the evil versions are known to carry out punishments for those who have led an unsavoury life.

What Are The Diyu?

If you remember – Xie Bi An, or White Guard, perished when he drowned in the river under the bridge. His tongue is now extremely long as a Diyu, as he gasped for air during his last moments alive. He also has a pale white face and wears a white robe and tall hat. He is often portrayed as holding a fan and a shackle.

Fan Wu Jiu died from the hanging, so his face is now black. He is also portrayed as holding a fan along with a sign that declares he is there to reward the good and punish the bad.

Both of the Diyu also carry  chains and cuffs.

If you have any questions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.


Aliens in The Zone of Silence

Aliens in The Zone of Silence


In this article we will be taking a look at the 50km area of desert close to Bolsón de Mapimí in Mexico, which locals now call the La Zona del Silencio, or the Zone of Silence.

Why are there so many strange legends about this area of desert?

What is the force behind it’s strange anomalies?

Are there aliens in the Zone of Silence?

Let’s take a closer look…


How it all Began…

The first rumours linked to this stretch of land started up back in the mid 1930’s when a pilot named Francisco Sarabia had to make a sudden landing when passing over the zone. He claimed that his aircraft’s dashboard went completely haywire and his radio equipment cut out.

Move on to 1964 and a PEMEX engineer named Harry de la Peña was working for a pipeline company in the desert. During his job out on the sands he encountered what he later called a ‘silent zone’ where all of his radio equipment died out on him.

He became obsessed with these dead zones and returned to the area to find out more after his job finished. His research concluded that these silent zones actually moved about, and there was more than one!

How it all Began


The Athena RTV V123D Rocket

On July 11, 1970, the Green River Complex in Utah launched it’s Athena RTV V123D rocket for a radioactive test over the desert of White Sands. For some reason the electronics on the rocket went completely offline and the rocket ended up crash landing in the Zone of Silence.

When the retrieval team entered the site to search for the downed capsule they realised that all of their work equipment was refusing to function properly.

The teams could not really contact base, or each other, and it took them a full seven weeks to finally locate the Athena RTV V123D rocket.

Are There Aliens in The Zone of Silence?


Are There Aliens in The Zone of Silence?

Over the years there have been numerous reports of strange lights over this desert area, and a mysterious rectangular aircraft that appears out of thin air. There has been no proof to back up these claims, but ufologists are certain something is going on there.

There have been testimonies about strange beings in the Zone: specifically, the same three people on a regular basis. This mysterious and spooky trio is made up of one female, and two males. All of them have bright blonde hair.

They are described as wearing uniforms that are not at all suitable for the desert environment, and are able to speak fluent Spanish like the locals. They have also been described as being really polite and extremely good looking.

A popular tourist ranch located in the Zone has apparently had numerous encounters with this strange trio. They arrive all smiles, ask to refill their canteens with water, and never really ask or want for anything else.

When staff have asked them where they’ve come from, they simply reply “from above.”

In September 1976 in Ceballos, the closest town to the Zone, a mass UFO sighting happened when locals reported a massive rectangular shaped object hovering in the skies above the desert. It gave off a strange humming sound and was about 300 meters in length, it also had a strange array of lights on it’s underside.

The appearance of this UFO seemed to have a detrimental effect on the town’s dogs, with all of them howling throughout the craft’s appearance, until it disappeared.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.

The Haunting of The Theatre Royal of Drury Lane

The Haunting of The Theatre Royal of Drury Lane


In this article we will be taking a look at the reported paranormal activity from the Theatre Royal of Drury Lane over the years – a famous capital city venue where some past performers have decided to stick around the location…despite the fact that they have been dead for quite some time.

Let’s take a closer look….


The Ghost of Charles Macklin

Charles Macklin (1699 – 1797) is an entity with a really strange background – he is actually an actor that was classed as a bit of a murderer when he was alive.

History tells us that he got in an argument with another actor over a wig, and eventually lost his temper and stuck a sharp cane through the guy’s eye, killing him instantly.

It’s usually the ghost of the victim that is left to haunt venues – NOT the murderer.


Joseph Grimaldi

Nothing freaks me out more than clowns – I didn’t like them as kid…and I certainly don’t like them that much now (I blame Stephen King!).

Joseph Grimaldi (1778 – 1837) was actually a professional stage clown that worked at the Theatre Royal of Drury Lane, and for some reason he has decided to stick around long after his calling to the other side.

His ghost is regarded as a really beneficial one, and over the years there have been numerous reports from famous actors claiming that Grimaldi has appeared to them during stage performances, and in some cases, has even guided around the stage.

Joseph Grimaldi


The Man in Grey

Often referred to as the most prominent ghost in the theatre – The Man in Grey.

This entity has been frequently spotted floating and gliding through the halls of the famous old building. This ‘Man in Grey’, as he has been dubbed, is described as wearing the clothing of a respectable gentleman of the 18th century.

Certain paranormal experts believe that this entity could possibly be the spirit of one of the past theatre owners, and others firmly believe that he was a rich and successful member of the audience (in years gone by).

Certain renovations to the theatre took place back in 1848, and during the work there a wall was removed revealing a skeleton with a knife embedded in it’s rib cage. Could this be the body of The Man in Grey?


The Haunting of The Theatre Royal of Drury Lane

Over the years there have also been reports of the ghost of King Charles II being spotted within the theatre from time to time, but this could have been the spirit of just about anyone from that period when you think about it!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here today, please leave them in the comment section below.