12 Most Haunted Places in Charlotte, Nc

Charlotte, North Carolina, beckons the brave with its eerie whispers and chilling tales that linger in the city’s historic corners. Thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts find Charlotte’s spectral offerings irresistible, with each haunted location promising a glimpse into the otherworldly. This guide dares to unveil the secrets of the most haunted places in the Queen City, where the past refuses to rest in peace.

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First Presbyterian Church Of Charlotte

Paranormal First Presbyterian Church Of Charlotte

First Presbyterian Church in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, holds more than just the traditional trappings of worship; it is also home to tales of the supernatural. The church, with roots stretching back to 1821, has long been the center of whispered ghost stories. The most infamous specter is Ambrose, an African-American sexton who served the church during the Civil War.

Legend has it that Ambrose never truly left the hallowed grounds. Church members and staff have reported encounters with his spirit over the years, with some sightings occurring as recently as a few years prior to 2019. Ambrose, known as a friendly ghost, has a penchant for making his presence known. He allegedly tinkles the chandeliers, bursts lightbulbs into showers of sparks, and haunts a particular stairwell, leaving a chill in the air.

The church’s haunted history came under the spotlight once again in October 2019, when curiosity about Ambrose reached a peak around Halloween. Eager to separate fact from fiction, individuals took to the church, hoping to catch a glimpse of the famed ghost. Senior Pastor Pen Peery played the role of guide, sharing the story of Ambrose with those brave enough to explore.

One element of the church’s lore involves a mysterious tunnel at the church. This tunnel, the subject of much speculation, adds to the gothic atmosphere of the church’s legend. The exact purpose and origin of the tunnel remain shrouded in mystery, fueling the imagination of ghost hunters and history buffs alike.

The church yard itself, where Ambrose’s apparition was first spotted pacing back and forth in 1876, is an epicenter of ghostly activity. The sighting, reported in The Daily Charlotte Observer, sparked a wave of intrigue and fear among the townsfolk, who were left to wonder if the spirit meant harm or was simply tending to eternal duties.

To this day, the story of Ambrose and the First Presbyterian Church of Charlotte is a reminder that some stories never die. They linger in the air, like the faint sound of footsteps from someone unseen, or the sudden flicker of lights that suggest a presence from the past is still roaming around town.

I heard that back at the old First Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, there’s this friendly ghost named Ambrose who used to work there during the Civil War. Folks say he still hangs around, messing with the lights and giving people the shivers near the stairs.

Founders Hall

Founders Hall Haunted

Founders Hall, a cornerstone of Charlotte’s bustling uptown district, boasts not only a rich tapestry of history but also a chilling reputation for otherworldly occurrences. The grand edifice, nestled in the heart of the city, has long been a hive of activity, from business dealings to opulent social gatherings. Yet, whispers of spectral happenings have permeated its walls, making it a magnet for ghost hunters and the paranormally curious.

Legend has it that the spirits of Charlotte’s past aristocracy still roam the halls of this iconic building. Employees and visitors alike tell tales of eerie sensations, inexplicable cold spots, and the feeling of being watched by unseen eyes. The most gripping accounts involve the ghost of a well-dressed gentleman, believed to be a former patron, who appears and vanishes like smoke before the eyes of startled onlookers.

The grand staircase, a centerpiece of Founders Hall, is said to be the stage for phantom footsteps that echo in the silence, with no earthly presence to account for the sound. It’s as if the ghosts of yesteryear are climbing the social ladder in the afterlife, one spectral step at a time.

During the witching hour, when the moon casts a ghostly glow over the city, the atmosphere in Founders Hall becomes thick with anticipation. It’s during these times that the barrier between the past and present seems thinnest, and the spirits are most restless. The hall’s crystal chandeliers sway gently, as though a ghostly hand were testing the air, and the air is rife with the whispers of bygone eras.

