How to Summon a Ghost: Paranormal Investigators Approach

How to Summon a Ghost

Whether you are trying to contact a deceased loved one, or find out why your cabinet doors keep opening and closing by themselves all the time, you may look to summon a ghost to get answers. No matter what type of spirit you’re trying to summon, there are a few different ways to make your … Read more

How To Tell If A Spirit Is Attached To You

How To Tell If A Spirit Is Attached To You

If you’re feeling like you can sense a negative entity around you lately, then chances are you might have spirit attachments. These are previously living human spirits which are attached to you. Attachments are generally considered negative energy. It can be difficult to know if you have an attached spirit, but some of the most … Read more

How to See Ghosts (for Paranormal Investigators)

How to See Ghosts

For amateur ghost hunters, the number one experience to have is to see a ghost themselves. Anyone can look up popular haunting footage online, but setting your eyes on a ghostly apparition in person is on an extraordinarily different level of excitement. Read on to learn some important tips on how to see ghosts. When … Read more

Residual Hauntings: The Paranormal Loop

Residual Hauntings

Because of how paranormal phenomena are depicted on TV or in film, people are often under the mistaken impression that all hauntings are manifestations of a spirit’s consciousness and will. A classic haunting in the movies always has a spirit with purpose and will, right? Not quite. Residual hauntings don’t actually involve a spirit. Instead, … Read more

One Man Hide and Seek: The Paranormal Game Rules

One Man Hide and Seek

Like the Midnight Game, one-man hide and seek (also called one-man tag) may appear to be a bit of innocent fun, but its roots could be much darker. The true purpose of one-man hide and seek is to summon a spirit and invite it into a vessel in order to “interact” with it through the … Read more

Boston’s Most Haunted Hotels

haunted hotels in boston

If you’re traveling in the United States for work or pleasure, there’s no shortage of opportunities to visit or stay in a haunted hotel. When in Boston, be sure to check out one of these hotels so you can get a chance to experience the best local paranormal phenomena the city has to offer.  Pilot … Read more

Ghost Noises: The Why and What

Ghost Noises

In media, ghosts are usually associated with cliche “boo’s!” and “Oooohs”, but in reality, ghost noises are much more nuanced. There is no script when it comes to paranormal sounds. Each encounter will sound different, and be special in its own spooky way. Ghost noises vary drastically from ghost to ghost, and from encounter to … Read more

The Hauntings at Willow’s Weep

The Hauntings at Willow's Weep

When we think of haunted houses, the sprawling coastal mansions depicted in horror films and television are usually what come to mind. Maybe even a gothic stone manor house that looks more like an ancient castle than a place where any living person would reside. Willow’s Weep may not fit the stereotype or look as … Read more

Was Carole Compton a Witch?

Was Carole Compton a Witch

The case of Carole Compton and her employment as a nanny with two Italian families (who firmly believed she was bringing dark events into their homes) led to the question. Was Carole Compton a witch? 1982 Carole Compton found love in the form of an Italian man who was passing through her hometown of Ayrshire in Scotland in … Read more

The Miracle of The Sun: What Did They See?

The Miracle of The Sun

The case of the Miracle of the Sun amazed and terrified tens of thousands of spectators in Portugal 1917. The eyewitness accounts are well-documented by photographers and journalists, and describe a completely mobile Sun swirling through the midday sky. “Paranormal activity” was an unfamiliar phrase to the villagers in Fatima, but every soul present at the … Read more