10 Most Haunted Places in Oklahoma City, Ok

Oklahoma City, a place rich with frontier history, also harbors a darker side where echoes from the past linger in the present. Thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts flock to its haunted places, seeking encounters with the unexplained. From eerie historic mansions to spooky abandoned sites, Oklahoma City invites the brave to explore its most chilling locales.

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The Skirvin Hilton

The Skirvin Hilton Ghost

The Skirvin Hilton in Oklahoma City boasts a storied past, with its walls whispering tales of the supernatural. Opening its doors in 1911, the hotel quickly became the toast of the town, serving as a beacon of luxury and high society. However, beneath the glitz and glamour, a more sinister narrative began to unfold, earning the Skirvin a reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the Sooner State.

At the heart of the hotel’s haunted history is the legend of “Effie,” a maid who allegedly had an affair with the hotel’s original owner, W.B. Skirvin. As the story goes, when Effie became pregnant, Skirvin locked her in a room on the tenth floor to avoid scandal. Driven by isolation and despair, Effie is said to have leapt to her death from a window, with her infant in her arms.

Guests and staff members have reported eerie encounters with Effie’s spirit, claiming to hear the cries of a baby echoing through the halls or witnessing apparitions in the dead of night. Some have even felt an invisible presence brushing past them, sending shivers down their spines.

The hotel’s rendezvous with the supernatural doesn’t end there. During renovations, workers claimed to hear phantom footsteps and disembodied voices, as if the past refused to be paved over. Guests have recounted tales of doors slamming shut of their own accord and objects moving with no visible cause, suggesting that Effie might not be the only ghost lingering in the Skirvin’s storied corridors.

Over the years, the Skirvin Hilton has become a magnet for ghost hunters and those with a penchant for the paranormal. Its reputation has even spooked visiting NBA teams, with some players reporting sleepless nights and unsettling experiences that they attribute to the hotel’s ghostly inhabitants.

The Skirvin’s haunted allure is a chapter in Oklahoma City’s history that refuses to be closed, a reminder that some stories, no matter how otherworldly, become an indelible part of a place’s identity. Whether or not the spirits are real, the Skirvin Hilton’s legacy as a hotspot for the haunted is a tale that has been etched into the annals of Oklahoma folklore, ensuring that the hotel’s ghostly guests will never be forgotten.

I stayed at the Skirvin Hilton in OKC and, no joke, I heard a baby crying at night—super creepy. Some folks say it’s the ghost of Effie, the maid who jumped from the tenth floor way back when.

Overholser Mansion

Overholser Mansion Ghost

The Overholser Mansion in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, stands as a testament to the state’s vibrant history. Built in 1903 by Henry Overholser, considered the “Father of Oklahoma City,” the stately residence is a window into the opulence of the early 20th century. However, it’s not just the grand architecture that draws visitors; whispers of the mansion’s haunted past echo through its halls, captivating the imaginations of those who walk its storied rooms.

Legend has it that the mansion harbors spirits from bygone days, with guests and staff reporting eerie occurrences that suggest the Overholser family never truly left. Some say the mansion is a hive of supernatural activity, where ghostly footsteps resound on the wooden floors, and spectral figures are glimpsed out of the corner of one’s eye.

The heart of these hauntings centers around Annie Overholser, Henry’s wife, whose presence is felt most strongly in the master bedroom. Visitors recount seeing the impression of a body on the bed, as if Annie herself were still resting there. Her love for the home was as firm as the foundations, and it seems her spirit is not ready to relinquish its hold.

Henry Overholser himself is said to keep a watchful eye over his beloved mansion. It’s as if the walls have ears, listening for the rustle of his suit or the jingle of his pocket watch. The grand staircase, a showpiece of the mansion, is where his figure is occasionally spotted, an enduring guardian of his earthly domain.