In a city where the new constantly intertwines with the old, Founders Hall stands as a testament to Charlotte’s layered history. It serves as a reminder that some stories refuse to be confined to the pages of history books. Instead, they spill out, haunting the present with echoes of the past. Whether these tales stem from overactive imaginations or actual encounters with the supernatural, Founders Hall remains a beacon for those seeking to unearth the phantoms of Charlotte’s storied heritage.

I was chillin’ by the grand staircase in Founders Hall when I heard footsteps creaking on the steps, but yo, there was nobody there! Then, outta nowhere, this fancy-looking dude appears, gives me the eye, and just vanishes into thin air—spooky stuff!

Ri Ra Irish Pub

Ri Ra Irish Pub Haunted

In the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, the **Ri Ra Irish Pub** stands as a testament to time-honored traditions and spirited tales. This establishment, a gem in the Queen City’s bustling Uptown district, is steeped in history and mystery, with its walls echoing stories from a bygone era. Founded in the same era as its host city, the Ri Ra Pub brings a slice of the Emerald Isle to American soil, serving up a hearty helping of draft beers, hearty pub fare, and a generous pour of folklore.

Whispers among the locals and staff suggest that the Ri Ra is more than just a watering hole for the living. It’s said to be the most haunted bar in all of Charlotte, where the spirits of the past are as much a part of the pub as the stout on tap. These spectral residents aren’t shy about making their presence known, either. Patrons have reported all manner of ghostly encounters, from mysterious chills to unexplained sounds and even phantom figures drifting through the rooms.

One of the most captivating tales involves a former bartender who passed away but seemingly never left his post. Regulars claim to see his apparition, still tending to the bar, ensuring that the pints are perfect and the spirits are served—not just the alcoholic kind. The ethereal bartender is a fixture at the Ri Ra, a *guardian of the grog*, so to speak.

Another story that sends shivers down the spines of visitors is that of a woman dressed in period clothing, often seen in the dining area. She’s known to vanish as quickly as she appears, leaving a trail of intrigue and mystery in her wake. Many believe she’s a remnant of a bygone era, her spirit anchored to the pub for reasons known only to her.

The Haunted Ri Ra Pub isn’t just a place to grab a drink; it’s a **crossroads of history and mystery**. Whether you’re there for the libations or the legends, one thing is certain: you’ll be rubbing elbows with the past. For those brave enough to confront the resident ghosts, a visit to the Ri Ra offers an experience that’s truly *out of this world*.

So, if you’re ever in Charlotte and thirsting for a pint and a paranormal adventure, pull up a stool at the Ri Ra Irish Pub. Just remember, you might just get more company than you bargained for, and in this pub, the spirits are always on the house.

So, I was chilling at Ri Ra Irish Pub, right in the heart of Charlotte, and swear to God, I felt this icy breath down my neck, but when I spun around, nobody was there. The bartender just winked and said, “That’ll be our resident ghost saying hello.”

Carolina Theatre

Carolina Theatre Ghost

Nestled in the heart of uptown Charlotte, the Carolina Theatre has stood as a beacon of entertainment since its grand debut in the roaring 1920s. With its opulent chandeliers and walls adorned with exquisite murals, it was the crown jewel of Charlotte’s cultural scene. However, beneath the theater’s grandeur, a spectral presence known as “Fred the Ghost” has woven a web of eerie tales that have become as much a part of the venue’s history as the performances themselves.

Fred’s legend began to take shape during the theater’s golden years when performers and staff reported inexplicable occurrences. Lights that were once carefully rigged would sway or fail without reason, and props seemed to develop a life of their own, scattering about as if part of a poltergeist’s prank. These strange events often took place during rehearsals or when the silver screen flickered to life for a captivated audience. The banging and clattering of unknown origins would sometimes pierce the silence, sending shivers down the spines of those present.

The theater’s haunting reached such notoriety that Fred became something of an invisible cast member, his antics both a source of nervous laughter and whispered speculation. Workers would often tip their hats or bid goodnight to Fred, hoping to stay on the friendly side of their unseen colleague. His ghostly presence became as much a part of the theater’s lore as the stars who graced its stage.

