The 5 Most Haunted Paintings in the World

Most Haunted Paintings in the World

There are plenty of paintings where the eyes seem to follow you around but these are the 5 most haunted paintings in the world and things go far beyond that. While most of them are hanging in a gallery or locked away in private collections, their story continues. Number 5: The Hands Resist Him by Bill … Read more

7 Ghosts Caught on Motion Camera

7 Ghosts Caught on Motion Camera

As paranormal investigators, we’re constantly sent photos and videos that pick up ghostly apparitions or voices. Be warned, some of these ghosts caught on motion cameras might stick with you. Number 7: The Ghost in the Bed After the owner of this home started noticing things moving around the house and hearing sounds that didn’t … Read more

The 5 Most Haunted Cars: Hell on Wheels

5 Most Haunted Cars

We tend to assume cars are controlled by the driver – but what if the opposite was true? These are the 5 most haunted cars and why you really wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of these haunted vehicles. Number 5: James Dean’s Spyder 550 James Dean was an actor and a racecar driver who … Read more

5 Most Haunted Places in Texas

5 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Texas is a state with its own distinct history and customs and draws the attention of paranormal investigators year-round. As one of the states with the highest level of reported paranormal activity, it isn’t hard to find a haunted location but these are 5 of the most haunted places in Texas. Warning: I don’t often … Read more

The 5 Most Haunted Roads in America

Most Haunted Roads in America

You’ve heard of haunted houses, cemeteries, and prisons, but how about haunted roads? It may seem strange at first but when you consider that more than 35,000 people die on America’s roads every year, it makes sense that the highway system is teeming with the lost souls of travelers looking for a way home… or … Read more

8 Most Haunted Cemeteries of The World

Most Haunted Cemeteries of The World

Today, we’re counting down the top 8 haunted cemeteries you do not want to be in at night. Cemeteries always have that creepy feel to them but these ones just have too much history behind them to ignore. Haunted Cemeteries Number 8: Resurrection Cemetery Housing the famous Bloody Mary (or Resurrection Mary as the locals … Read more

Haunted Houses of San Diego

Haunted Houses of San Diego

The bright, coastal city of San Diego is most known for its pristine beaches, lush urban green spaces, as well as its world-class zoo and aquarium, luring travelers from all around the world to enjoy its many attractions. But behind this sparkling facade, San Diego has a darker side: it’s home to several haunted houses. … Read more

Haunted Houses in Florence SC

Haunted Houses in Florence SC

Florence South Carolina, also known as the “Magic City”, has a storied history under its charming southern veneer. Being one of South Carolina’s biggest cities, it’s expected that there would be some hauntings to go along with the large population. During the Halloween season, locals fill Florence with pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but what … Read more

The Truth of The Conjuring House

Conjuring House

The truth about The Real Life Conjuring House, based on the true story of Rhode Island family, The Perrons, is that what went on in the 18th-century farmhouse is even more terrifying than the movie.  Where is the Conjuring House? Located in Harrisville, Rhode Island sits the epitome of a Colonial New England farmhouse. Built … Read more

Boston’s Most Haunted Hotels

haunted hotels in boston

If you’re traveling in the United States for work or pleasure, there’s no shortage of opportunities to visit or stay in a haunted hotel. When in Boston, be sure to check out one of these hotels so you can get a chance to experience the best local paranormal phenomena the city has to offer.  Pilot … Read more