The third floor ballroom, now silent, was once the scene of lavish parties and gleeful dances. Today, it’s said that the echoes of music and laughter from those grand old parties still reverberate in the dead of night, a phantom waltz that dances through time.

Despite its ghostly reputation, the Overholser Mansion remains a jewel in Oklahoma City’s crown. The local community takes pride in the care and preservation of this historic home, ensuring that the stories and spirits of the past remain a vibrant part of the city’s narrative. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the mansion’s haunted history adds a layer of mystery to its already rich tapestry, making it a must-see for anyone visiting the capital city.

I was just chilling in the Overholser Mansion when I totally felt a chill and saw the outline of someone sitting on the old bed. It was spooky like Annie Overholser didn’t want to leave her home.

Stone Lion Inn

Stone Lion Inn Haunted

The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma, stands as a testament to the past, with its walls echoing tales that transcend the living. Initially the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Houghton and their brood of twelve, the grand house holds a ghostly secret: the tragic demise of one of the Houghton offspring, young Augusta, who met her untimely end due to a medicinal mishap. The culprit was whooping cough, but the final nail in the coffin was the administration of the wrong medication by a nurse.

In 1986, Becky Luker, armed with a vision to restore the house to its former splendor, took ownership. Little did she know that she was stirring up a hornet’s nest. As renovations commenced, the house began to come alive at night with inexplicable noises. The back staircase turned into a stage for phantom footsteps in the wee hours, while doors seemed to develop a mind of their own, swinging open and shut without a mortal hand in sight. The local police became regulars, summoned to investigate suspected break-ins, only to find the call of duty had led them to a ghostly dance.

The third floor became notorious as the epicenter of paranormal activity. Becky’s son experienced the spectral playfulness firsthand; his toys, neatly tucked away at night, would greet the morning in a disheveled state, as if a playful ghost had decided to turn the world upside down.

Today, the Stone Lion Inn is not just an abode for the living, but a sanctuary for those spirits clinging to their former home, making it a must-see for anyone looking to touch the intangible and witness the past refusing to be silenced.

I heard the old Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie is really haunted; they say a kid named Augusta died from a nurse’s mistake and now weird stuff happens at night, like footsteps with no one there and doors swinging open all by themselves. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it!

The Paramount Building

The Paramount Building Haunted

The Paramount Building in Oklahoma City stands as a storied monument to the city’s past. Nestled in the heart of the city’s Film Row, the building was once a bustling hub for film distribution throughout the region. Its walls, if they could talk, would whisper tales of the golden age of cinema and the throngs of people who once walked its halls. However, the building’s history is not without its share of eerie anecdotes and unexplained occurrences.

Locals often recount stories of the Paramount Building’s ghostly residents. It’s said that the spirit of a former projectionist, who was deeply attached to the art of film, still lingers in the projection room. Witnesses claim to have seen flickering shadows and heard the faint sound of old projectors whirring to life in the dead of night, even though the equipment has long been silent.

Another spectral inhabitant rumored to haunt the premises is a mysterious lady in a vintage dress. Her apparition has been spotted drifting through the corridors, a silent sentinel of the bygone era. Visitors and workers alike have reported feeling a sudden chill or the sensation of being watched, prompting many to believe that she is keeping a watchful eye on the beloved building.

Despite its spectral occupants, the Paramount Building has managed to retain its grandeur and continues to be a jewel in the city’s architectural crown. Efforts to revitalize the area have breathed new life into the structure, hoping to honor its legacy while welcoming a new generation to marvel at its history. The building now houses a mix of businesses, including creative studios and offices, serving as a beacon of Oklahoma City’s enduring spirit.

For those who dare to explore its storied spaces, the Paramount Building offers a glimpse into the past, with every creaking floorboard and whispering draft telling the story of a bygone Oklahoma City. But remember, you might just find that you’re not alone, as the old ghosts of Film Row keep watch over their eternal domain.