As the theater fell into disrepair and closed its doors, the tales of Fred’s ghostly escapades faded into the background, but they never entirely disappeared. Now, with the Carolina Theatre poised for a grand reopening, the question on everyone’s lips is whether Fred will take his place in the limelight once more. Will the renovations stir the spirit into action, or will Fred remain a silent guardian of the theater’s storied past?

Charlotte’s community eagerly anticipates the curtain call of this historic venue. Whether for a love of the arts or a curiosity about its spectral inhabitant, all eyes are on the Carolina Theatre. As the saying goes, “the show must go on,” and perhaps Fred the Ghost will decide to join the cast for the theater’s second act.

I was hanging out at the Carolina Theatre one night and, no joke, I saw the lights flicker and heard this weird clanging when no one was around—folks say it’s Fred the Ghost messing around!

The Dunhill Hotel

Paranormal The Dunhill Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Uptown Charlotte, the Dunhill Hotel stands as a testament to the city’s historical grandeur and its flirtation with the supernatural. This 1929 gem has become a cornerstone of Charlotte’s skyline, but it’s not just the architectural allure that draws visitors; the hotel’s haunted history is a magnet for those intrigued by the paranormal.

From the moment its foundation was laid, the Dunhill Hotel has been a hive of activity, surviving the ebb and flow of fortunes through the Great Depression and beyond. Its walls, if they could talk, would whisper tales of the past that cling to the opulent rooms and grandiose corridors like cobwebs. Guests have reported a multitude of ghostly encounters over the years, leaving many to wonder who—or what—roams the halls after dark.

One of the most spine-tingling stories involves a woman in white, a specter often seen descending the grand staircase, her silent procession a chilling staple of Dunhill lore. Employees and guests alike have felt her unseen presence, a cold spot in a room or the faint scent of perfume that heralds her passing.

In the dead of night, the sound of footsteps echoes through empty corridors, as if the original inhabitants are carrying on with their eternal check-in. Some have even encountered the apparition of a man donning period attire, his visage a fleeting glimpse into a bygone era.

The haunted happenings at the Dunhill are not for the faint-hearted. The hotel’s legacy is steeped in tales that could make your skin crawl. As night falls, the building seems to come alive with the echoes of its storied past, a symphony of creaks and whispers that turn the bravest souls into believers.

Despite its ghostly guests, the Dunhill Hotel remains a jewel in Charlotte’s crown, its eerie charm a unique drawcard. Whether seeking the thrill of a paranormal encounter or simply a night’s stay steeped in history, the Dunhill extends its invitation. But be warned, you may check out with more stories than you checked in with, as the hotel’s phantoms ensure it’s always more than just a place to lay your head—it’s an experience that haunts you long after you’ve left its embrace.

I was chilling in my room when I heard soft footsteps outside, and there she was—a lady in white floating down the stairs, no sound, just gliding like she was walking on air or something. It totally gave me the creeps, like she was straight out of an old ghost tale!

Mcglohon Theatre

Mcglohon Theatre Ghost

The McGlohon Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, whispers tales of its mysterious past like a seasoned storyteller. Nestled in the heart of the city’s vibrant uptown area, the theater holds more than just the echoes of applause within its walls. Housed in what was once the First Baptist Church, built in 1909, the McGlohon Theater’s transformation from a place of worship to a hub of performing arts adds a layer of intrigue to its storied history.

Legends swirl around the venue, often centering on the spirits that are said to tread the boards long after the curtain falls. Patrons and performers alike have reported eerie encounters, from unexplained sounds to fleeting shadows that dance in the wings. The theater’s most famous spectral inhabitant is said to be a former pastor whose dedication to his congregation was so fervent that not even death could sever his ties to the sanctuary.

The McGlohon Theater’s haunted history is a ghostly waltz through time, where the past refuses to be upstaged. Every creak of the vintage wooden seats and each untraceable draft are as much a part of the performance as the living actors who grace its stage. As the spotlight of the present shines on the theater, the whispers of the past ensure that the McGlohon remains a place where every performance is a haunting encore of its rich and otherworldly heritage.