I swear, I saw her—the lady in the old-timey dress—just drifting through the halls of the Paramount Building like she was heading to some fancy movie premiere, except no one was there but me. And that old projector room? It gets real spooky at night, like you can almost hear the reels spinning by themselves.

Oklahoma City Zoo

Paranormal Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo, a veritable ark of wildlife, harbors more than just the living. It is whispered among locals that the zoo is a playground for spectral entities, making it one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma City, OK. The zoo’s otherworldly inhabitants are remnants of the past, lingering in the present.

One of the most spine-tingling tales involves the ghost of a woman who is often seen in the area that once housed the lion’s den. Legend has it that this ethereal figure is the spirit of a zookeeper who met an untimely demise. Her apparition is said to be searching for the majestic creatures she once cared for, her soul forever tethered to the kingdom she lovingly tended.

Visitors and staff alike have reported eerie occurrences, such as unexplained sounds echoing through the air and shadows that flit just beyond the corner of one’s eye. These unnerving experiences are as much a part of the zoo as the animals themselves.

In the dead of night, the Oklahoma City Zoo transforms into a ghostly menagerie. The hoots and howls of nocturnal beasts mingle with the whispers of the past, creating a symphony of the supernatural. The zoo is a mirror reflecting both the animal kingdom and the spectral domain, making it an unforgettable haunt for those brave enough to explore its enigmatic depths.

The Oklahoma City Zoo, a beacon of biodiversity, is not just a haven for the living. It is a realm where the veil between life and the afterlife appears to be threadbare. The zoo’s haunted reputation continues to grow, as more visitors come forward with their own chilling encounters, adding to the tapestry of its ghostly lore.

I heard folks say the Oklahoma City Zoo is haunted, especially near the old lion’s den where they’ve seen a ghostly lady, thought to be a zookeeper who never left her lions, even after she passed. Sometimes, when it’s real quiet, you can catch weird noises and see shadows that make you think twice about being alone there.

The Purple Church

The Purple Church Haunted

In the heart of Oklahoma, whispers and rumors swirl around a place known locally as The Purple Church. The site, which isn’t actually a church but rather the ruins of a structure with a deeply stained past, lies near Spencer, just outside of Oklahoma City. The area gained notoriety as a hotbed for ghostly encounters and satanic rituals, but it is the stories of the land that truly chill the bones of those brave enough to speak of it.

Legend has it that The Purple Church once served as a gathering spot for devil worshippers and those dabbling in the dark arts. It’s said that the ground itself holds the memories of nefarious deeds, including animal sacrifices and other unspeakable acts. The place is a magnet for thrill-seekers and paranormal investigators, all drawn by the tales of the supernatural.

Those who dare to venture near The Purple Church talk of an eerie presence that hangs in the air like a thick fog. Some recount hearing disembodied voices or screams, while others claim to have seen apparitions or experienced physical attacks by unseen forces. The legends are as persistent as the Oklahoma wind, refusing to be silenced by skeptics.

Over the years, the site has become a symbol of fear, its name alone enough to send shivers down the spine. The Purple Church stands as a testament to the dark corners of local folklore, where the line between fact and fabrication blurs. While concrete evidence of paranormal activity remains elusive, the power of the stories persists, keeping the haunted history of this Oklahoma City enigma alive and well in the collective imagination.

I once crept up to The Purple Church after sundown and, swear to God, I heard whispers and a cold wind that sent shivers straight through my bones, like the dead were breathin’ right on my neck. It’s a place you go once for a dare, but never twice.

Fort Reno

Fort Reno Haunted

Fort Reno, located just west of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, carries with it a treasure trove of ghostly tales that make it a beacon for paranormal enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Established as a military camp in 1874 during the Indian Wars, it later served as a German prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. The fort’s storied past is soaked in legend, contributing to its haunted reputation.

The walls of Fort Reno have borne witness to numerous historical events, including bloody battles and the tragic effects of the 1887 Yellow Fever epidemic, which claimed the lives of many soldiers and civilians. The site’s former use as a cemetery, before the remains were relocated, has fueled speculation that restless spirits may still roam the grounds.

Visitors and staff have reported a myriad of eerie occurrences that send shivers down the spine. Tales of unexplained footsteps, doors that open and close on their own, and ghostly apparitions are as common as the Oklahoma winds. The spectral figure of a woman searching for her lost child, and the sounds of children laughing or crying in the dead of night, are among the many bone-chilling experiences reported at the historic fort.

One of the most spine-tingling legends is that of a headless officer who reportedly rides his horse around the grounds, forever reliving his last moments. The echoes of the past are said to come alive at Fort Reno, where history’s whispers turn into screams that pierce the veil of time.

Daring souls who venture into the fort after dark during guided ghost tours often bite off more than they can chew, feeling the heavy presence of those who once called Fort Reno their final post. Whether it’s the weight of history or the shadows of those long gone, the haunted aura of Fort Reno remains an indelible part of Oklahoma’s colorful tapestry.

Fort Reno is not just a place for ghost stories; it’s a historical landmark where the echoes of its past serve as a reminder of the tumultuous history of the American West. Those who are brave enough to explore the depths of its haunted heritage may find themselves coming face to face with the very soul of the Old West, where every creak and groan tells a story, and every shadow could be a soldier or settler still lingering in the afterlife.

I was walking near the old barracks at Fort Reno when I heard the clear sound of boots marching, but when I turned around, nobody was there. It totally gave me the creeps, especially since folks say it’s haunted by soldiers from way back.

University Of Oklahoma

University Of Oklahoma Haunted

The University of Oklahoma (OU) in Oklahoma City harbors a rich tapestry of ghostly tales that weave through its historic campus. The institution, a bedrock of higher education, stands as a beacon for both the living and, if the stories hold true, the spectral residents who seem to have made the university their eternal haunt.

One of the most legendary specters is said to reside within the hallowed halls of the Bizzell Memorial Library. Here, students whisper about the ghost of a former librarian, who, unable to part with her beloved books, continues her watchful guardianship. She reportedly ensures that the silence of the stacks remains unbroken, and some claim to feel her stern gaze upon them when the library grows quiet.

Across campus, the majestic Gaylord Stadium, home to the Sooners’ football triumphs, also plays host to otherworldly echoes. The spirits of past athletes are rumored to roam the field and stands, their ghostly cheers merging with the roar of the crowd on game days.

The Ellison Hall, previously a hospital during the influenza epidemic of 1918, is another hotspot for paranormal activity. Witnesses have reported eerie occurrences, such as unexplained noises and ghostly apparitions, suggesting that some of the patients may have never checked out even after the building was converted for academic use.

Instructors like Jeff Provine, who doubles as an author, have chronicled these phantasmal narratives, ensuring that the university’s haunted history remains a vibrant part of its folklore. Freshman students often hear these tales in their first year, adding a layer of mystique to their collegiate experience.

OU’s ghost stories are not mere whispers in the dark; they are an indelible part of the university’s identity. These tales grip the imagination, serving as a reminder that every brick and book may hold secrets of the past, where the line between legend and reality is as thin as a wisp of Oklahoma wind.

In essence, the University of Oklahoma stands as a microcosm of mystery, its ghost stories a symphony of the supernatural, each building playing its own note in the haunting melody that echoes across the campus. Whether one is a skeptic or a believer, these tales of the paranormal remain an integral thread in the fabric of OU’s storied history.

I once felt a chill down my spine studying in the Bizzell Library, like someone was watching me, even though I was the only one there; they say it’s the old librarian’s ghost keeping an eye on things. And at the football games, you can sometimes hear extra cheers, but when you turn around, there’s nobody there – spooky, right?