One night while catching a show at McGlohon Theater, I swear I felt a chill and saw a shadowy figure drift across the stage—it had to be the old pastor who folks say never left the place. It was spooky, but kinda cool to think he’s still hanging around after all these years.

Tryon House Apartments

Paranormal Tryon House Apartments

The Tryon House Apartments in Charlotte, NC, hold a dark and chilling past that continues to echo through its halls. Nestled in the heart of the Queen City, this building, once known as Guthery House Apartments, stands as a testament to a bygone era and a tragic event that many believe left an indelible mark on the property.

On the fateful day of March 13, 1940, disaster struck when a boiler explosion set the building ablaze, painting the sky with tongues of fire. The Charlotte Observer chronicled the harrowing event, reporting that the inferno claimed five lives and inflicted injuries upon nine others. The fire consumed everything in its path, reducing dreams to ashes and bringing a once vibrant residence to its knees.

But the story doesn’t end with the embers dying out. Whispers among Charlotte locals tell of eerie remnants from that day that refuse to be extinguished. It’s said that the Tryon House Apartments are now a permanent home to the spirits of those who perished in the flames. Tenants and visitors alike report unnerving encounters: cries in the night that send shivers down one’s spine, invisible presences throwing themselves against walls, and an air of sorrow that hangs as heavy as a North Carolina summer.

The haunting of the Tryon House Apartments is no open book; it’s shrouded in mystery, with many layers yet to be peeled back. Those brave enough to step inside may find themselves face-to-face with history’s specters, as the past refuses to stay buried. The building stands as a ghostly figure, a synecdoche for the lives lost and the stories untold, its walls a repository for whispered secrets and silent screams.

As the sun sets over Charlotte, the shadow of the Tryon House Apartments looms, a stark reminder that some chapters of history are written in fire and etched in the annals of the supernatural. Whether one believes in ghosts or not, the haunting tales of the Tryon House Apartments continue to capture the imagination and intrigue of those who dare to delve into Charlotte’s spectral lore.

Ever since the fire back in ’40, folks say the Tryon House Apartments are haunted, with ghostly figures wandering the halls at night, like they’re still trying to find their way home. I’ve heard tell of strange noises and cold spots that’ll give you the shivers, as if the lost souls from that day are reminding us they’re not gone.

The Mcninch House

The Mcninch House Ghost

The Mcninch House, nestled in the historic Fourth Ward of Charlotte, North Carolina, stands as a testament to Victorian elegance and a whispering gallery of ghostly tales. Built in 1892 by prominent businessman Sam McNinch, this Queen Anne style home has been the cornerstone of Charlotte’s high society and, over the years, has accumulated a tapestry of spectral legends.

Legend holds that the shadows of the past linger in the nooks and crannies of the house. The most notable spirit said to roam the McNinch House is that of its original owner, Sam McNinch himself. Some say McNinch, a man who once held the reins of the city as its mayor, never truly left his beloved home. Guests and staff alike have reported seeing a gentlemanly apparition, often described as a man out of time, wandering the halls and sometimes gazing out of the windows, keeping an eternal vigil over his former domain.

The McNinch House also harbors tales of unexplained phenomena: the sound of footsteps when no one is there, doors that open and close as if by an unseen hand, and the soft murmur of voices from empty rooms. These occurrences have led many to believe that the house is a hotbed for paranormal activity, a place where the living and the dead share a roof.

Dinner guests at the now-renowned restaurant within the walls of the McNinch House might find more than just culinary delights. The house’s reputation for fine dining is shadowed by its reputation for these eerie encounters. The staff, well-versed in both hospitality and haunted happenings, often recount stories to curious diners, adding an extra dash of intrigue to their experience.