The Ritz Theater

The Ritz Theater Haunted

In the heart of Shawnee, Oklahoma, the Ritz Theater stands as a beacon of history, its past flickering with both fame and phantoms. The theater, which opened its doors in 1926, has been a cornerstone of the community, serving as a silent movie house and later transitioning to “talkies” and live performances. Over the decades, the Ritz has played host to a cornucopia of events, but it’s not just the living who seem to enjoy the show.

Local legends whisper that the Ritz Theater is a haven for spectral activity, with theatergoers and employees reporting encounters that send shivers down their spines. The tales are as rich and varied as the performances once graced on its stage. Some say the spirit of a former projectionist still lingers in the projection room, unable to part with the reels of history. Others speak of a mysterious woman in a period dress, her appearance a fleeting glimpse into a bygone era.

The most chilling of these tales centers on the ghostly figure of a little girl, often seen dancing in the upper balcony. Her laughter echoes in the empty theater, a haunting melody that intertwines with the creaks and groans of the old building. Her presence is a puzzle, a piece of history that refuses to be forgotten.

The Ritz Theater, much like a seasoned actor, conceals its secrets behind a facade, the walls a tapestry of stories untold. It’s a place where the past takes center stage, and the line between the living and the dead blurs like a ghostly figure caught in the spotlight.

Despite its haunted reputation, or perhaps because of it, the Ritz continues to be a jewel in Shawnee’s cultural crown. It’s a place that wears its history on its sleeve, a synecdoche for the timeless allure of the stage and the stories it harbors.

As the curtain rises and falls, the Ritz Theater stands testament to the adage that “every theater has its ghosts.” Whether these spirits are mere echoes of the past or something more tangible, they’ve become as much a part of the theater’s legacy as the performances themselves. To this day, the Ritz Theater remains a place where the past is always present, and the show, quite literally, goes on.

I swear, last time I was at the Ritz Theater, I saw the ghost of an old-timey lady dressed in fancy clothes, just vanishin’ into the air by the stage. And my buddy, he felt a chill and heard the old projector whirring when no one was even up there!

Civic Center Music Hall

Civic Center Music Hall Ghost

The Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant cultural scene, but it also harbors a spine-tingling past that sends shivers down the spines of believers in the paranormal. This grand edifice, which has anchored the community’s arts district for decades, whispers tales of ghostly encounters and eerie occurrences.

Legend has it that the historic building, which opened its doors in 1937 as the Municipal Auditorium, plays host to more than just the living. It is said that the spirits of performers past still tread the boards and linger in the wings, perhaps reluctant to take their final bows.

One of the most famous ghostly residents is known as “Leo”, believed to be the spirit of a stagehand who met an untimely end in the 1970s. His presence is a constant reminder that in the theater, the show must go on—even from beyond the grave. Workers and visitors alike report unexplained noises, sudden cold spots, and the feeling of being watched, attributing these sensations to Leo’s spectral shenanigans.

In the hallowed halls of the music hall, it’s not uncommon for staff to “see the lights flicker without rhyme or reason” or hear the “phantom applause of an invisible audience.” These occurrences serve as eerie reminders of the venue’s storied past, breathing life into the old adage that “every theater has its ghosts.”

The Civic Center Music Hall is the heart of the city’s performing arts, but it also beats to the rhythm of its haunted heritage. Whether these tales stem from fact or are merely products of fanciful imaginations, they add a layer of mystique to the cultural cornerstone of Oklahoma City.

For those brave enough to explore its depths, the Civic Center Music Hall offers a chance to brush shoulders with history—and perhaps with the ethereal performers who left an indelible mark on its legacy. The haunted history of the hall remains a captivating chapter in the city’s narrative, ensuring that the echoes of the past are never far from the spotlight.

I was chilling at the Civic Center Music Hall when I totally felt a cold breeze and heard weird creaks, like that ghost Leo was hanging around, spooking the place up. It was super creepy, but kinda cool too.