The spirit of the past is indeed alive and well at the McNinch House. As the heart of Charlotte’s historic district, this grand old home serves as a vessel for the city’s bygone days, a synecdoche for the Victorian era’s opulence and mystery. For those brave enough to cross its threshold, the McNinch House offers a rare opportunity to touch the fabric of the otherworldly, all while enjoying the creature comforts of Southern hospitality.

I swear, one time at the McNinch House, I saw an old-timey dude just staring out the window, and when I blinked, he vanished. And dude, the sound of footsteps in empty rooms gave me the creeps!

Bootlegger House

Bootlegger House Haunted

The Bootlegger House in Charlotte, North Carolina, harbors a spine-chilling legacy as the city’s most haunted dwelling. According to local legend, the walls of this old residence hide tales of the supernatural that could make even the bravest soul’s blood run cold. The origins of its eerie reputation stretch back to the days of prohibition, a time when the house allegedly served as a hub for illegal liquor distribution—a true skeleton in the closet for this seemingly innocuous home.

In the dead of night, some claim to hear the clinking of phantom glasses and the muffled sounds of a raucous speakeasy in full swing, as if the revelries of yesteryear refuse to be silenced by time. Others report sightings of shadowy figures that appear and vanish in the blink of an eye, leaving behind only a whiff of mystery and the chilling sense that one is never truly alone within these walls.

The most persistent story tells of a restless spirit, believed to be the original bootlegger who once owned the house. His apparition, clad in garb from a bygone era, purportedly roams the corridors, keeping watch over his illicit empire long after his mortal days have ended. Some say he’s guarding a hidden stash of spirits, a liquid treasure that was never discovered by the authorities—or perhaps he’s simply unable to leave behind the life of excitement and danger that once thrived under this roof.

While skeptics may dismiss these accounts as mere ghost stories, the tales continue to attract thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the otherworldly residents. The Bootlegger House stands as a testament to Charlotte’s colorful past, its walls a mosaic of mysteries yet to be fully unraveled. Whether one believes in ghosts or not, the house’s haunted history is a fascinating chapter in the Queen City’s lore, a reminder that some places keep their secrets hidden in plain sight.

I heard that down at the old Bootlegger House, folks say a ghost from the Prohibition days still wanders, making glasses clink at night like the place is still hopping with secret parties. Some nights, you might even catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure slipping through the rooms, leaving you feeling all kinds of creeped out.

Alexander Michael’S

Alexander Michael’S Haunted

Alexander Michael’s tavern, a beloved watering hole nestled in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, harbors more than just a storied history of camaraderie and good cheer. For over thirty years, this establishment has served as a cornerstone of the community, yet whispers of eerie occurrences have long permeated its walls, casting a spectral pall over its convivial atmosphere.

The tavern’s haunted reputation hinges on a series of otherworldly encounters reported by patrons and staff alike. Witnesses have recounted instances where the unseen hands of a ghostly presence seem to make themselves known, manipulating objects and sending shivers down the spines of the living. Glasses have been said to move of their own accord, and unexplained sounds often punctuate the usual din of conversation and laughter.

While the exact identity of the spectral inhabitant remains shrouded in mystery, the consensus suggests that a former denizen of the building, perhaps from a bygone era, has decided to make Alexander Michael’s their eternal haunt. The tavern, acting as a beacon to both the living and the dead, continues to embrace its spooky side, adding a dash of supernatural intrigue to the experience of dining and socializing within its historic walls.

Visitors seeking a brush with the paranormal are drawn to Alexander Michael’s, not just for the solid fare and libations, but also for the chance to catch a glimpse of the other side. The tavern, with its ghostly charm, remains an integral thread in the fabric of Charlotte’s haunted tapestry, serving as a reminder that some spirits, much like the most loyal of patrons, simply refuse to leave their favorite haunt behind.

I was just chilling at Alexander Michael’s Tavern, you know, the cozy spot in Charlotte, when my beer slid across the bar all by itself—no joke, everyone says it’s the ghost that’s been hanging around since forever. And then, outta nowhere, this cold draft hits me, and I hear this weird creaking noise, like someone’s still part of the old crew but just… invisible.

Fire Station No. 4

Fire Station No. 4 Ghost

Fire Station No. 4 in Charlotte, North Carolina, carries with it a chilling legacy that sends shivers down the spines of those who dare to delve into its past. The station, a beacon of safety for the living, ironically plays host to tales of the supernatural, with its walls echoing whispers of the afterlife.

Legend has it that the ghostly presence at Fire Station No. 4 is none other than the spirit of a former firefighter, who refuses to hang up his helmet and axe, even in death. This spectral guardian, bound to the engine house, is said to keep a watchful eye over his living comrades, ensuring that the brotherhood of the fire brigade remains unbroken.

Those who have worked the night shift recount stories of eerie happenings that cannot be easily dismissed. They speak of **ladders that move on their own accord**, as if an invisible hand guides them. Hoses, they claim, unravel mysteriously, as if preparing for a phantom blaze.

The most compelling evidence of the station’s haunted history, however, comes from the chilling sound of *footsteps* that pace the floor above when no one is there. Firefighters assert that the sound is as clear as a bell, leaving no room for doubt that someone, or something, is making the rounds, inspecting the quarters.

Despite the spooky occurrences, the firefighters of Station No. 4 wear their ghost stories like a badge of honor. They joke that their ethereal colleague is just *keeping them on their toes*, a reminder that in their line of work, one must always be prepared for the unexpected.

In the heart of Charlotte, Fire Station No. 4 stands as more than just a building; it is a symbol of heroism both seen and unseen. The ghostly tales add a layer of mystique to the station’s history, but more importantly, they serve as a synecdoche for the indomitable spirit of firefighters—those who have fallen and those who continue to serve.

I swear, working night shifts at Fire Station No. 4 is wild—ladders shift around like someone’s still climbing them, and hoses roll out all by themselves, as if a ghostly firefighter is gearing up for an invisible fire.

Old Settlers’ Cemetery

Old Settlers’ Cemetery Ghost

Old Settlers’ Cemetery in Charlotte, North Carolina, stands as a timeless testament to the city’s storied past. Nestled in the heart of the Queen City, this historic graveyard has become a magnet for those interested in the paranormal, thanks to its rich tapestry of tales that send shivers down the spine.

Established in the late 18th century, Old Settlers’ Cemetery is the final resting place for some of Charlotte’s earliest pioneers and most influential figures. The cemetery is a stone’s throw from the bustle of modern city life, yet it offers a stark contrast with its silent sentinels— the weathered tombstones that keep watch over souls long departed.

Among the many etched names, one finds the city’s founding fathers, brave Revolutionary War soldiers, and victims of early epidemics that swept through with a vengeance, taking young and old alike. These stones speak volumes, telling stories without uttering a single word, and lending an air of mystery to the hallowed grounds.

Local lore whispers of ghostly encounters and unexplained occurrences within the cemetery’s iron embrace. Visitors often recount eerie sensations, as if the past reaches out to the present, unwilling to be forgotten. The air sometimes carries the weight of unseen presences, and some claim to catch glimpses of spectral figures wandering among the graves, perhaps echoing the footsteps of those who once walked the earth.

The cemetery’s allure lies not only in its phantoms but also in its ability to capture the essence of Charlotte’s early days. It paints a picture of a fledgling community that laid the cornerstone of what would become a bustling metropolis. And while the city around it has changed, Old Settlers’ Cemetery remains a patchwork of history, with each plot contributing a piece to the grand tapestry of Charlotte’s heritage.

In the dead of night, when the moon casts long shadows over the tombstones and the wind whispers through the trees, one can almost hear the echoes of history at Old Settlers’ Cemetery. It’s a place where the past lives on, and the stories of those who came before continue to haunt the hearts and minds of the living.

I heard that if you wander through Old Settlers’ Cemetery at night, you might see the ghost of a restless settler, pacing by his grave, still guarding his old Charlotte homestead. People say he’s friendly, but it sure did spook me when I thought I saw a shadow move!